Whether you are out fishing or at the office, you always want to maintain your pre-planned schedule be it keeping up with work or making the most of your outdoor trip.  At times, you are so caught up or even deep in the wilderness, where you want useful data on your fingertips.

To achieve this, you have to invest in a good watch that can withstand multiple environments without compromising quality or durability.

G shock watches are excellent gadgets for just this. When you are in the outdoors, their shockproof design makes them worth it. Additionally, as much as they boast a high-quality build and performance, they are also inexpensive.

Listed below are the 10 best G shock watches in 2022 you need to invest in this season – they go a long way to help organize yourself and deliver durable performance.

How To Choose A G-Shock Watch – Buying Guide



The best Casio g shock watches are built to work in all outdoor environments and even up to military standards. Their key construction feature is shock, scratch and water resistance, thus, making them very durable and of high quality. The watches feature a quartz mechanism and solar power source protected by up to 10 layers of material.

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Furthermore, the strong fabrication features a resin band, resin cover stainless steel bezel, and a hardened mineral screen. The combination gives the watches impeccable strength – tough anti-rip, impact-free resin band, anti-corrosive stainless steel bezel, and anti-scratch and shatterproof screen.


Because Casio G shock watches are built to function in the outdoors, they are normally of high quality and durability.  The majority of the best g shock watches are made of resin. Resin is known to be a high-impact plastic. It is highly durable and tough thus, it can withstand even the toughest of environment and harshest abuse – pull it; bang it and it won’t crack.

Additionally, when used on the watches, it is not allergic and doesn’t cause friction with other materials or your skin. When used underwater, because of its water-repelling properties, Resin doesn’t get damaged over time, thus, maintaining durability and quality.

To further enhance quality, the best Casio g shock watches are solar-powered, thus, they can work longer without depending on battery power and in term reduces the loss of strength over time. The weather-resistant components such as mud and dust resistant also help to enhance their quality.

However, it goes without saying that the overall durability and quality of even the best g shock watch depends on you to a certain point. If you follow the instructions, care for and maintain your watch the right way, you are most certainly guaranteed to prolong its life and maintain its quality.

It is key to use the watch to the capabilities of its features – and only that. Unless your g-shock states that it is low temperature resistant, avoid using it in extremely cold weather. Make it a point to clean your watch regularly, especially on the band, lightly clean with a toothbrush and a solution of water and mild detergent. Then, wipe out all the remaining soapy solution with a damp soft cloth for a cleaner look.


The best Casio g shock watches are versatile and can work in different environments.  You should keep in mind that the scope to which you watch can work varies with the types of g shock watches, features, and budget. The majority of g shock watches are water-resistant up to 600 feet depth and shock-resistant. Thus, if you are thinking of wearing the watch on a daily routine to work, the gym and other regular activities, a standard g-shock that shouldn’t cost more than US$50 will do.

If you are looking more of an all-out adventurous summer or spring outdoor – look for features that cater to your activities. And if you want an all-out weather-resistant and all-season g shock watch, look for types that come with versatile options such as low-temperature resistance, high-altitude functioning and additional functions such as thermometers and depth finders.

The latter work great not only for your daily routine but they work for a span of activities ranging from marine activities, to mountaineering and snow sports – even military training and missions. An all-season g-shock series will still cost less than the same quality watches at around U150 to US$250.



Q: What Does G Shock Stand For?


The G on G shock stands for gravitational. This simply means that g shock watches are known as full form gravitational force watches. They are designed to resist mechanical shock and vibrations thus, making them ideal for sports, military, and outdoor-based activities.

Q: Why Choose A G Shock?


The most notable arguments as to why G shock watches are worth the investment are;

  • They are built for the outdoors – shock-resistant and water-resistant They feature the brand's signature shock-resistant and shatterproof construction, thus, making them ideal for use in an environment. Additionally, the water-resistant make allows them to function to a depth of up to 660 feet.
  • High quality and durable construction and materials The watches feature a resin plastic band which is tough and can withstand the harshest of abuse. The resin cover stainless steel bezel well protects and fully houses the mechanics of the watch inside them. The treated mineral screen on the other end ensures that the watch doesn't break at any impact.
  • You can get good quality affordable G-shock watches Although their price range can go up to US$5000, you can get the best g shock watches to work in any condition and on any weather for as low as between US$ 50 to 300.
  • They feature a variety of cool designs and colors There are many good series and types of g shock watches on the market. With this, comes the brand's famed and integrated variety of designs and colors that stand out without compromise on quality and the watch's performance.

Q: Are G Shock Watches Durable?


G shock watches are extremely durable – thanks to their strong construction and the materials used. The g- shock's standard fabrication incorporates shockproof and water-resistant finish thus, they are quite enduring in the outdoors.

Additionally, their solar power working design allows them to work for longer. A standard g shock watch will work for up to 3 to 5 years.

Q: Are G Shock Watches Waterproof?


G shock watches are resistant up to a depth of 660 feet (200 meters). Thus, you can engage in marine activities, swim and dive up to this depth at a 20 bar pressure gauge without damaging the watch.

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The g shock watch reviews above provide a vivid guide to the best working tools for the outdoors. Attesting to the brand’s Casio long-standing reputed quality construction combined with the G-shock’s undisputed ruggedness in the outdoors – the watches above are worth an investment.

Additionally, the guide also offers a clear how-to-direction on how to get the best g shock watches to suit your needs – whether you are looking for a strong everyday option or something to go wild with in the outdoors. And what better line up to begin with than the one above?

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