10 Best Fishing Spots In The World


For adventure lovers, fishing covers everything – from creating great memories and full-on enjoyment to a delicious dinner after a hard struggle on the waters. While there are rivers, streams, lakes, and seawater all around the globe, not all of them offer the best fishing in the world.

To help you have an excellent experience and also get to return home with a huge catch, we have put together a list of the best fishing spots in the world. Whether your goal is to battle the black marlin, catch bass, or pull up the walleye, the fishing spots outlined below should be ideal for you.

Spots Offering the Best Fishing in the World

1. Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts, USA

For more than 70 years, Martha’s Vineyard has been one of the best fishing spots in the world – and it is easy to see why. In addition to its extensive natural beauty, the island is famous for its plentiful of fully-grown bluefish, striped bass, bonito, and the false albacore. Situated in the middle of a migratory route, the island makes reeling in a catch extremely easy.

Natural bait – which happens to be a favorite dish for the local fish – is massive on the fishing spot. Once you grab your fishing rod and reel, you may not need to spend your money on saltwater lures.

2. Umba River – the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Come spring, Russia’s Kola Peninsula morphs into an ideal paradise for anyone trying to reel in the salmon. Every May, anglers flock to Kola’s 123km Umba River to cast for some of the fattest and finest Atlantic salmon in the world. Umba River is believed to have an average of 5 salmon runs every year, making for an endless flow of fish.

If you are planning to head to Umba River during the spring, you need to understand that nothing comes easy in the fishing spot. The river is quite isolated, the wading is tough, and you may have to share your space with some of the greatest fish fans – the bears.

3. Cairns – Australia

The stunning 250-kilometer stretch between Cairn and Lizard island is the most perfect fishing spot for anyone who thinks that he/she can handle a fight with the giant black marlin. Weighing up to 750 kilograms and having the ability to swim up to 130 kilometers/hour, the giant black marlin can exhaust even the most hardened anglers.

In Cairns, the marlin season runs from early September to late December. While it may take a tough cookie to land one of the legends, heading to Cairns during this period will offer you an impressive fishing experience.

4. Tusket River – Canada

From the river’s mouth in Canada’s Gulf of Maine to the headwaters in Tobeatic Wilderness Area, Tusket River offers both experienced and beginning fishermen one of the most diverse fish habitats in Nova Scotia. In the river’s lower reaches, fly-fishing for sea-run trout and salmon is excellent. Close to its outflow into the Atlantic, striped bass are abundant.

As you move inland, the trout becomes the target of choice. You will be able to find a river herring fishery on Tusket River, along with freshwater sharks and record-sized pickerel.

5. Key West – Florida, USA

If you are looking for an area that features both the best fishing in the world and a community that is obsessed with angling, you should head to Key West, Florida after grabbing your fishing hat and fishing shirt. In addition to being the gateway to Dry Tortugas (which is renowned for fishing), the town has everything any fisherman could need.

From great moorage and perfect seafood restaurants to excellent accommodation, you will be taken care of as you explore the reefs and sparkling blue waters. Some of the fish species you should expect to land include Spanish mackerel, trout, barracudas, bonefish, cobia, pompano, redfish, tarpon, etc.

6. Eg-Uur River Basin – Mongolia

Eg-Uur River Basin, a remote outpost in central Asia, is one of the few remaining havens for the world’s biggest trout species – the taimen. The fierce monsters are known to smash the scales at 90 kilograms and grow up to 2 meters in length.

Fishing for the taimen is not for the feeble of the arm or the faint of heart. Given their size, you have to be ready to put up a fight to land one of the whoppers. The taimen can live up to 50 years, giving determined anglers a lifetime to land the ideal beast. It is important to note that the catch-and-release of the taimen is enforced in the Eg-Uur river basin.

7. The Azores – Portugal

If landing big fish in the shelter of gorgeous volcanic sceneries sounds appealing, you should consider adding the Azores Archipelago to your list of best fishing spots in the world. More than 22 world records are currently held for a wide variety of fish species in the fishing spot – this tells you that the fish are huge and they bite.

In the Azores, you will get an opportunity to hook all the classic game fish, as well as the mako sharks. Whales are sighted occasionally on the island – while landing them can be tough for most anglers, they make the fishing experience more exciting.

8. Congo River Basin – Congo

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush that sends you reeling, you should consider packing your best fishing line and heading to Congo to hunt the goliath tigerfish. The terrifying toothy brute featuring a sharp temper makes Congo River Basin one of the best fishing spots in the world.

An aggressive predator and the African equivalent of the piranha, the goliath tigerfish is known to maul birds in flight and even attack humans – you will need to be extra careful when going after the fish. Growing to a length of 1.5 meters and weighing more than 70 kilograms, the fish is not an easy catch. Dangerous day-long fights make it one of the greatest challenges for sport fishing enthusiasts.

9. Kona – Hawaii

If you are heading to Hawaii, be sure to explore Kona to enjoy some of the best fishing in the world. In addition to being a top deep-sea fishing destination, Kona is one of the capitals for sports fishing. Surrounded by 5 huge mountains and beautiful scenery, the fishing spot is ideal for anyone trying to reconnect with nature.

When fishing in Kona, your fish finder will lead you to a variety of fish species, including wahoo, marlin, and tuna. If you are lucky, you will be able to reel in the Pacific bluefish weighing approximately 300 pounds.

10. The Rio Grande – Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

The Tierra del Fuego archipelago boasts the world’s best brown trout angling, with the largest number of sea-run brown trout (over 70,000) residing in the Rio Grande. You should expect to catch trout featuring a minimum average weight of 4 kilograms. If you are lucky, you may be able to land even bigger brown trout, considering that 1 in 50 catches weigh over 11 kilograms.

Despite the abundance of brown trout in the Archipelago, strict fishing restrictions exist – catch-and-release firmly applies to Tierra del Fuego. The best time to visit with your trout lures is between December and mid-April.



Q: Where Is the Best Deep-Sea Fishing in the World?


The following are the top deep-sea fishing destinations:

  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Bimini, Bahamas
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Victoria, Australia

We have a more detailed guide on the 10 top-rated deep-sea fishing spots in the entire world and you can read it here.

Q: Where Is the Best Bass Fishing in the World?


To land giant bass with your bass lures, consider exploring the following bass fishing destinations:

  • California Delta in California
  • Choke Canyon Reservoir in Texas
  • Lake of the Arbuckles in Oklahoma
  • Lake Havasu in Arizona
  • Lake Powell in Utah

Q: What Is the Fishing Capital of the World?


Florida has managed to keep the “Fishing Capital of the World” title because of its responsible management and great resources. The diversity of habitats and sport fishes make Florida an excellent destination for any angler. The great weather and unsurpassed fishing-industry infrastructure allow year-round fishing.

Q: Where Is the Best Place to Go Catfishing?


To have a productive day using your catfish reel, consider visiting the catfishing destinations outlined below:

  • Lake Arthur in Pennsylvania
  • Lake Conway in Arkansas
  • Mississippi River, Illinois to Louisiana
  • Pomona Lake in Kansas
  • Red River in North Dakota

Globo Surf Overview

While most anglers fish in their backyards most of the time, it is not uncommon for them to want to travel to the best fishing spots in the world. When planning a fishing trip, it helps to have a list of the top-rated fishing spots in the world.

The destinations outlined in this article will surely offer you the best fishing in the world. Featuring the biggest game fish and located in areas surrounded by the best sceneries, the fishing spots guarantee you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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