If you are looking for the simplest way to commute on urban roads, then, you should invest in the best fixie bikes. Fixie bikes are designed with a condensed drivetrain without bulky derailleurs or shifters thus, giving you more control of the bike. This minimalistic design doesn’t only give the bike a neat look but, significantly cuts down maintenance costs to make fixie bikes extremely cost-effective.

Plus, riding a fixed gear bike requires constant pedaling which improves your cadence, thus, turning you into a top notch high speed and endurance rider. Outlined below is the list of the 7 best fixed gear bikes – choose your ideal bike so you can improve your speed, cadence and save a few bucks on the way.

How To Choose A Fixed Gear Bike – Buying Guide



Your bike frame doesn’t only impact the appearance of your bike but, how you handle the bike as well. Typically, the best fixie bikes are built with a step over frame and steel fork. Step over frames for fixie bikes are sometimes known as track frames due to their high durability and strength.

However, you can find single speed bikes with step-through frame designs. These types of frames are normally found in women’s bikes as their design allows for easy mounting and dismounting. Fixed gear bike brands normally use aluminum and steel materials on the frame. Carbon frames are normally found on high-end fixie bicycle brands.


In general, the best fixie bikes do not have freewheels whilst single speed bike designs do. This means that if you are looking for a coasting option, you should opt for a single speed bike design. With a fixed bike, you have to rotate the pedals when you are moving. 

The main difference between these two bike designs is that a fixie bike has a rear cog fixed to the rear hub. So if you spin the wheels, the pedals automatically turn. With a single speed bike design on the other end, the pedals don’t necessarily spin with the rear wheel. In addition to the two designs, you can find these bikes in a 2in-1 design.  

If your bike is fitted with a freewheel hub, it is considered a single speed bike and allows coasting. If your bike is fitted with a fixed cog hub, it is a fixie bike that doesn’t allow coasting. If your bike comes with a flip flop hub, it allows the bike to act as both a fixie and a single speed bike. Flip flop hub bikes have horizontal dropouts that allow you to adjust the chain tension for an easier transition between freewheel and fixed riding.  


The wheels are a significant feature of your bike. The best fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes are fitted with 700C wheels. However, similar to road bikes, some single speed bikes are fitted with 26-inch bike wheels.

There are three common types of fixed gear bike wheels, i.e. shallow, mid, and deep sections. Shallow sections are normally fitted to beginner bike wheels and are quite affordable. These wheels hold a balanced strength to weight ratio for easier riding.

Mid-section wheels are not very common. These types of wheels are lighter, run faster on flat surfaces, and can be used for climbing.  Deep section wheels are the fastest and are reserved for high level road racing. Their aerodynamics offer increased riding speed for those who want high speed fixed gear riding.

Fixed bike riding incorporates a lot of skidding thus, your wheels require truing from time to time. If you use deep section wheels that are at least 40mm deep, you will experience a better riding and aerodynamic performance. Plus, they boast a cool sportive look.


Fixed gear and single speed bikes use road bike style tires. They are normally sized between 23 to 28mm. The narrower the tires, the faster the bike will move. Yet, this means that your rides will be less comfortable. So to enjoy speed, you will compromise on comfort. Wider tires on the other end don’t only provide higher traction but offer a more comfortable and stable ride. 

For a fixie gear bike, you can choose to use either clincher, tubular or tubeless tires. Clincher tires are most common as they are favored for their optimal convenience and safety. Tubular tires are lighter but take significantly more time to set up. Tubeless tires are less common and heavier than the rest. However, they don’t have inner tubes. This helps to maintain the rotation mass.


Fixie and single speed bikes are fitted with different handlebar types. These include flat bars, drop bars, bullhorn bars, riser bars, pursuit bars, and mustache bars. Of the bar types, riser bars offer a more upright riding position.

Bullhorn handlebars offer a low riding position which, in turn, provides aerodynamic riding. Additionally, some fixie bikes are fitted with aero bars that allow your bike to go faster as well. Some single speed bikes are fitted with cruiser bars for a more comfortable upright riding position.



Q: Why Fixed Gear Bikes Are Better?


The best fixed gear bikes are ideally designed for urban and commuter biking since they don't come with added elements such as shifters and derailleurs. This means that you can enjoy the ride more. However, if you intend to ride on long and steep hills, these bikes may not be the best choice.

Q: Should I Buy A Fixed Gear Bike?


If you are one of those riders that hate to spend time or money on bike maintenance, then fixed gear bikes are perfect for you due to their low maintenance costs. However, if you plan on riding your bike on rough terrain, fixed gear bikes are certainly not the most suitable choice.

Q: Is Fixed Gear Bad For Knees?


If you have bad knees, riding a fixed gear bike can make them worse. Additionally, if you are out of shape or a beginner, riding a fixed gear may be quite difficult to get used to. However, over time, your body adjusts.

Q: Are Fixed Gear Bikes Fast?


Your fixed gear bike runs as fast as you pedal. If you are physically fit, you are in a better position to get more speed out of your bike than if you are not. Furthermore, some fixie bikes brands make bikes with aero or bullhorn handlebars to facilitate increased riding speed as they provide a racer style riding position.

Q: Are Fixies Dangerous?


If you have properly working brakes, then, fixie bikes are not dangerous at all. To ensure you are safe at all times during your fixie bike riding, you should always put your feet on the pedals and pedal the bike.

Q: Why Are Fixies So Popular?


Fixie bikes require the least maintenance thus, they are cost-effective. Their minimalistic design eliminates bulky cables, shifters, and derailleurs making them lightweight and easy to handle on urban roads. Their design makes them less susceptible to theft as well.

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If you commute on urban roads, then, you should certainly invest in a fixie bike. These bikes don’t only promote healthier living and convenient commuting, but, they are extremely low maintenance and cost-effective. Whether you are commuting to the grocery store or recreationally riding, the best fixie bikes allow you to do this. So check out the 7 best fixed gear bike reviews above to find the right fit for you.

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