Are you looking for proper cycling shoes to wear when using your gravel bike? Then, what you need are gravel bike shoes. The best shoes for gravel bikes are designed to improve foot to pedal contact. This, in turn, increases the overall pedaling performance and power transfer.

Gravel bike shoes are also specially designed with detailed outsoles that provide better traction and grip thus, preventing slippage, accidents, and injuries. The best thing about gravel bike shoes is perhaps their versatility, which allows you to use them beyond tarmac and gravel roads. 

So, check out our list of the 10 best gravel bike shoes below to improve your biking adventures, be it gravel road or off-road riding.

How To Choose Gravel Bike Shoes – Buying Guide



When choosing the best shoes for gravel bikes, you must consider the material. You want to look at the upper material and outsole material. Upper materials such as synthetic fibers or leather are ideal. This is because they tend to be more durable and strong; allowing them to withstand the rough outdoors and gravel terrain. 

Yet, these materials are also permeable enough to offer ample ventilation. Ideal materials for outsoles on the other end include a combination of rubber, nylon, and fiberglass which gives the shoes increased stiffness and pedal power transfer. Depending on their lug designs, these materials also offer optimal traction and grip on any terrain.

Fit & Size

The best gravel bike shoes also offer a snug fit – not too tight and not too loose. A proper fit doesn’t only prevent blisters, numbness, and pressure, it also allows you to easily pedal and optimize pedal power transfer.

Some shoe models such as the Louis Garneau Men’s Mountain Gravel Bike Shoes are designed to fit any foot shape, be it regular, medium, or wide. The size is normally listed for men and women, so to achieve a true fit you want to go for gender-specific or unisex shoes.


Even though there are normally designed to optimize performance, the best shoes for gravel bikes still maintain comfort. To gauge the comfortability of your shoes, look for details such as EVA molded footbeds or midsoles and thicker gusseted tongues. Closure systems such as lace-up closure also offer an adjustable and personalized fit to leave you comfortable.


Gravel bike shoes feature different types of fastening and closure systems. The most common are the BOA dial, traditional lace, and Velcro straps. Some shoes even feature a combination of two of these systems. These closure system designs help to improve the fit and securely hold so you can focus on the bike riding.


Depending on their design, gravel bike shoes cater to different biking styles. The majority of gravel bike shoes are used for regular cycling, road biking, walking, running, and racing. Others are specially designed to even use for mountain biking. So when you are choosing the ideal shoes, you need to figure out how you will use them so you can pick the right design.


Different gravel bike shoes boast different designs. However, their design principle is universal, no matter the brand. The best shoes for gravel bikes are lightweight and boast stiff materials to help improve pedaling power.  At the bottom, they are normally designed with defined lugs or cleats to help improve their grip and traction.



Q: What Shoes Do You Wear On A Gravel Bike?


When riding a gravel bike, you should wear shoes that are designed for it. This is because gravel bike shoes protect your feet from slipping which may cause accidents or injuries. Additionally, their design also helps to increase your overall pedaling power and power transfer.

Q: What Are The Best Pedals For Gravel Bikes?


The best pedals for a gravel bike are clipless pedals. This is because clipless pedals are designed to cater to cleats. The majority of gravel bike shoes are built with cleats whilst others are compatible with cleat systems or clip-in pedal system.

Q: What Do You Wear On A Gravel Bike?


When using a gravel bike, you can wear anything from cycling shorts to more protective cycling clothes. However, as with other bike types, you should ensure you have cycling safety gear and clothing. It is also important to wear gravel bike shoes.

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These gravel bike shoes reviews prove how they are useful for most biking styles. Their designs allow you to use these shoes beyond the confines of tarmac and gravel terrain. Plus, they come with the advantage of being ultralight; therefore, improving your overall pedaling experience. So, choose your go-to pair from the 10 best gravel bike shoes above so you can enjoy all-terrain biking with revolutionized performance.

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