Being in a hammock can be an incredibly relaxing and comforting experience. It is also a feature of countless comedy sketches where people have used their swinging motion or potential to break as great material, which shows that getting the best hammock straps are important.

When you are up there in a hammock, you want to stay there and the best hammock straps set will ensure that. There are a few features to consider though, such as the weight capacity, ease of setup, the length and the thickness of the material.

Here we have made it very simple by going through those key features and seeing why they are important. We have also looked at the hammock straps reviews to show you the best products available. Once you have read through this guide, you’ll know exactly what you need.

How To Choose The Best Hammock Straps – Buying Guide



This is of vital importance when it comes to hammock straps as their job is about being able to deal with high amounts of stress. This doesn’t just come from the load that is placed on them but also the abrasion from the surface you are attaching them onto as well as the twisting and turning motion.

In order to have that strength, they will be made from either high strength polyester or nylon. It’s important that the material is heavily stitched and also has no stretch in the material as that will add to its durability.

All the products that we have looked at here are thick and very well made. Getting a cheap product could well see you returning to earth with a bump, therefore getting a high-quality product is going to be in your best interest.


The size of the hammock strap is going to be important as if you are attaching it to a tree, then they are always going to be slightly varying distances apart and you need to have a strap that is going to be able to accommodate that.

Most of these products are going to be about 10 feet in length which should be more than long enough for most uses, especially if it has a high level of adjustability. A 10 feet length will give you a very wide range of potential tree distances to work with.

There are bigger options available as we see some of the products we have listed here can go up to 14 feet. That gives you more potential for a wider span but for the majority of cases, that extra length is just going to be extra weight that you don’t need to carry.


As these are very long and durable straps, you might think that they could have a considerable amount of weight but most of them are very lightweight and are therefore going to be very easy to carry to wherever you want to go.

This is going to be especially important if you are planning on walking any significant distance to the site where you are going to put up your hammock as that weight could become uncomfortable over time when added to your other gear.

These straps shouldn’t weigh much more than a pound, with a lot of products actually coming under that figure. You want to also consider the bulk too, as you want them to be able to pack down to a small size and be easy to carry.

Max Supported Weight

If you’re getting a hammock suspension system then the minimum that you expect is that it is going to be able to take your weight. Some of the cheaper products aren’t going to be great at this and have the potential to snap if placed under a moderate amount of weight.

All of the products that we have featured here though are going to be able to support a huge amount of weight. They will all easily be able to take the weight of three grown adults with most of them being able to take a lot more.

Quite a few of these straps are able to take a combined weight between the two straps of around 2,000 pound which is a limit that you are never going to be able to get close to but it always gives you that peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be safe.


One underrated feature of these straps is going to be how wide they are, as that can not only make an impact on how durable they are but also how good they are to the environment as backpackers and campers never want to be unfriendly to the environment.

You want the strap to be at least one inch wide to prevent it from digging into this tree. Digging into the tree would not only make the strap more unsafe and unstable, but it would also badly damage the tree and you want to avoid that.

While you want to have a wide enough strap to be able to achieve this, you won’t want it to be too wide that is starts to add unrequired weight. All the products that we have looked at here have found a great balance between the two needs.


One good aspect of these straps is the fact that you will probably find other uses for them from one time to another. Having such a durable and strong material which is able to latch onto anything is going to end up being very useful.

You want to make sure that you are storing them properly and keeping them out of any damp in order to keep them going for many years. If you do, you’ll probably find that you end up using them time and time again in one form or another.

Ease Of Setup

The ease of setup is one area that these products excel in. All of the products that we have looked at here are able to be set up extremely quickly and you’ll be able to have that hammock up in a matter of seconds.

The reason for that is that they will often come with a pair of carabiners which will be able to easily clip onto the strap to create a loop. This is so easy that children would be able to do it or you could do it in the dark.

Carabiners though are going to be made out of metal, and even though they will be made of a lightweight metal like aluminum, they will still add weight. If you are trying to pack as light as possible you would be able to use a tension system but this is harder work.


When it comes to the material of the straps, they will be made from one of two materials as they will either be durable nylon or polyester. They are two materials which can be made to have different characteristics and in this scenario, they need to be tough and have no stretch.

The material used will be a lot thicker than the nylon and polyester used in other outdoor gear and will be very resistant to abrasion and tears. These thick materials are going to be able to have a very high weight capacity.

The material of the carabiner is important too. As these will be made of metal, a dense metal could add a significant amount of weight to your pack. You want to ensure that they are light and easy to use, whilst also being highly durable.


Color isn’t a feature that you’d usually associate as important with this type of product and there are plenty of companies out there which only offer their strap in one standard color and nothing else. There are others though which offer more choice.

One aspect to consider though is one of visibility. Having a bright strap might be able to give you a higher amount of visibility and help you find your way to your hammock but also help to avoid any accident from happening.



Q: What Are Hammock Straps And Why Do I Need Them?

A: If you have a hammock then you obviously need to find a way to make sure you will be able to keep it up there. These hammock straps are going to be able to keep your hammock firmly in place and prevent at sagging. They are able to take a huge amount of weight and will keep you safe and secure when you are up there.

Q: What To Do If A Hammock Breaks?

A: If your hammock breaks then you will need to find a way to be able to secure it onto your straps to be able to get a safe fit. These straps are extremely unlikely to break and you want to make sure you are tying it to something that is going to be strong enough to take the weight as you don’t want to end up sleeping on the floor.

Q: How To Install New Hammock Straps?

A: Top-rated hammock straps are going to be very easy to install. It involves a very simple process of wrapping the strap around a tree, putting the end of the strap through one of the loops, pulling it tight and then securing it with the carabiner. It is that easy and you should be able to have your strap up in a matter of seconds.

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Being in a hammock in the great outdoors is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. Being out there in the open air is a great way to spend time or it can be a great place to sleep for the night if you are going to be camping.

When you are talking about suspending an adult in mid-air though, you want to make sure you are using materials that are going to be able to hold that weight comfortably. These straps are going to be able to do a brilliant job at keeping you safe and secure.

All of these straps are going to have a maximum weight load that is far above the weight of two adults and most of them would be able to hold 10 or more people, if that was ever to somehow happen, but it shows just how strong they are.

Once you have chosen the perfect strap for you then you will be able to put your hammock up quicker than ever and sleep soundly knowing that you are never going to fall. Hopefully this guide has been able to give you all the answers you need in order to get the perfect strap for you.

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