Your feet are important contact points during mountain biking. Therefore, investing in the best flat pedal mtb shoes facilitates proper riding technique and safety. Flat pedal mtb shoes are designed with sticky and high grip rubber outsoles which improve feet-to-pedal contact during your bike rides.   

These shoes for flat pedals are also designed to offer a balance between stiffness, durability, and lightweightness to make your riding effortless and more enjoyable. To ensure you are safe on the terrain, they also feature protective elements to shield your feet, dampen trail vibrations and to absorb shock from the ground.  

So, take your pick from the 10 best mtb flat pedal shoes below, so you can start enjoying your biking rides more comfortably and safely.

How To Choose Flat Pedal MTB Shoes – Buying Guide


Fit & Comfort 

The best mtb flat pedal shoes must offer the wearer proper fit. The fit and how your feet feel inside your flat pedal shoes are very important because they affect your overall performance. You want the fit for your mtb shoes to be snug – not too tight and not too loose. 

Tight-fitting shoes limit the circulation of your blood thus, making your feet numb and uncomfortable during bike riding. Loose-fitting shoes are easy to fall off as well as to lose their placement on your pedals, especially on rough terrain. To ensure you find the proper fit, first, invest in the right shoe size and of course, try them out.

It is always a good idea to purchase shoes with a flexible return or exchange policy so you can swap them for the right fit. You can also go through real customer reviews to understand the actual fit of the shoes as different brands may have slight variations for the same shoe size. 

In addition to the fit, you also want your shoes to be comfortable. Look out for elements such as EVA molded midsoles and internal sock liners to ensure your shoes absorb shock effectively, counter vibrations, and are well cushioned.


Lighter flat pedal mtb shoes are better. The best mtb flat pedal shoes are light to allow you to easily pedal your bike without using too much energy. This doesn’t only make the pedaling and overall riding efficient and faster, lighter shoes also allow you to ride for longer by preventing fatigue.

However, mtb shoes that are too light may compromise stiffness and support. Ultimately, this also affects proper shock absorption, vibration damping, impact resistance, and overall riding protection. Typically, you should opt for flat pedal shoes that weigh between 11 to 16 ounces.


Protection is just as important as a factor as the weight when choosing the best flat pedal mtb shoes. Remember as a flat pedal bike rider, you will mostly be riding at high speed with the potential to easily crash. Thus, you want your mtb shoes to offer as much protection as possible.

When choosing your shoes, look for details such as reinforced toes to protect the front part of your feet from impact and trail foliage such as rocks. Also, look for well-padded midsoles to absorb shock and padded gaiters to keep debris out. 

You don’t want to be riding your bike with little rocks piercing through your feet. The material of the shoes also provides a layer of protection, for example, material such as synthetic leather is rugged, water-resistant, and weather-resistant.


When wearing flat pedal shoes, you must also ensure that your shoes offer enough grip to improve shoe to pedal contact. Thus, you have to ensure that your rubber outsoles and its lugs and tread patterns are proper. Unlike clipless pedals, flat pedals need high grip shoes.

Having a poor grip on the other end will mean that your feet will keep losing contact from the pedal, especially on rougher or trickier terrain. If you consider the high speed nature of flat pedal mountain biking, losing contact with the pedals may easily lead to accidents and crashes.



Q: What Shoes Go With A Mountain Bike Flat Pedal?


Shoes that go with a mountain bike pedal are specially designed to do so. They normally feature a wide outsole surface with high grip and suitable tread patterns. They are also designed with protective elements to protect your feet on the trails. The 10 best mtb flat pedal shoes above are a good example of such shoes.

Q: Do I Need Special Shoes For Flat Pedals?


Yes, you need special shoes for flat pedals to ensure a successful and safe bike ride. Such shoes are normally designed with grippy and sticky rubber outsoles to ensure stable shoe-to-pedal contact at all times during your bike rides.

Q: Do I Really Need Mountain Bike Shoes?


If you are a frequent mountain biker, then, mountain bike shoes are essential. This is because mtb specific shoes are stiffer and durable, thus, improving your pedaling power output without using too much energy. Mtb shoes also protect your toes and feet from mountain biking trail foliage such rocks and roots.

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Globo Surf Overview

The flat pedal mtb shoes reviews outline the importance of having this bike-specific gear. Not only do flat pedal mtb shoes enhance your biking efficiency and pedaling power. But, they also preserve your energy for longer riding and provide the much needed protection for your feet when you are riding in the rough outdoors.

So before you hit the trails, select your favorite pair from the list of the best flat pedal mtb shoes above, so you can enjoy your rides safely and efficiently.

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