With the arrival of snow, snowboarding is once again on everyone’s winter itinerary. But snowboarding is a broad term and there are actually different types of snowboards for different types of terrains or powder conditions. Freestyle snowboarding is one form of the sport that is popular because it incorporates tricks, jumps, slides, and twists.

For the best experience on the mountain, you need specific freestyle snowboarding gear so that you can advance your skills and stay safe on the slopes. The best park snowboard boots should be softer and more flexible so that you have maximum control over your speed and movements.

We want to help you find a quality pair of freestyle snowboard boots for the new season, so we have made a list of the best freestyle snowboard boots and included a comprehensive buying guide, so you can get back out on the mountain quickly to enjoy those powder days.

How To Choose Freestyle Snowboard Boots – Buying Guide



The best freestyle snowboard boots will have a soft flex. But you may be wondering, what is flex? Flex refers to the overall comfort and responsiveness of the boots. Softer flex is more forgiving, which means that you can perform dynamic actions like twists and turns, as well as take on hard landings. The boots should have the flex that your feet aren’t trapped or unable to move.

Stiffer boots have a higher response, but they will limit your movement, which can make performing tricks more difficult. For intermediate and advanced riders, stiffer boots are best on all-mountain or freeriding terrain. However, soft boots are needed for freestyle snowboarding, you may also see that a soft flex is recommended as beginner snowboard boots too.

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Size is important to consider because you want your boots to fit just right. There should not be too much room leftover in the toe or heel, and your feet shouldn’t feel that they’re forced inside into a scrunched position.

A detailed snowboard boots buying guide can give you some tips to find the correct size and fit, but ultimately you want to find the perfect level of snugness that ensures your feet have a little wiggle room, but aren’t sliding out of place. Freestyle snowboard boots reviews can also help you choose the best size based on specific brand and other riders’ personal experiences.

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Lacing System

The best park snowboard boots will have a lacing system that is easy to use and frustration free. While top rated park snowboard boots all have their own lacing system, the most popular are traditional and a boa system.

Traditional laces will use a system that is very similar to any pair of regular winter boots by using strong laces and multiple eyelets to provide you with an adjustable fit. While traditional laces are always reliable, the downside is that they can be slower to put on and may come untied.

A faster lacing system is called the boa because it uses a single or has multiple dials to tighten or loosen steel cables, which act as the boots laces. The boa system is extremely quick to use because you can slide your foot and turn the dial to tighten the dial to find the perfect fit. The only downside to the boa system is that if part of it breaks, it can be expensive to replace.


The liner will. Help keep your feet warm and can affect the overall comfort of your foot while in the boot. There are a lot of different liner materials like polyester, foam, and UVA. Polyester and foam are more affordable than UVA, but they aren’t as warm. Ultimately, you will have to choose which liner you want to use.

The best freestyle snowboard boots will use a waterproof and lightweight liner, which is also removable for easy cleaning. Moldable liners are also a great option because you can use heat to custom fit your boots to your foot shape. While more expensive, moldable liners are popular because they reduce the break-in time and increase your overall comfort.


The grip or heel hold of your park snowboarding boots is important because it can help you stay connected to your snowboard when locked into the bindings. The grip should be featured in the outsole, which means that the rubber should be textured and not smooth. The best park snowboard boots utilize grip because it gives you move security in your movements as you navigate the park course or slopes.

Comfort and Adjustability

Finally, it is important that you consider your comfort and whether you can adjust the freestyle snowboard boots to be more comfortable. Uncomfortable boots will likely make you frustrated as you ride, and sore feet can lead to dangerous accidents. Instead, look for top rated park snowboard boots that you feel comfortable wearing and may even have features that you can adjust or customize for a better fit.



Q: How To Dry Snowboard Boots?


An important step in caring for your snowboard boots for freestyle is making sure that they are fully dry after each day on the mountain. But learning how to dry your snowboard boots can be difficult when you don’t want to cause damage.

The best way to dry your boots is to allow them to air dry and do not use heat, as this can cause damage or unintentionally reshape your moldable liners.

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Q: Can I Use Regular Snowboard Boots?


No. There are different types of snowboards and snowboarding gear to ensure your safety on the mountain in various terrain conditions. Freestyle snowboarders will likely be riding in a park environment where they can perform tricks or jumps, which means that you would get the best performance by using specific freestyle snowboard boots.

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Whenever you’re heading out to the mountain, it is important to have the right gear to prevent snowboarding injuries. Freestyle snowboarders need their own special gear and top rated park snowboard boots are crucial to enhancing your performance and having the best time. The best freestyle snowboard boots should be durable, comfortable, and functional so that you can land your tricks and grinds. With our help, we hope that you’ve found the best park snowboard boots that will take you to the next level.

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