When you’re on a multi-day outdoor adventure, the thought of sleeping on the ground may make you cringe. Sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable and cold, but camping hammocks allow you to sleep elevated from the rocks or dirt and are a great choice when you don’t have the option to pack a full air mattress.

While a hammock keeps you off the ground for a good night’s rest, you can make them more comfortable by investing in a top-rated hammock sleeping pad. A hammock mattress can provide you with extra support, stability, and comfort while you’re lying in your hammock. The best hammock sleeping pad will be lightweight, but thick enough to provide you with extra warmth as the temperature drops at night.

The concept of a hammock sleeping pad is straightforward, but you may still find it challenging to determine the quality, comfort, and durability of a design. To help you in your search, we have made a list of the ten best sleeping pads for hammocks and included a comprehensive guide that will ensure you stay comfortable every night of your trip.

How To Choose A Sleeping Pad For Hammock – Buying Guide



The size of your hammock air mattress will be dependent on your height and personal preference. Most brands will have a top-rated hammock sleeping pad design that is offered in multiple lengths, which correlates to your height. The cast majority of sleeping pads for hammocks will have one general length that could be up to 77 inches long. However, you can find shorter pads too.

While it is best to find a hammock mattress that is the proper length for you and your hammock, you may not necessarily need the pad to run the full length of the hammock. For warmth, it is better to have a full-sized pad, but some campers may only want padding for their torso and waist, so their backpack can be easily stored at their feet. On warmer nights, this would be fine, but if you plan to hammock camp in cooler weather, it is better to have the full-length insulation a full-sized hammock air mattress can provide.


While the classic shape of a sleeping pad is a simple rectangle, newer designs have tapered shapes or unique winged designs that better suit hammocks. A rectangular shape is the most versatile for campers because it can be used both with a hammock or on the ground. However, the most comfortable shape will be customized to fit a hammock.

Some of the best sleeping pads for hammocks have wings on the side, which fold up and help keep you inside your hammock. The wings are also great for staying warmer and cozier in your hammock. Other shapes that are more comfortable for hammocks taper at the bottom. A narrower bottom means that the hammock can fold around your legs to help keep you warm at night.


Even if you aren’t planning on using your insulated sleeping pad for hammocks on the ground, you still want to choose the best hammock sleeping pad that is made with durable and lightweight materials. Synthetic materials make the best sleeping pads for hammocks because they are lightweight, durable, and easily cleaned. The most popular materials are nylon and polyester. Both the materials are tear, puncture, water, and abrasion resistant so that they are long-lasting. They’re also lightweight and easily packable.

The best sleeping pad for hammocks will use high-quality synthetic material in its construction to ensure that it is durable and reliable. The material used should always be provided in the product specifications. However, sleeping pads for hammock reviews are a great way to determine the quality and reliability of the material. You can use the reviews to determine whether the hammock air mattress you’ve been looking at is worth the investment or if you should keep searching.


The thickness of an insulated sleeping pad for hammocks will determine how warm you’ll stay during the night. Generally, the thicker the hammock mattress, the warmer it will be. For summer camping, a thinner mattress would be better so that you stay cool. You might find that a closed-cell mattress is the best choice for warmer weather because it is extremely lightweight and breathable.

However, in colder temperatures, you’ll want to bring a thicker pad. The best sleeping pads for hammocks will come in a variety of thicknesses so that you can choose which one is best for your planned trip. If a variety of thicknesses are not available, the thickness should always be provided in the product specifications.


When you’re camping or backpacking, the weight of the gear you carry can be an important consideration. Gear that is too heavy will likely be left at home. But you need to sleep somewhere and the best hammock sleeping pad will be lightweight so that it never gets left behind.

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While most sleeping pads for hammocks weigh just a handful of ounces, some of the thicker designs can weigh up to 2 pounds. You must check the product specifications for the weight of your pad to ensure that you have room to pack it.


While the ground is cold, the air can be cold too and that is why it’s better to use a hammock mattress. A hammock air mattress provides your body with a cushion between the cold air. The best sleeping pad for hammocks will retain your body heat to keep you warmer. It is also important to consider that the thicker an insulated sleeping pad for hammocks is, the warmer it will be because more air pockets can trap warm air.

Another feature that keeps you warmer is wings. You can look for a top-rated hammock sleeping pad that incorporates wings if you know you’ll be sleeping in cooler temperatures. The wings are a useful addition to a hammock that provides more insulation and keeps you stable as you sleep.

Temperature Rating

A sleeping pad for hammock camping may come with a temperature rating, which indicates the temperatures or seasons that the pad is suited to function in. The temperature rating should be indicated in the product specifications and may be given in degrees Fahrenheit or seasons.

If you are unsure about the temperature rating of your sleeping pad for hammock camping, you can look at the sleeping pad for hammock reviews. The reviewers may indicate in what weather conditions they use their pad for hammocks so that you know how to properly plan your camping trip.

Air Pads vs. Foam Pads

Some insulated sleeping pads for hammocks use air to keep you warm, others use foam, and some even have a combination. Air pads are the most compact designs because they can be completely collapsed for carrying in a stuff sack or bag. However, foam pads can be warmer because they are thicker. But foam pads will be slightly larger when collapsed because the foam cannot completely compact like air. While both air and foam pads are comfortable, it will be up to your personal preference as to which design you choose. If you can’t decide, a few sleeping pads for hammocks do use both air and foam in their design to keep you comfortable.



Q: Why do I need a sleeping pad for my hammock?


Most people would say hammocks are more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, that doesn’t mean that cold can't penetrate the fabric. On cooler nights, nothing is more irritating than waking up cold and not being able to warm up because the hammock material is too thin. This is why a pad for hammocks can be a smart addition to your camping gear. A hammock mattress can provide you with another layer that stops the cold air from penetrating the hammock so that you stay warmer and can sleep through the night.

Q: Is it safe to put a sleeping pad in a hammock?


Yes. Staying warm is part of the camping hammock's responsibility and the best hammock sleeping pad will keep you warm anytime you are using your hammock. Sleeping pads for hammocks have been specially designed to be used with your little cocoon, so you are entirely safe while sleeping inside your hammock while using a hammock mattress.

Q: What is the desired thickness for a hammock sleeping pad?


There isn’t one desired thickness for a hammock sleeping pad because it will depend on the weather and temperatures on your trip. However, for your comfort, it is best to get a pad that provides at least 1 inch of thickness to keep you warm and supported inside your hammock. Just remember that the thicker the pad for hammocks is, the warmer and heavier it will be.

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Camping is a fun activity that many people enjoy, but even for seasoned campers, the thought of sleeping on the ground can be a huge drawback. However, hammocks are now a popular choice in camping beds because they are portable and comfortable. For better comfort in your hammock, you should look at insulated sleeping pads for hammocks. A top-rated hammock sleeping pad will keep you warm and make your hammock so cozy that you can easily get a full night of rest. With our picks of the best sleeping pads for hammocks and our guide, we hope that you find a comfortable hammock mattress that you’ll be eager to use trip after trip.

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