Whether you are lounging at the beach, camping in the wilderness or at your backyard, there comes a point when you want to be comfortable as possible. Folding chairs are an excellent solution to this. The best folding chair offers the advantage of space saving and portability whilst delivering just the comfortability you would expect from a good chair.

Listed below are the 10 best folding chairs in 2020. Each folding hair outlines unique features that complement its comforting function as well as enhances its durability and strength. The choice is all yours to go for the option that appeals most to you.

How To Choose A Folding Chair – Buying Guide



When choosing the best foldable chairs to invest in – you must first consider the type of folding chair. The type of chairs you go for will determine how it will fit your needs and environment to which you plan on using the chair. There are several types of collapsible chairs, the most common being;

Metal folding chairs

The majority of metal chairs feature metal frame and fabric, thermoplastic or even metal seats and backs. The use of fabric, for example, considerably reduces their weight thus, making these types the best folding camp chairs due to their ease of carrying and transporting.

These types of chairs are known to be extremely sturdy and durable and can be used for an array of activities. Metal chairs are also able to support more weight compared to other folding chairs. Additionally, amongst other types of chairs, metal ones are normally available in a range of different colors.

Plastic folding chairs

Plastic chairs spin-off from metal ones. This is because they are constructed with a metal frame in a tubular shape. However, the seat and backrest are always made out of thermal molded plastic. Due to the characteristic lightweight qualities of plastic, they tend to be lightweight and their slippery outer shell makes them easy to clean. A swift wipe with a damp cloth and detergent should do the trick.

Wooden folding chairs

Wooden chairs are entirely made out of wood. They boast a more stylish and natural look thus, giving them the best look amongst the others. However, their frames tend to be a little thick to enhance their strength; thus, they tend to take up more space than the rest.  Wooden chairs can also easily chip from rough handing or rough terrain. Thus, they may not be the best choice for rougher and active indulgences.

Resin folding chairs

A less common type of folding chair, resin chairs is molded from polypropylene and boasts almost the same properties as wood. However, they tend to be easier to store and can stack up easily.


Material is also an excellent determinant of choosing the best folding camp chair. The material used to make the frame, the seat and backrest (and head pillow if included) should be carefully scrutinized. It’s always a safe bet to go for a material that is easier to care for and maintain.  And because you will mostly use folding chairs over the warm season, you want the material to offer as much ventilation as possible.

But the ultimate goal is to find a folding chair with strong material to enhance the support and durability without compromising on comfort.  The best folding camp chairs will feature material such as polyester fabric, polyethylene molding or wood on seats and backrests. However, the same criterion counts – ask yourself this simple question, am I going to be comfortable? And it all depends on the activity.

If you plan o going out camping or hiking for a longer period, you will want to carry a folding chair with you. However, you don’t want to be hauling a heavy wooden load on your backpack. Thus, in this case, the fabric seat and back chair is the ideal option. Polyester offers a sturdy solution to your seat and backrest due to its anti-tear and weather resistant properties.

Incorporate the padding on the seat, back and armrest, and you have a very comfortable chair. Some of the best folding camp chairs are also fitted with a breathable mesh. During warmer season, the mesh fabric help to enhance airflow and ventilation thus, preventing sweat backs, bottoms, and arms.

Wooden chairs also feature durability and their design makes them ideal for beach camping (if storage and transportation are not an issue) or at your garden – whereby you will not be sitting on them for too long.


The main purpose of folding chairs is their portability, Packability, and ease of storage and transportation. Thus, to complement this, weight is an important factor to consider. The weight of your folding chair also to a large extent depends on the material used and construction style.

You would definitely expect a wooden folding chair to be heavier than a plastic chair of the same capacity. However, keep in mind when choosing the best folding camp chair, its weight should align with its weight capacity. Sure, you want a folding chair that is light enough to make it easy to hike with but you also don’t want it to be too lightweight that it affects the quality and support it offers.

Typically, a folding chair will weight anywhere between 4 to 12 lbs depending on its features and variable construction mechanisms. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong folding chair is a polyester-steel folding chair with 800lbs capacity and weights 12.5lbs. This folding chair boasts an elevated weight due to its high supportive capacity.

The Winsome Wood Folding Chairs is a fully wooden constructed chair but only weights 8lbs; however, it is only able to support 200lbs weight. Thus, when choosing the right folding chair to go for, it is important to fully scrutinize these parameters and how they are connected.


The size of your folding chair will also help you plan on how to use them.  You will know how the folding chair works for you by examining the dimensions when open and dimensions when closed. The best folding camp chair should be space-saving and easy to fold and store. It is easy to know the dimensions of your folding chair by simply going through its manufacturer’s features or specifications.

Additionally, collapsible chairs will also feature extra additions to their designs such as side tables, armrests, backrests, and head pillows. Yes, these features definitely add value and enhance comfortability. But if the size is an issue, especially during travel or storage, go for options that also allow you to collapse or fold these features for maximum portability.

However, depending on your body size ensure that the hair offers enough space for you to feel comfortable before investing in it. The dimensions, i.e. length, width, and height, provide so much insight on your chair more than you think of.


Folding chairs come constructed with four main types of frames – metal, plastic, wood, and resin. Depending on where and how you intend to use your folding chair, each type boasts its benefits and shortcomings.

Plastic frames are favored for its lightweight qualities thus, making them easier to carry and clean. Additionally, plastic is also relatively easier to clean. Some manufacturers also treat their plastic frames with UV resistant coating to withstand the harsh UV exposure on sunny days. This also helps to enhance the frame’s longevity.

Resin is equally durable, scratch resistant and lightweight. Its sturdy yet malleable nature makes it quite versatile. A resin frame, when correctly molded, is strong enough to support a weight load of up to 500 lbs.

Wood offers a more decorative and classy finish. Even though they make ideal camping and beach furniture, wooden framed folding chairs work best at home – in your garden or balcony. This is because their carpentry produces a lot of weak points between the joints thus, making them highly susceptible to damage in the outdoors.

They are also not excellent weather resistant performers as plastic. Plus, they are not easily packable and collapsible, which makes carrying and transporting them for a prolonged period quite a hassle.

Metal frames are favored due to their enhanced durability and strength. Metal frames can also be molded to easily fold and collapse. Most notably aluminum and steel are always used to make folding chair frames.

Aluminum is favored due to its corrosion resistant and extremely lightweight (amongst metals) qualities, which makes it ideal for the outdoors. Steel boasts a heavy-duty quality thus, making it ideal for supporting heavier capacities. It is also abundantly available making it quite inexpensive.

To further support the frame of your folding chair, always look for options that come with caps underneath the frame (especially for plastic and metal folding chairs). The caps offer considerable support and stability to the chair on any surface. They also prevent the chair from sinking into the soft ground such as beach sand.


Height is also an important factor to scrutinize, to make sure your folding chair offers as much comfort as possible. Folding chairs with shorter legs make it more comfortable to lounge on for prolonged periods whilst high chairs are ideal for more active people sit for shorter times and need to keep standing to perform occasional tasks.

When you are picking your folding chair, consider how comfortable your legs will be. In other words, how the distance will affect your leg positioning. The latter is known as the ground-to-seat height! Will your legs be too bent or will they be hanging? You basically want a chair that doesn’t affect the mobility or comfort of your knees.

Other than ground-to-seat height, you must also consider seat back height when choosing your ideal folding chair. You want your seat back height to be considerably long, but not too long. This is so that it generously covers your back all the way to your head. And if the chair comes with a headrest or pillow, even more perks for lumbar support.

Longer seat back height will work equally effective for both mobile folding chairs as well as those that recline. And for a recliner, a higher seat will offer comfort for your back as well your legs. Plus, choosing the right height will indirectly have a positive effect on the durability and comfort of your folding chair’s material.

Pockets And Cup Holders

Who doesn’t want a functional folding chair with added features? Features such as pockets for extra storage and cup holders for added convenience make it even more comfortable for you.  Some chairs will feature pockets which hand from the armrest or the back for added storage as you lounge.

The pockets offer space to store items such as books, flashlights or even snacks. Additionally, some manufacturers make compartments and fit zippers as well as add breathable mesh fabrics for enhanced organization and airflow. Additionally, other chairs will feature built-in cup holders to hold your drinks for convenience.

Folding chairs such as the Coleman Camp folding chair feature a built-in side table that provides enough space to hold your meals and beverage (with the integrated cup holder) other manufacturers even insulate their cup holders to make the work as built-in cooler pockets. Other chairs feature more functions to complement pockets and cup holders such as headrests, foot compartments and head protectors for enhancing comfort.

Ease Of Setup    

Your folding chair should be fairly easy to set up. You don’t want to be stuck putting together components at the beach or the campsite after a long day of hiking. The best chairs are those that come fully assembled and only require a folding and unfolding or collapsing mechanism.

The least trouble you should expect is for chairs that recline when you trying to fix the right positioning. And even with these, the mechanism is expected to be smooth with a single touch operation.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right folding chair. Ultimately, you don’t want to end up with a folding chair that doesn’t support your body size and weight. It is safer to go for a folding chair with higher weight capacity, however, material and construction out of the way, a high quality folding chair with a higher weight capacity will definitely boast a higher weight value.

A folding chair with at least a weight capacity of 250 to 300lbs is ideal for adults. In the long run, a higher weight capacity also helps to retain the durability and longevity of your chair. Folding chairs that are expected to be used by children on the other end can have a lower weight capacity of at least 150 to 250lbs.

And if you are a large framed individual, go for options such as the Alps Mountaineering King Kong folding chair which offers a large capacity of up to 800 lbs. Such chairs are also designed with more generous width dimensions enough to support large people.


Q: Why Buy A Folding Chair?


A folding chair offers a multipurpose solution to your everyday activities. Depending on the design and construction, they can be used in a range of activities such as garden furniture, during a get together BBQ, for smaller ceremonies at home or even outdoor activities such as camping or even day at the beach.

Imagine the Winsome Wood folding chairs; they can be used for camping, at the beach or even at a small christening reception at your backyard. Folding chairs are favored because of their portability which allows for easy transportation, space saving qualities for easy set up and storage and less than US$50, you can still find very good quality options.

Because most manufacturers make them with many factors into consideration, the majority of folding chairs are weather resistant thus, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors. And depending on their designs, some boast quite an attractive finish making them ideal for special occasions.

Q: How To Clean And Care For A Folding Chair?


The majority of folding chairs can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. For dirtier chairs, wipe them with a clean cloth soaked with water and detergent. Then repeat the step with a cloth and clean water to rinse off the detergent for a cleaner look. Invest in polish for the material used (for example, wood polish for wooden chairs) for a cleaner and new look.

It is also important to routinely check on your chair to make sure there is no damage. Before using them or packing them for a rip, check for details such as weakness in joints and legs, the integrity of the fabric and frames, to make sure everything is working in order. And if there is a small damage, routine checks help to mitigate greater damage which in the end may render them unusable. It is also wise to go through the manufacturer's guide to understand how to care for them.

To fix damaged chairs, it depends on the damage. You can easily patch up a ripped fabric on the seat however, you cannot repair chipped wood. You can probably replace a broken rivet on the joints but cannot repair a broken metal leg.

Q: Are Folding Chairs Waterproof?


Some folding chairs are waterproof whilst some are not. Folding chairs with fabric seats and backs will feature both waterproof and non-waterproof material depending on the construction. The same will be for wooden folding chairs – on the account that some will be treated whilst some won’t.

Folding chairs such as plastic ones will not suffer much damage from water due to their nature and you can easily wipe out the water and sit. However, if you want to use a fabric seat and back folding chair with padding, go for one that is waterproof. You don't want to sit on a soaked padded chair. You can easily find out whether your folding chair is waterproof or not by going through the product’s reviews.

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The folding chair reviews offer an informative outline of the well rounded functions they deliver. Be it a camping trip, a weekend at the beach, or a backyard barbeque, folding chairs always comes in handy. And with their varied features, the still hold key benefits that make them worth the investment – portability, and space saving qualities.

The buying guide above also provides a detailed guideline on what to look for to ensure you get the right option to suit your needs. And what better place to find the best collapsible chair for you than from the list of the 10 options listed above?

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