Prepping can be an exciting part of cooking – the mess, the authentic raw smell of your produce and meat in your kitchen; gives you that chef feel. When preparing fish, the most important step is cleaning the fish right; gutting, boning, filleting, and all these processes need technique and a very good knife. A smooth moving and a sharp knife to swiftly but masterfully go through your meat without damaging or creating chunks all the way.

An excellent electric fillet knife goes all the way – thanks to the exciting motor that aids with movement, the knife, when handled well, is articulate, smooth and fast and is surely guaranteed to help you finish off with a masterful end product. Though a little pricy than a regular filleting knife, electrical fillet knives are a guarantee to do the job in half the time, are durable and will last you a while. Invest in one of the 6 best electric fillet knives in 2022 listed below to prepare an unforgettable meal for your family and friends, because that’s what excellent cooks do!

How To Choose An Electric Fillet Knife – Buying Guide


Blade Material

A good blade for an electric fillet knife should be constructed of a good metal alloy such as stainless steel.  Metal alloys such as stainless steel tend to be highly durable – they are strong (impact resistant), corrosion resistant (can be used over prolonged period of time on saltwater and moisture without losing integrity) and have excellent malleable qualities. Plus, for presentation and health purposes, we are all attracted to clean and shiny looking metals.

The best electric fillet knives are fitted with stainless steel blades with higher chromium content. Stainless steel blades with a higher chromium content  definitely increase their corrosion resistance properties thus prolonging durability thus, the next time you are out shopping for an electric knife with stainless steel blades, look for one with a higher chromium content.

Additionally, stainless steel tends to prevent staining so your blades will always be clean and safe to use on your meats or veggies without risk of infection whilst the low maintenance quality allows for little effort in maintenance.

Length Of The Blade

The best electric fillet knives come with at least 2 or 3 interchangeable blades. Some will have up to 5 interchangeable blades. This serves as an advantage to be able to use the electric knife with a variety of different meat and fish sizes. Some go as far as being able to slice bread, vegetables and fruits.

On average blade lengths vary from 7” to 10” though, there are a variety of large knives that offer higher blade lengths. It is always good to consider what you will be using your knife for to be able to decide the length ranges to invest on. If you are thinking of using the knife for smaller fish and meat cuts than a blade with short length will do, however, if you are thinking of using your blade for bigger fish, a larger or chunkier meat cut or thicker bones, a longer blade length is definitely your pal.

As an average scale, typically a 5.5” blade can fillet and properly clean crappies, bream, trout and other similar sized fish whilst a 10” blade will efficiently work on grouper, halibut salmon and similar sized fish.


A good electric knife will be fitted with variable speed that can be adjusted from high to low or low to high depending on the work. If you complement an electric fillet knife with a strong blade and power with speed you are destined for the best results. Speed of the motor increases precision and power of your blade. Definitely get you an electric knife with variable speed for different sized fish.

Cord vs. Cordless

A corded electric knife is ideal for home use and since there is electricity supply in the house, all you need to do is plug in and use. A cordless fillet knife which uses batteries and can be charged are ideal for use if you are away from home especially in a remote area. If you are on a fishing trip or camping and are looking to prepare your meat to cook then a cordless electric knife will be perfect for the occasion.

A good battery powered fillet knife normally boasts a powerful lithium battery that guarantees provision of power that a cord electrical knife will provide as well as proper storage so the energy on the battery lasts you longer. However, battery operated and 110 v or 220 v electric fillet knives also exist. Though on a higher side when it comes to prices, these are a better option especially for someone who is an outdoor enthusiast but also uses the knife at home.  Electric knives like the Rapala Deluxe have varying operating options including AC connection through a wall outlet or power from DC solar battery or a boat/car lighter outlet using cords or adapters.

As long as the right specifications are followed for the kind of work you want  your electrical fillet knife doing, both cord and battery operated electric fillet knives equally work efficiently and would fit your needs.


Power is an essential feature of an electric knife; you need an electric knife that is powerful enough to go through chunky meats and the hardest of bones. Larger fish obviously come with larger and stronger bones thus; they definitely need a powerful electric fillet knife to get the job done. The more the power; the more effective is your knife.

When looking for a good electronic knife opt for one that possess great power and this is exhibited by its electrical power requirement and motor build. Obviously, the material your motor is constructed from, the power distribution design (including air flow which helps the motor become efficient) and the actual electrical power that runs the motor all affect the torque power that release by the electric fillet knife. As an added value, the more powerful an electric knife is the less effort is required to drive it through the meat or bones, they will easily tackle heavy duty work and the results are normally quite impressive with much articulation and precision.


Always focus on your knife’s sharpness when purchasing an electric fillet knife. I mean what’s more important than a sharp knife? Look for knives that guarantee sharpness for a long time. Purchasing an electric fillet knife that comes with a sharpening stone also adds value. If you are unable to find a good electric fillet knife that comes with a sharpening stone, it’s a good idea to invest in one. Regularly sharpening your electric knife blade will maintain its sharpness and always guarantee the same high quality results.

Material of the blade also plays a crucial role on sharpness over a long period of time. Stainless steel comes back into play when we think of dependable sharpness. Due to its high quality make a stainless steel blade is less likely to become too blunt over time compare to other types of metal.  And if maintained well, i.e. cleaned and sharpened, it certainly maintains its sharp make. As an advantage, stainless steel requires less maintenance than other metals.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Fillet Knife?

  • An electric fillet knife works faster and performs better than a regular fillet knife this in turn increases the speed of the fillet process on a average, the speed doubles.
  • In the spur of the moment, a good electric fillet knife cleans off scales and skin effortlessly
  • It will slice through fish bones very smoothly without making a mess
  • Helps to be more articulate with the cutting on meat with smooth edges – makes your food more appetizing and attractive
  • Easily removes hard parts of the meats such as hard bone
  • Prevents fatigue on your hands – all you have to do is just move the knife towards the desired direction and let do the work
  • Electric fillet knives are especially advantageous to work on larger fish such as salmon and tuna which are very difficult to clean and fillet with a regular fillet knife
  • One electric fish fillet comes with a range of blade sizes so you are able to work on different sizes of fish – plus it cost effective and saves space, especially during travel.
  • The strong blades that are used on an electric fillet knife won’t easily break or bend

Q: How To Properly Clean An Electric Fillet Knife?


Disconnect the knife for any power sources; rub the handles with a clean wet soapy cloth, then with a wet non soapy cloth and dry wipe. Remove the blade from the handle and wash the blade area with a soapy scrubber, rinse and dry with a cloth. Take note that some blades are machine washable so always consult the product description to get the option you are looking for.

Q: Are Electric Knives Safe?


As long as they are used the right way, electric knives are very safe. To guarantee safety, a number of features are normally added to a good electric fillet knife such as secure grip handles with safety locks and solid housing construction. Of course, accidents can occur like with any other knife, but generally electric fillet knives guarantee safety to use. Like most sharp objects, extra attention and care should be taken to keep them away from young children and toddlers.

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Electric knives have surely been made to make our lives are lot easier and interesting. Imagine your fish cleaning time cut down by half so you can enjoy more cooking, feast on an outstanding dish and take in nature. The above electric fillet knife reviews for 2022 have surely given insight on how best to identify the top rated electric fish fillet knives. With the skill, ease of use and comfortability that an electric knife comes with, I would be surprised if you wouldn’t invest in one this year!

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