Being in a hammock can be an incredibly relaxing and comforting experience but only when you have a reliable hammock suspension system. That’s why we have scoured the market to bring you the best hammock straps you can count on not to let you down both literally and figuratively.   

Our straps reviews feature the strongest and longest hammock tree straps that will allow you to rest easy knowing you’re suspended securely and also give you more setup flexibility. We’ve also covered the features to consider when choosing the most efficient  hammock straps. Here are our top picks of the top-rated tree straps for hammocks.

How To Choose Hammock Straps – Buying Guide



Durability is of vital importance when it comes to hammock straps. In addition to the load placed on them, they’ll also be subjected to abrasion by tree barks and other anchor points and a lot of twisting and turning. Durable straps are made from high strength and high tenacity polyester or nylon that doesn’t stretch and feature reinforced stitching. 


The size of the straps is an important consideration to ensure you get straps that will allow you to tie your hammock even between trees that are far apart. The best tree straps for hammock are about 10 feet in length, which will give you a wide range of potential tree distances to work with. If you’ll be setting up your hammock where trees are few and far between, there are extra-long straps that can extend as far as 16 feet on each side.  


Hammock straps are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry to wherever you go. If you will be going backpacking, hiking, or trekking, you want to choose lightweight straps without sacrificing strength. You also want to also consider the bulk and opt for straps that pack down to a small size.

Max Supported Weight

When getting a hammock suspension system, the least you expect is that it should be able to take your weight without squeaking or snapping. All the best tree straps for hammock feature on our reviews here have high carrying capacities and can support a huge amount of weight. The most robust options can take the weight of even three grown adults.


How wide the straps do not only make an impact on how durable the straps will be but also the impact they’re going to have on the environment. Responsible backpackers and campers don’t want to leave a trace and parks have a minimum width requirement. You want the straps to be at least one-inch wide to prevent them from digging into trees and damaging their barks.  


In addition to being long enough to give you a wide range of potential anchor points, you want a high level of adjustability to be able to achieve the right height, angle, and tautness for a comfortable hammock experience. The best hammock suspension straps should have plenty of connection points positioned close together so you can achieve the perfect hang.

Ease Of Setup

The ease of setup is one area that the most efficient hammock straps excel in. They allow you to hang your hammock in a matter of seconds. The reason for this is that they don’t require you to tie complicated knots. All you have to do is wrap them around the trees or any other secure anchor points and clip carabiners onto connection loops.  


Heavy-duty nylon and polyester webbing materials are the most common materials straps are made of. They should be high-tenacity and able to withstand a lot of weight and abrasion without stretching or frying. The included carabiners should be made of a dense high-strength metal that can withstand the load and offer a secure suspension without being too heavy to carry.


For the most part, the color choice comes down to personal preference. One important aspect to consider though is visibility at night. Hammock straps with high-visibility stitching can help you find your way to your hammock but also help to avoid any accident from happening. You may also prefer a color that matches your hammock or blends in with the surrounding.



Q: What Are Hammock Suspension Straps And Why Do I Need Them?


Hammock suspension straps are heavy-duty straps designed for attaching a hammock to anchor points. They offer you a reliable way to suspend your hammock easily and quickly, achieve the right height and angle and hang assured the hammock suspension system can hold your weight without sagging or breaking.

Q: What To Do If A Hammock Breaks?


If your hammock breaks, you will need to find a way to secure it onto your straps. Depending on the part that broke, you may also be able to fix the hammock by tying a strong knot that will hold, using the remaining connection loops, backup ropes or carabiners. If the hammock can’t be repaired, you can setup a different shelter.

Q: How To Install New Hammock Suspension Straps?


Top-rated hammock suspension straps are very easy to install. Simply wrap the strap around a tree, put the end of the strap through one of the loops, pull it tight and then secure it with the carabiner. Repeat the steps on the other end.

Q: Do You Need Hammock Straps?


If you want an easy and quick knot-less hammock setup, more versatility regarding where to camp and what anchor points to use and the ability to rest easy or sleep soundly knowing your hammock suspension system is strong enough to hold you securely, you need to get a set of straps. Many parks will also not allow you to use ropes. 

Q: How Do You Hang Hammock Straps On Hammock?


Wrap the strap around the tree or any other secure anchor point, pull the end of the strap through the loop and clip the carabiner. Clip the hammock onto the strap using the carabiner. Do the same on the other end.

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Being in a hammock is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. It’s important to make sure the straps you have can hold your weight comfortably and keep you safe and secure. Hopefully, our reviews and choosing guide have empowered you to get the most efficient hammock straps for a secure and comfortable hanging experience.

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