With the same design as a regular bicycle, ebikes have taken the market by storm and made bicycles accessible to more people. The best electric bikes can be made in a variety of styles, but all of them will have a small motor attached to the frame that will assist you in pedaling so that you can reach faster speeds. For the commuters who want to rely on an eco-friendlier method of transportation, electric bicycles are the best choice to get you where you need to go while still staying active. 

But while the top electric bikes all have a similar design, they don’t have the same features. For cyclists who are looking to invest in an electric commuter bike, you need to take the time to find a model that suits your needs. With all types of bicycles turned electric, everyone should be able to find their perfect ebike. 

We want to help reduce the amount of time needed to find your match, so we’ve made a list of quality electric bicycles that are functional, reliable, and durable. Our selection of products is also supported by a detailed buying guide to help you determine and choose all the best features of ebikes.

How To Choose An Electric Bike – Buying Guide



The best electric bike will have a strong motor, which connects to your drivetrain to power you forward. But for all ebikes, the power of the motor also comes from the battery. A strong motor needs a bigger battery, which we will discuss in detail below. But the most important concept to understand about your cheap electric bike motor is that it translates electrical energy into mechanical energy. 

Overall, the motor will take the electric energy and use that to power the motor, which then begins to turn your gear. But with a stronger force turning your gears, that means that your feet and less can conserve their own energy and heavily rely on the mechanical energy. The power of these two types of energies together makes it easier to conquer difficult terrain and allows you to ride faster. 

Any electric bicycle incorporates the motor near the base of the frame and often where your pedals connect. But not all motors are high quality and strong. Electric bike reviews can help you judge the functionality and reliability of the motor and whether you’ve found a top rated electric mountain bike. 


Every electric bike under 1000 dollars, or even over that price range, need to have a battery. The battery is what makes a bicycle electric. The power of the battery drives the motor of your bicycle and different levels of energy equate to higher speeds. But the capacity of your bicycle will determine how far you can go on a single charge. 

The best electric mountain bike or any other style will have a battery that allows you to reach speeds that are higher than the regular power of your own legs. A 250-watt battery would be able to reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, but not much more. Whereas a 700-watt or higher power battery could help you cruise at a speed as fast as 30 miles per hour. For some cyclists, higher speeds equate to less time commuting, which can be important when you need to be on time. Bigger batteries also have a larger storage capacity, which means that you can ride for longer distances on a single charge.  

Some top rated electric mountain bikes have the ability to cruise up to 80 miles on a single charge. However, in order to get such great mileage out of your bike, the model will likely have an eco-mode that maximizes the batteries efficiency. Most ebikes that do not have adjustable modes will last up to 25 miles on a single charge. 

Your battery may also have a few different riding modes, which allow it to be used in various ways. By utilizing the full power of your battery, you won’t have to use much energy to crank your mountain bike pedals. An assisted mode means that you do have to put in more work but can still save your battery for difficult terrain like steep inclines. And finally, all top electric bikes should be fully functional without the use of the battery, which means that it can be ridden like a normal mountain bike


There are a lot of different types of bicycles from men’s and women’s mountain bikes to touring bicycles and designs that even fold into a smaller size. Cheap electric bikes come in all different types, so you’ll have to make your decision based on what type of terrain you’ll be exploring. Top rated electric mountain bikes, cruisers, and folding electric bikes are some of the most popular designs.  

The best electric mountain bike is a great choice for people who need a versatile bike to use for both commuting and exploring. A mountain bike is the most versatile design that has all the features you need to easily transition between paved or off-trail paths. 

But some people don’t need the ruggedness of a mountain bike and want a simplistic design to use only for commuting. This is why the cruiser type electric bikes are popular because they are extra comfortable to ride and have the rider remain in an upright position. 

For commuters who need to use a few different methods of transportation to reach their destination, a folding electric bike is a great choice because it collapses into such a compact size. With a folding design, you can easily take a break from riding and catch the bus or subway, while easily taking your bicycle with you and storing it under your seat. 

Ultimately, riders need to consider whether they want a versatile design and in how many different situations they would like to use their electric bike. Riders will be happiest if they choose the right type of bike for their needs. 


The wheels of top electric bikes will be durable and have a light tread to give you a solid grip on various surfaces. A strong rim will support the rider and keep the rubber tires in place so that riders stay steady and fully supported. But it is important for the wheels to be the right size. 

Many of the best electric bikes have a universal wheel circumference of 26 inches. This diameter often suits all adult riders, whether they are a man or woman. This also makes it easy to choose a bike without worrying too much about selecting the correct size. But some models of ebikes do have various wheel sizes available that range from 27 to 29 inches. 

Folding electric bikes have a smaller wheel size because they are designed to be collapsed and carried with the rider. These types of bicycles often have tires sizes that are about 20 inches but can be as small as 14 inches in diameter. 


When you’re traveling at such high speeds, it is always important to have a reliable braking system to keep you out of danger. The best electric mountain bikes or any type of bicycle will have a strong set of brakes that consistently function in slowing or stopping the tires. 

Disc brakes are the most common types of brakes because they provide powerful friction to stop the tires rotation. The system is easy to use, and the wire is often attached to the handlebars so that you can control both the front and rear tire with a simple pull of the lever. For many riders, this is the most reliable braking system to use while riding. 

Charging Options

With a battery attached to your bicycle, it is important that you understand how to safely recharge the cells so that you are ready for your next ride. The best value electric bike will have a system that allows you to use a standard 110-volt cable and outlet so that you can charge at home, in the office, or on the go. Most electric bicycles have a removable battery, which means that you can separate the main battery from the bicycle frame. 

This makes it more convenient to charge because you don’t always have to attempt to fit your bike frame into a small space if you need a recharge. But the size of the battery will affect your charging options. Some larger batteries are still safe in a standard outlet, but they will take longer to charge. In general, most bikes have a battery that can be fully recharged in 4-8 hours. 


Suspension is another feature that riders should consider because it will affect their level of comfort while riding. An electric bike under 1000 dollars will often have a moderate suspension system that cushions you against bumps in the road. An electric commuter bike does not need as high quality of suspension as an electric mountain bike. Out of all the top electric bikes, ones that are suited for mountain riding need to have aggressive suspension to keep riders safe. 



Q: Are Electric Bikes Worth The Money?


Electric bicycles are expensive and for many riders a cheap electric bike is worth the investment because it allows them to commute efficiently. Instead of relying on other methods of transportation, electric bikes are so popular because they assist the rider in conserving their energy while still being eco-friendly. 

But the best value electric bike will have an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank. An electric bike under 1000 dollars is best for riders who will use their bike frequently but not every day. Some of the highest quality electric bikes are very expensive and may not be worth the money for all riders because the cost of purchasing the bike does not equate to how often you will actually use your bicycle.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Electric Bikes?


The biggest advantages of electric bikes is that riders have assistance when pedaling due to a battery powered motor. This helps riders conserve their energy and tackle challenging terrain like steep inclines. Ebikes are a great way to invest in a method of transportation that can travel at relatively high speeds but doesn’t harm the environment. Due to the faster speeds, the top electric bikes will also help you reach your destination faster without being completely drained of energy. But because you do still pedal your bicycle, you also get the health benefits of staying active.

Q: What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes?


The biggest disadvantages of electric bikes are the cost, battery life, charging time, and weight. Electric commuter bikes are expensive because of the extra features and they can range in cost from something as low as $500 dollars all the way up to $15,000 dollars. But you can find a cheap electric bike if you do your research. 

But the other big disadvantages are that the battery may need to be replaced and they can take a long time to charge. All batteries will eventually die and even the best battery may finally need to be recycled and replaced, which can be expensive. But even when your battery is in good health, another downside is that it can take up to 8 hours to charge it back to 100%. This means that cyclists often have to charge their bike overnight, prior to the new day. 

Finally, the battery and motor add extra weight to the bike. While the motor assists you in pedaling so you shouldn’t feel the weight of the bike too much when riding, the extra weight can make it difficult to manage your ride.

Q: Do You Pedal An Electric Bike?


Yes, all ebikes do still need to be pedaled but the difference is that riders can better manage their energy output due to the assistance of the motor and battery. This means that it takes less energy to pedal an electric bike than a regular bike. The idea of an electric bikes is that the power of you pedaling engages the motor to give you a boost and assist in your ride, but you do need to turn the pedals for the system to function properly. 

Q: How Long Do Electric Bikes Last?


The best electric bikes will last for three to five years with proper battery maintained and charging. However, all batteries do have a limit of how many times they can be recharged before they need to be replaced. Electric bike reviews can help you determine how well the battery performs and estimate how long it will last. You can also estimate the life of your bike based on how often you ride it. More frequent riders will see their bike last about 3 years, but if you only ride occasionally, it could last as long as 5 years.

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For riders who want to get somewhere fast but remain earth conscious, ebikes are the way to go. With high power assistance to boost your ride, you can reach high speeds while still staying active. The best electric mountain bike or any style of ride will last you throughout multiple trips to the office, around the city, or out in nature. Our article is designed to help you find the best value electric bike that will keep you happy and healthy. 

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