When you climb at the gym, you are presented with an ideal way to put your skills to practice before you hit the rock outside. However, you must still make sure you have the right gear. Sometimes, the old beat-up climbing shoes for hire at your gym may be a turnoff. Having your own personal pair of gym climbing shoes will really make a difference.

The best gym climbing shoes help to enhance your climbing experience. The climbing shoes are designed to offer great traction on any terrain, whether plastic or rock. Their comfortable build and specialized features offer a variety of options for beginner and technical climbers looking to hit the wall.

Listed below are the 10 best gym climbing shoes in 2022. Each entry showcases the shoes’ unique features and functionality to help bring out the best climbing experience for you. The choice is all yours.

How To Choose Gym Climbing Shoes – Buying Guide



The fit is an important factor when choosing the best indoor climbing shoe. This is because the fit affects performance. Typically, when you are choosing your gym climbing shoes, go a size lower than your hiking or trail running shoes. This means that the shoes will be a little tight at the beginning but over time when you break them in, they will end up providing a snug fit.

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Even if you are looking for maximum performance, the best indoor climbing shoes must still be comfortable. The best indoor climbing shoes should also be quite breathable, both to enhance comfort and longevity – details such as padded mesh tongues, mesh linings, and unlined leather upper fabrication enhance breathability and ventilation. Cushioning midsole and heel cup designs also enhance comfort.


The best indoor climbing shoes feature durable construction that can hold up to months and months at the gym. Thicker rubber outsoles and leather fabrication are a good indication of durability. The Climb X Rave Gym climbing Shoes, for example, feature a double stitch fabrication which also enhances their durability.


The best indoor climbing shoes will either be built with a lace-up, Velcro strap, or slip-on closure. The lace-up and Velcro straps offer a fast closure option and also offer a secure and snug fit. Other shoe designs such as the La Sportiva Kids Stick It Gym climbing shoes feature a heel and forefoot loop closure for added security.


Downturn denotes how far the shoe curves at the toe area.  Flat and asymmetric profile shoes tend to be straight with minimal to no curving. They are more comfortable and ideal for beginners. Downturned or curved shoes are more aggressive with less comfort but enhanced performance power. They are ideal for more technical, aggressive, and overhanging climbs.


The outsole of your climbing shoes must be sticky and grippy for successful climbing. Thicker rubber outsoles provide more protection and durability. This also means that sensitivity is reduced (the thicker the outsoles are, the less sensitivity you’ll find). Rubber is an excellent material as it holds durable, sturdy, and naturally grippy qualities.


The last of your climbing shoes are defined as the foot-shaped model around which a shoe is built. Climbing shoes are either slip-lasted or board lasting. Slip lasted shoes are softer with greater sensitivity whilst board-lasted are stiffer but offer greater comfort.



Q: What Do You Wear To A Climbing gym?


At the climbing gym, you should wear a slim-fit t-shirt or tank top and shorts. You may also wear climbing tights as an alternative to shorts. For more comfort, women can also wear sports bras. For your feet, you’ll want to wear gym climbing shoes, but do not wear socks.

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Q: Should Your Toes Be Curled In Climbing Shoes?


Yes, your toes should be curled slightly in most climbing shoes. However, they should not be too tight or painful to wear. Additionally, for certain climbing styles such as crack climbing, you want your toes to be flat rather than curled but still touch the edge of your shoes.

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Q: What Is An Aggressive Climbing Shoe?


Aggressive shoes are designed with a downturned and pointed profile. They are designed for more technical and overhand climbers as they allow your feet to grip tiny footholds on overhanging or bouldering routes. This gives more climbing power to your toes and feet.

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The gym climbing shoe reviews outline how useful these shoes are at the gym. They feature just the right design and construction to enhance their functionality at an indoor rock gym. The gym climbing shoes also boast the right durability and performance for difficult climbs. The buying guide above provides a helpful guide on what to look for when choosing the most excellent gym climbing shoes to invest in. The list of the 10 best gym climbing shoes is the place to begin that search.

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