When people think of action cameras, the first thing that comes to their mind is GoPro. But what if we told you that there are a lot of different GoPro-type cameras that are available on the market? Action photography has quickly become popular, letting you share exciting videos or stunning Instagram posts. To achieve those beautiful shots, many people turn to action cameras, but sometimes a GoPro isn’t in the budget. GoPro used to be the highest standard in action cameras, but with surging popularity, many other brands now offer affordable and high-quality cameras too. When you want to go beyond the brand name, consider the best GoPro alternatives to capture the action instead.

How To Choose A Go Pro Alternative – Buying Guide



Size is everything for an action camera because you want it to be portable and lightweight, to be able to take it anywhere. A GoPro knockoff shouldn’t suddenly be large and cumbersome. Instead, a cheaper version of GoPro should rival the size of the name brand’s design. Most action cameras will be compact, which makes them perfect for mounting, traveling, carrying, and storing. 


Price is one of the big selling points for these GoPro alternatives because they are much more affordable than the name-brand camera. When you forgo the name brand, you can find a GoPro equivalent that has all the features and shoots excellent quality pictures, without the extra cost. A cheaper version of GoPro will likely end up saving you money and never having you regret it.


A GoPro knockoff won’t have any fancy interchangeable lenses. This means that the lens that comes with the camera is permanent and likely won’t have any adjustable features. However, even some of the best budget action cameras have lenses that feature multiple glass elements for quality and durability, and most of them rival in quality with the original model they are imitating.

Video Resolution

The most up-to-date GoPro knockoff will have the capability to shoot in 4K video resolution. A budget action camera may only have the ability to capture 1080p video resolution, which is still full HD and not bad at all. If you want the best quality, a 4K camera is the better choice, but 1080p is also great for capturing the action and will weigh less on your memory card.

Image Quality

A lot of cheap GoPro alternatives have megapixels that range from 12-20. In today’s world, 12 megapixels are about the equivalent of a smartphone, which is decent but not stunning. A top-rated alternative to GoPro will have higher megapixels, which means a better quality of the picture and a greater amount of details in every shot.

Frames Per Second

The frames per second that your budget camera action shoots will determine how smoothly a captured video will playback and if the camera can shoot slow-motion footage. Fast action cameras have 30 frames per second or more to keep the footage rolling smoothly and continuously, which is perfect for surfing. A cheaper version of GoPro that has fewer frames per second will still record decent video but won’t deliver slow-motion capabilities, which can be an exciting way to enhance the action, so if this is important to you look for a camera that can shoot video with at least 30 frames per second or more.

Field Of View

The field of view of GoPro alternatives should be large enough to capture the big picture. Some cameras have a variety of lens settings that will change the field of view to be wider or narrower. For capturing all the details of a shot, a wide-angle budget action camera is best, and this means it will have a field of view of at least 120 degrees or more. 


Playing sports requires movement, and sometimes the way you move may jostle or shake the camera. To deal with these issues, most GoPro-type cameras will have an auto-stabilization feature, which reduces blurry images and shaky footage. The higher the price you pay, the better the stabilization system usually gets.



Q: Are Go Pro alternatives durable?


Yes! Even a cheaper version of GoPro is designed to be durable and used for exciting adventures. Much will depend on the design of the camera, but some feature a protective case, and others have a rugged design without a case. Plus, most of these cameras are waterproof too!

If you are concerned about the durability of a model, check the GoPro alternative reviews. Many buyers will comment on how durable the design is and whether it has withstood capturing all their thrilling activities.

Q: Is there anything better than a Gopro?


Yes! And here we have a list of 10 of them! All of the GoPro knockoffs on our list have the same construction and capturing quality as a GoPro. They are durable, compact, and powerful with excellent videos and photos. With one of these listed cameras, you can forget about the brand name and save some money with a quality investment.

Q: Why consider a GoPro alternative?


GoPro used to rule the market as the only choice for a quality action camera. But now, popularity has created an entire market of budget action cameras. Instead of having to pay for the brand name, you can save money by finding other GoPro-type cameras. The best alternative to GoPro will have similar features and match or even beat the quality of a GoPro camera. Many have full packages which include all the accessories, like mounts, so you can even use them with your kayak helmet.

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Capturing the thrills of outdoor sports has never been so fun and easy! With a variety of alternative GoPro cameras, you can find the features you want for an affordable price. The best alternative to GoPro will still come packed with quality and durability so that you can take it anywhere you go! Don’t let the budget hold you back! Instead, invest in a top-rated alternative to GoPro that will have you making and capturing memories on every trip!

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