Foldable bikes are rapidly becoming an integral feature of the modern urban landscape, and with good reason. Having the best folding bike you can find under you feet is one of the most versatile ways to get around a big city, since using one allows you to combine your physical effort with other forms of public transport, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. 

A good folding bike may even be useful to take with you on the road since they can usually fit in the trunk of the car when they collapse, so you can have something to roam around a new city with ease, every time you travel. In this article, we will show you what are the options at your disposal if you are looking for the best folding bike on the market, so you can make an informed choice and be rapidly on your way.

How To Choose A Folding Bike ‚Äď Buying Guide



When considering the purchase of a folding bike, it is important to check how large the bike will still be when you fold it. If you plan to use it for commuting, which is the preferred use of most foldable bikes, then you have to be sure that the bike will be easy to transport on buses and trains and fit under your desk at work without problems. A good number to start with is the size of the wheels since they cannot be folded and will be the largest part of the folded bike. For those planning to take their bike off-road and transport it in the back of their car, they can be a bit more forgiving for the size if what they need is better performance.


For weight, similar considerations arise as to when thinking about size, since during an urban commute you will almost certainly have to carry your bike up a flight of stairs. Most of the non-electric bikes you have seen in our folding bike reviews will usually be pretty manageable when it comes to transporting them by hand. Things tend to get heavier if you choose to go with an electric option since the battery and the motor add a significant amount of extra weight.

Folding Mechanism 

Being able to quickly and easily fold your bike to store it or transport it is one of the most crucial features your bike needs to have. Most manufacturers choose to go with only a limited amount of hinges since this keeps the process simple and straightforward. There will usually be one at the center of the frame and one at the base of the handlebars, both lockable thanks to a simple lever. It is paramount that you can operate these locks quickly and with confidence, especially if you are running late to catch a train during morning rush hour. On an electric bike the principle stays the same, even if there might be some more cable in the way that you need to be wary of.

Electric Option

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have been growing in popularity every year and with good reason since they have many benefits. They are very convenient and even allow people that are unsure about their athletic ability to feel the enjoyment of riding a bike. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are several electric options for foldable bikes, even some for folding exercise bikes. Having an electric motor assist you when pedaling can be a true asset in the city, making you less reliant on public transport and more independent as you move around. The only downside is that they come at a higher cost and heavier weight than regular bikes, so they might not be as accessible to everyone as we wish they were.



Q: Is It Worth Getting A Folding Bike?


Yes, it is. A folding bike is a great purchase for your daily commute, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise at the same time, but can even be a viable option for a little off-road riding. Overall, we believe it is an excellent purchase to make.

Q: What Is The Lightest Folding Bike?


The lightest folding bike on our list is the Brompton M6R, which achieves this thanks to its very thin and elegant frame lines. All bikes without an electric motor will be lighter and easier to transport, while the electric options while giving you an extra boost, will be heavier to carry around.

Q: Are Folding Bike Tires Good?


Yes, they are. The tires on a folding bike are built to be a perfect fit for the size and heft of the bike, providing a good cushioning of the impacts you are bound to feel on the road and good maneuverability and grip on the road during turns.

Q: Do Folding Bikes Break Easily?


No, they do not. Folding bikes may look lighters and flimsier than a full-sized mountain or road bike, but this doesn't mean that they are delicate and will break at first glance. Many of them have frames built of the same aluminum or steel as their big brothers, so they will last exactly the same.

Q: Are Folding Bikes Good For Long Rides?


They can be, but they are not the ideal choice. Despite being optimized to be comfortable and performing, a folding bike cannot match a dedicated road bike or touring bike when it comes to longer rides. They will work just fine for rides under 10 km, but if you're planning to do more than that we recommend a better-suited tool.

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Foldable bikes provide a great and fun way to improve your daily commute, by reducing your carbon footprint and exercising your legs, all the while enjoying some fresh air. In our article, we have shown you what are the best options that the market can offer you. After taking a good read, we are confident you’ll be able to make the right decision and find a bike that suits your need perfectly.¬†

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