Most people aren’t excited to strap on their winter boots and clear the new snowfall. Shoveling snow is back-breaking work and winter can frequently bring multiple feet of snow. Sidewalks, driveways, steps, and patios will need to be cleared of the snow, once it accumulates. An electric snow thrower is a great way to make shoveling snow easier, more efficient, and faster than ever before. It is also an affordable alternative to an electric snowblower. To help you get started in your search, we have found the three most efficient electric snow shovels in 2022. With these quality designs, you’ll have clear paths in no time!

How To Choose A Electric Snow Shovel – Buying Guide



The weight of snow adds up, so having a heavy self-propelled shovel can only make completing the job harder. A top-rated power shovel won’t weigh as light as a feather, but it should still be manageable so that you can lift both the shovel and the snow. But also consider that the motorized parts of your shovel will help move the snow through the shovel, so you won’t be pushing the dead weight. Most shovels are around 20 or 25 pounds, which is sufficient to be durable and still light enough that they are easy to use.


The height of a shovel can be an issue when you have multiple users working to clear the snow. Most snow blowers have a set height but an adjustable handle. The adjustable handle can make it easier for people to grip and maneuver the shovel. However, some electric snow brooms have a fully adjustable bar that acts as the handle and can be changed to suit different users’ needs.


The depth of the snow shovel is how tall the opening of the shovel is to allow snow to pass through to the rotating blades. Most snow shovels have a minimum 6-inch opening, but others have up to 8 inches. The depth of the opening will determine how much snow you can clear at once. If the snow exceeds the height of the opening, most snowblower shovels are light enough that they can clear the snow in layers. This means you can maneuver the electric snow shovel over a section of snow to remove the first 6 or 8-inch layer and then pass the same section again and clear it until the ground is visible.

Cord vs. Cordless

There are multiple sources of power that snowblower shovels use in their design. The most common are corded and cordless designs. An electric snow shovel will use an extension cord connected to an outlet to power the motors and maneuver the snow. Most corded motorized snow shovels feature a cord hook or lock, which ensures that you don’t accidentally run over the cord and sever the connection.

A cordless snow shovel will not use an extension cord, but instead a rechargeable battery. The battery will need to be charged separately before being placed into the snow shovel. A cordless snow shovel eliminates the worry of running over and cutting the power supply, but it needs additional maintenance. The battery should not be stored inside the shovel for long periods of time. So in the offseason, the battery will need to be removed and stored separately.

Additionally, there are also gas-powered snow shovels. These will run like a traditional lawnmower and have a small gas tank, which powers the motorized snow shovel. The drawback to gas-powered snow shovels is that gas is expensive and is not energy efficient. A corded or cordless snow shovel would be better for the environment.

Clearing Area

The clearing area is determined by the depth and width of the shovel’s opening. Most electric snow shovels are at least 10 inches wide but maybe over 13 inches wide. The height of the opening is usually 6-8 inches tall. The larger the opening, the more efficiently you can clear snow. But the opening size should be considered with your local climate because it will affect the overall size of the shovel too.

If you are not constantly clearing large amounts of snow, a smaller electric snow shovel should be able to efficiently remove all the snow around your home. If you frequently experience heavy snowfall, you may want to consider a larger automatic snow shovel because it can move more snow in less time and make the job easier.


The type will refer to the cord or cordless designs. As we discussed above, both designs are easy to use. However, if you do choose the cordless electric snow thrower, you will want to look for a design that incorporates a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and perform better in cold weather.

If you choose a corded design, you want to be sure that you have a sufficiently long cord so that you can clear all parts around your home without being cut short. You should also consider that a corded snow shovel tends to be more affordable than battery-operated snow shovel designs. This is because the lithium-ion battery is pricier and offers the option of free-range.

Removing Capacity

When you look at various designs of electric snow shovels, the brand or manufacturer should include an average amount of snow that the shovel can move in a specific amount of time. The larger the size of the shovel signifies that it can move more in fewer amounts of time. Generally, you probably want an electric snow broom that can clear 400 pounds or more in one minute. But if you experience heavy snowfall frequently, you should find one that can move more, which will make it more efficient.

Additionally, the snowblower shovel should be able to move the snow a considerable distance from the path so that it doesn’t just fall back in the way. Most electric snow shovels can effortlessly throw the snow 25-30 feet away.


Portability is key for an easy-to-use automatic snow shovel design. Top-rated electric snow shovels will feature portability as a staple because you want to maneuver the shovel without a struggle. A portable electric snow shovel will make the job easier and remove stress from your body.


Sometimes tools break and it isn’t your fault, but you want to be covered if that’s the case. Look for a quality brand that includes a guaranteed warranty with your purchase. A top-rated power shovel is a significant purchase, so most warranties should last for a few years.

Ease of Use

Clearing snow is already a daunting task that can quickly be frustrating. The best cordless snow shovel will reduce stress and be easy to use. Look for features like an adjustable handle or headlights to enhance the shovel and make it easier to use. You can also check out electric snow blower reviews to see what other buyers think about a design’s ease of use.


Additional features can make your automatic snow shovel your favorite household tool. Look for features like the handle, lights, cord lock, wheels, and power button to determine if a design is top-notch.


Ultimately, your motorized snow shovel needs to be durable. Snow and ice are formidable opponents that can chip or break tools with ease. Your electric snow broom should have the durability to resist the cold so that it can function properly and get the job done. Quality brands will ensure that their designs are durable for multiple uses throughout the years.


Q: What is better? Electric or battery powered snow shovels?


There are pros and cons to each design of shovel. Electric corded snow shovels are great because they are affordable but lack the free-range you may need to reach distant spots on your property. Battery-powered snow blowers offer you free range by eliminating the cord but require a little more care of the battery to ensure it stays functioning for use during the winter. Battery operated snow blowers are also more expensive because of the separate battery. No matter which design, the best electric snow shovel should assist in efficiently clearing away snow.

Q: Is an electric shovel more effective than a regular shovel?


Yes. The electric shovel has a moving blade that works to process and pass snow through to be thrown a considerable distance away. The snow blowers do the majority of the hard work for you so that all you have to do is push, instead of push and lift. With an automatic shovel, the majority of the work is done by the shovel and not the user. A regular shovel takes more energy because the user must manipulate the snow and throw it away.

Q: Are there hybrid models?


Yes. Hybrid models are available, which use both a battery and electric corded power. The benefit is that you can save the battery for far patches of snow on your property and use the corded electricity for areas close to the outlet. However, hybrid models are not as popular, so you may have to do additional research to find the best design.

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With a top rated power shovel, you can say goodbye to backaches and pain. A motorized snow shovel will make snow removal easy, efficient, and fast. Our comprehensive guide has the information you need to find the best electric snow shovel and gives you our top three picks to get started. Let the automatic snow shovel do the hard work for you so that you can get back to enjoying fun winter activities like taking the snow sleds out on the slope.

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