Whether you’re lounging at the beach, camping, fishing, or enjoying a concert, having a comfortable chair to sit in can make your experience so much more enjoyable. The best folding chairs are excellent for this.

They collapse for easy packing and transportation, and unfold to deliver the comfort and support you would expect from a good chair. In the folding chair reviews below, we break down the 10 best folding chairs on the market right now. 

How To Choose A Folding Chair – Buying Guide



When choosing a folding chair to invest in, the first decision to make is what type of folding chair to go for. This will depend on the kind of experience you want from the chair and the environment in which you plan on using it. You can opt for a folding high chair, folding rocking chair, or a folding reclining chair. The most efficient folding chairs for outdoor concerts and beach camping trips sit low on the ground.    


To strike a nice compromise between portability and sturdiness, the best folding camp chairs feature a metal frame and a fabric seat and back. The best folding camp chairs use materials such as polyester and nylon, as these have excellent anti-tear and weather-resistant properties. Most of the best folding camp chairs also have breathable mesh to enhance airflow and prevent sweating.


The main benefit folding outdoor chairs offer is portability. For this reason, weight is an important factor to consider when choosing the best folding camp chair. Fold up chair weights range from 1 to 12 pounds so you can find an ideal chair whether you’re embarking on a backpacking expedition or looking for a folding lawn chair for lounging in your backyard.

Open and Folded Size

There are two sizes to pay attention to when looking for the best folding camp chair. For ease of storage and transportation, the chair should be space-saving when folded. On the other hand, it should unfold to provide a roomy and comfortable seat. The length, width, and height can give so much insight into how comfortable the chair you’re considering will be.  


The frame determines the weight capacity a folding chair can support, and how durable it is. The most common materials used for making folding chair frames are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is favored due to its corrosion resistant and extremely lightweight (amongst metals) qualities. Steel boasts a heavy-duty quality that enable it to support heavier loads.  


Height is also an important factor to scrutinize to make sure your folding chair offers as much comfort as possible. Low folding chairs are ideal for lounging at the beach or during concerts whilst folding high chairs are easy to get in and out of. As for the seat back height, you can opt for a low back or high back chair.  

Pockets And Cup Holders

Features such pockets and cup holders are nice to have. They provide storage space for items such as cell phone, books, flashlights, or even snacks, and a place to set your drink securely and at hand. You can even find good folding chairs with built in cooler pouches or side tables. 

Ease Of Setup    

Your folding chair should be easy to set up. After a long day of hiking, the last thing you want is a chair that requires too much time and energy to assemble. The good thing is that the best outdoor folding chairs come fully assembled. They unfold in seconds to give you instant seating comfort, and fold easily for storage and transportation.  

Weight Capacity

To ensure you don’t end up with a folding chair that doesn’t support your weight, be sure to check the weight capacity rating. Small folding chairs for kids have a lower weight capacity of 150 to 250lbs. Most foldable chairs for adults are designed to hold 250 to 300lbs. For large frames, there’re exceptionally heavy-duty chairs capable of supporting an astounding 800 lbs.



Q: Why Buy A Folding Chair?


The main reason to buy a folding chair is to have a portable chair you can bring along anywhere you go. You can transport it to the beach, campsite, favorite fishing spot, sports events, or outdoor concerts. At home, you can use one in your backyard and it will come handy when you need additional chairs for guests.  

Q: How To Clean And Care For A Folding Chair?


In most cases, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s required to clean your folding chair. To clean stubborn stains, wipe with a clean cloth soaked with water and mild soap then rinse with clean water. To keep mold and mildew at bay, be sure to wipe the chair dry before storing it. It’s also wise to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for your chair.

Q: Are Folding Chairs Waterproof?


Some folding chairs are waterproof whilst some are not. However, folding chairs for outdoors use are water resistant and quick drying. They feature fabrics that repel moisture and shed any water that manages to seep through quickly. 

Q: What Are The Chairs Called That Fold Up?


Chairs that fold up are called folding chairs or foldable chairs. They are also referred to as fold out chairs, fold in chairs, or collapsible chairs. They get their different names from how they fold up for space-efficient storage and fold out for seating.

Q: How Can I Make My Folding Chair More Comfortable?


You can make your folding chair more comfortable by fine-tuning the adjustments. If the chair allows you to tweak the height, recline, armrests or lumbar support, make these adjustments to enjoy custom comfort. Adding a seat cushion, lumbar support pillow, or footrest can also transform it into a comfier fold up chair.  

Q: Are Helinox Chairs Worth It?


Yes. Helinox chairs are the pinnacle of comfort, stability, and durability. They are also lightweight and easy to pack and transport, and they look great too. Even though they’re more expensive than most other fold out chairs, these qualities make them absolutely worth every dollar.

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Whether you’re enjoying a camping trip, a weekend at the beach, or a backyard barbeque, collapsible chairs comes in handy. We hope that our folding chair reviews and buying guide will help you find the most efficient folding chair to suit your needs so you can enjoy portable comfort wherever you go.

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