Most people are familiar with traveling with duffel bags and suitcases to pack and carry all their items. You may think even waterproof duffle bags would be best for travel, but a garment bag can add another layer of protection to your clothes and help keep them wrinkle free, if you are traveling with business or special occasion clothing.

If you’ve tried to pack your perfectly ironed clothing into a duffle bag or suitcase, you know how frustrating it can be to keep them crease free. A garment duffel bag can help you bring along your clothes, while keeping them ready to wear the second you reach your destination. The best travel garment bags will keep your clothes protected, while ensuring the least amount of creasing and folding occurs during your travel.

We have made a guide to help you determine which top rated suit travel bag would best “suit” your needs. With our guide you can determine which brand and model will keep you happy and wrinkle free.

How To Choose The Best Garment Bag For Men – Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing a suit carrier, there are many different designs that may or may not be the style you are looking for. You will have to determine how much space you need and if you are traveling by airplane decide whether you are checking on carrying on your bags. By considering important features before making a purchase, you have a better chance of finding the perfect bag that will have you traveling with ease.


There are many different types of garment bags that you can choose from. Some garment bags will resemble a small briefcase, others a small suitcase, and others have just a bag that hangs on a hook. You will have to determine what type of bag would be best for you and the way you travel.

The type of bag you choose will also be affected by how you travel and how frequently. People who travel frequently by air often will choose a rolling garment bag over a hand carried one. Many people will also choose a carry-on size versus a checked bag size to make airport check in easier and faster.


The overall physical size of your bag will be affected by the capacity that it can hold. There are many different capacities of garment bags available. You can easily find garment bags that are smaller and can be carried on a plane or larger one that can be a part of your checked luggage.

However, the capacity of your bag may not be the same as a duffle bag or suitcase. You will have to think of the capacity in terms of the style of your clothing. If you are trying to pack longer clothing, like a dress, you may need a longer garment the piece of clothing the least amount of times. Other garment bags have internal organization in the form of multiple hooks to pack multiple outfits.

Generally, people tend to prefer larger garment bags over a garment bag that is too small for their clothing. If you know you want to carry on your bag, you can look for the largest carry on size available. With checked garment bags, you are likely to have much higher limits of what is allowed on the airplane.


You will find that many designs of garment bags will be either wheeled or carried. A rolling garment bag can be helpful if you don’t want to have to always carry the bag and its weight in your hand. However, if you are wanting to invest in a travel bag for suits, you may prefer a hand carried bag because they can give you the length to essentially carry your hanging suit in a protected case.

Other traveling bags for suits are wheeled and they can pack away your clothing with minimal folds and creases. Essentially, the choice between wheeled and carried traveling bags for suits or other clothing, will be up to personal preference.

Carry On/Check-in

Another choice that will be left largely up to personal preference is whether you want to be able to carry on your bag or use the airline’s check-in service to travel with your bag. For travelers who need to have their clothing ready quickly once they arrive at their destination, a carry-on suit travel bag is often preferred.

A carry-on bag would allow you faster access to your clothing without having to wait at baggage claim. As well, the best garment luggage bags can be used for more than clothing and a carry-on bag could also be used to carry your other travel items. However, if you are need a suit bag for multiple outfits, you may want a bag that can be checked in, so that you aren’t carrying the weight with you.


The best suit bags will be made of lightweight but strong material. Often garment bags are made of nylon, which makes it durable and tough enough to withstand the duress of travel. However, if you are wanting to travel in style, there are garment bags available that are made from leather or canvas. Both of which, are also durable materials.


If you are a frequent traveler, especially at airports, you know how stressful and tiring it can be. Traveling can wear both you and your garment bags down. After multiple trips through conveyor belts and getting tossed around, only the best travel garment bags that are built with durability will survive.

Durability is important for your suit travel bag because it will ensure that it will be long-lasting and can withstand getting thrown around or shoved into overhead bins. A garment duffel bag is an investment and you will want the most durable to last you through all your trips.


If you like to stay organized, there are garment bags designed with multiple compartments. All garment bags for suits will have one compartment, but others will have a main compartment with smaller compartments or pockets. Travel garment bags that have multiple compartments can hold more of your gear and keep it separated, so you can create your own organization system.

However, it is up to personal preference how many compartments your travelbag has and if it has any at all. You can look at the style of the bag before you purchase to see how many compartments it has and if you think it would work for your travel needs.


Not all garment bags are waterproof, but some are. This again, will be up to personal preference. If you are traveling to a rainy location or just like to be prepared for it all, a waterproof garment bag can add another layer of protection to your clothes. Even if you think you can fit your bag under travel umbrellas canopies, it might be a nice layer of protection to ensure even accidental drips of rain, don’t damage your clothes.


The design of the handle will be dependent on the type of suit travel bag you choose. Most rolling garment bag designs have an extendable handle, as well as a stationary handle to carry the bag like a briefcase. Carried garment bags will often have one stationary handle that can be used to carry it around.



Q: Why do I need a separate garment bag?


If you’ve ever packed a suitcase, you know how hard it can be to get them organized. You also know that clothing packed into a suitcase is often tucked and rolled into the smallest size possible so that it can all be crammed together. A travel bag will keep the clothes that you need ironing, wrinkle-free so that they are ready to wear straight out of the bag.

A separate suit carrier can keep you from being frustrated and save you time from having to re-iron or de-wrinkle your clothing. If you choose a bag with multiple compartments, it can even ease the weight in travel backpacks by helping share the weight of your luggage and taking it off your back.

Garment bags are also great for all your other outdoor sports gear. Instead of having to cram all your sports equipment into one bag with your other clothing, you can easily carry it separately and organized. Garment bags are great to prepare for a dive holiday, keep your what to wear while snorkeling gear safe, and help care for your wetsuit for surfing.

Q: Are garment bags safe for travel?


Yes. Garment bags are made specifically for travel and to make traveling easier with delicate clothing. A suit travel bag or rolling garment bag should be designed to be safe for you and your clothes. The best travel garment bags will keep your gear protected and make traveling easier on you.

Q: Are garment bags water resistant?


Not all designs are, but a vast majority do have water resistance. Often garment bags do have a small level of water resistance. This means that they can survive a spill or a quick walk in light rain, however they wouldn’t survive a downpour or being submerged in water. If you are looking to go beyond just water resistance, some traveling bags for suits are fully waterproof.

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We all know that first impressions are important, so if you are traveling for business having clean and wrinkle free clothing is a must. Other times, your clothing allows you to shine for a special occasion and having it in pristine condition is important. With top rated travel garment bags, you are getting your clothing the protection it deserves and your mind the peace it needs. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can save time and money by investing in the best garment travel bag for you.

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