In winter, protecting your extremities is important so that they don’t freeze to the point of pain. Your hands are vital and if they are cold, the rest of your body will probably feel cold too. With warm hands, you’ll be able to navigate the outdoors without discomfort, which can be important for adrenaline sports like skiing. A pair of top rated men’s fleece gloves can help you combat the cold and protect your sensitive skin from conditions like frostbite. With our comprehensive guide and list of the ten best fleece gloves, you can easily combat the cold temperatures that winter brings.

How To Choose Fleece Gloves – Buying Guide



The word ‘fleece’ often reminds people of the soft fur on a sheep. But the fleece that is used in warm fleece gloves is actually 100% synthetic. Most fleece is derived from polyester but can be made extremely soft for sensitive skin. Fleece is also a lightweight material, so you don’t have to worry about carrying additional weight when you’re conscious of your gear.

Fleece also makes great gloves because of its quality features. Thin winter gloves are lightweight but warm so that you can protect your hands but still effectively use them out in the cold. Fleece is also a moisture-resistant fabric, which is perfect for wet snow and ice or makes it ideal for use in outdoor sports. Fleece is also durable, which means the best gloves made of fleece should be long-lasting throughout multiple years. With fleece, you can’t go wrong. It is a material that will suit your outdoor needs and protect your sensitive hands from the cold temperatures without sacrificing their dexterity.


Fleece is a durable material, which is essential for gloves. People use their hands for everything and for outdoor activities, you really want a durable glove to protect your hands from the cold. Durable polar-fleece gloves should resist the cold but also be long-lasting.

The best fleece gloves will have a quality design that highlights durability so that they can be used multiple times throughout the season and throughout the years. Whether you want to ski, snowboard, or snowshoe, your waterproof gloves should be reliable, functional, and durable for a variety of uses.

A great way to determine the durability of windproof gloves made of fleece is to look at reviews. Other buyers will probably state whether the gloves you are eyeing are worth the investment based on the design’s durability.


Hands are a durable part of the body, but they have very sensitive parts like the fingertips and palm. Men’s and women’s gloves should consider the comfort of the design. Fleece is a soft material, so it shouldn’t irritate the sensitive skin of your hands. But be sure that there aren’t rough edges or poor seams that could irritate your skin. A comfortable pair of thin gloves should always feel smooth to the touch and cozy on the hands.

You can gauge the comfort of a design by reading fleece glove reviews because many reviewers are eager to comment on how comfortable the gloves are to use or if they are low-quality knock offs that should be avoided.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is important for waterproof gloves because you want to keep the elements out and the warmth in. Any time that you step outside in the winter, your hands could face snow, ice, and wind. Waterproof gloves should effectively stop any of those elements from penetrating the glove and reaching your hand.

After all, wet hands make you cold and can quickly lead to uncomfortable rashes or chaffing. With weather resistance, your hands will stay dry and comfortable throughout the duration of your outdoor activity.

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The fit of your gloves is an important consideration because they need to be just right. Lightweight winter gloves that are too large will be slippery and compromise your grip. The extra material of a large glove can quickly hinder your dexterity or make the glove easily slide off your hand. Additionally, windproof fleece gloves won’t adequately block the elements because with the extra space the cold can slip in.

On the flip side, a thin winter glove that is too small can be uncomfortable and restrictive. If you can’t freely move your hands, you won’t be able to take part in activities or use your hands without complications. Plus, if the gloves are too small, they are likely not providing adequate protection or covering all of your skin, which can lead to frostbite.



Q: Are fleece gloves insulated?


Most gloves made of fleece are not insulated, but fleece is a warm material that can act as its own insulation. Lightweight fleece gloves are great for protection from the cold but can be paired with an outer shell if you are actively handling snow or working at low temperatures.

Since gloves made of fleece are water-resistant, windproof, and warm, you may not need additional insulation because they will provide suitable protection for your hands.

Q: How to clean fleece gloves


Gloves made of fleece, like all your outdoor gear, can get dirty. But not all fleece gloves feature the same cleaning and maintenance. The best way to clean your women’s and men’s gloves is to read the brand cleaning or maintenance instructions. These instructions will provide the best and safest way to clean your fleece glove while minimizing damage.

Q: When is the best time to use fleece gloves?


There isn’t a set time that is best to use a fleece glove. Lightweight fleece gloves can be great for chilly autumn days and cold winter days too. The time to use this type of gloves is anytime you feel your hands will be cold. But be cautious that you are providing adequate protection. If you think you need more warmth, consider pairing your gloves with an outer shell or look for a thicker fleece material. Thicker fleece will be warmer than the thin one.

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Staying warm in the winter is important and warm fleece gloves are just part of the equipment you’ll need to protect your skin. But with a top rated pair of men’s fleece gloves, your hands will stay warm and dry all winter long. The best gloves made of fleece will be durable, comfortable, and functional for a variety of winter activities. With our list of the ten best fleece gloves and the comprehensive guide, you’ll have the best shot at finding a quality pair of lightweight fleece gloves to fight the cold so that you can enjoy winter. Fleece gloves would also make an excellent gift for skiers and snowboarders, in case you need any ideas.

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