Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular with cyclists who want a little boost, while still keeping their method of transportation ecofriendly. But a big downside to ebikes is the high costs of the bicycles. A more affordable option is to invest in the best ebike conversion kit, which will help you transform your regular bicycle into an ebike.

A premium electric bike kit should come with everything you need to install and get your new electric bicycle up and running. But not all kits come with the same pieces and it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need to convert your bike into an electric powered machine. 

We want to help you get started in your search to find a top rated electric bike conversion kit, so we have made a list of seven quality products. With one of the products on our list you should be able to find exactly what you need so that you enhance your ride and cruise with ease.

How To Choose An Electric Bike Conversion Kit – Buying Guide


Motor Rating

The motor rating of ebike kits refers to the wattage of the motor. The number of watts then determines the motor’s overall power. The most powerful electric bike conversion kit will have a 1000-watt motor. This is often the highest number of wattages that you can purchase for an ebike. A more standard sized motor would have 850 watts, while the smallest motor may only have 250 watts. 

It is important that you look at the wattage of your motor because you want to be sure that you have enough power for your bicycle. Heavier bikes like mountain bikes should use a stronger motor. But if you are also a larger cyclist who uses a mountain bike for big guys, you may also want to choose a stronger motor. A larger motor will be able to manage the extra weight without any strain. 

If you are riding a road bike or lighter bicycle, you should do well with a standard motor or even a smaller sized motor. Lighter weight bikes do not need as powerful of a motor, which means that you should be able to ride quickly and efficiently with 850 watts or less. 

The best ebike conversion kit won’t hide any information from you and will provide you with an accurate motor rating in the product specifications or information. But if you are having trouble gauging how the wattage of your motor would perform with your bike, you should look over ebike conversion kit reviews. 

The reviews can really help you gauge whether the kit will function with your bicycle or whether you need something with more or less power. Many reviewers may also provide reliable information like the durability of the motor and its performance on various types of terrain. 


The motor rating also affects the speed of your bike. Your battery can also affect the speed, but the size of the motor and its rating are the key components that determine your top speed. A cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery components may travel up to 20 miles per hour. 

But the best electric bike conversion kits will have more powerful motors and batteries, which means that you can travel up to 35 miles per hour. These are often the more popular choice for cyclists because you can ride so quickly and commute efficiently. 

The most powerful electric bike conversion kits should all have top speeds of about 35 miles per hour. But not matter what speeds you are traveling at; you should have an easy way to control your motor. A throttle is the most common method that controls how fast you go. While brakes are also necessary, a throttle will help you conserve the energy of your battery and the power of your motor so that you use it how and when you need. 

Ease of Installation

While converting your bike to be electric is never easy, there are a few things that can make the installation process easier. The best ebike conversion kit will have a clear set of instructions and include all the hardware required to setup the battery, motor, and other components of the kit. With everything included with your purchase, you should be able to begin quickly installing electric power onto your bike. 

However, not all top rated electric bike conversion kits are the same and they aren’t all installed using the same methods either. This is why it is important that you kit comes with a clear and complete set of instructions. It is also important to check the compatibility of your bicycle with the electric bike kit before you begin installing any pieces. 


The best electric bike conversion kit will include a battery with your purchase, but not all kits come with a battery. Regardless of whether your kit comes with or without a battery, it is important to take the time to review the power of the battery, how long it takes to charge, and how long it will last. 

The power of your battery is likely going to be measured in the wattage and voltage. Higher numbers mean a more powerful battery and similar to powerful motors, bigger batteries are great for heavier bikes and riders. But sometimes riders want to travel at faster speeds and that also means that you need a more powerful battery. 

The battery information should also be provided in the product specifications, but you can also read ebike conversion kit reviews to get a better idea of how the battery might perform with your bike. Reviews are also a great resource because they can give you a more accurate charging time and overall lifetime of the battery. 

The best electric bike conversion kit will have a battery that charges overnight. This means that it should be full in 6-8 hours so that you can take it out for your daily commute or a casual ride. All batteries should be easily charged using a standard home outlet. 

You should be careful not to overcharge your batter because that can diminish your battery’s life. A battery should have a very long lifecycle, which means that you can charge it up to 1000 times before the performance could be affected or the battery could fail. 

If you are cycling in the rain, you will need to be sure that your battery comes in a waterproof case. You should also learn how to properly store your bike outside and remove the battery, so it is never left unattended on your bicycle. 


Another concern for many riders is the level of noise that the motor produces when it is on and running. But the good news is that with electric bike conversion, the battery often allows the motor to run smoothly and with limited rattle. With less vibrations, the motor is going to be quieter so that you can ride while listening to music or the noises of the city. 

It is hard to tell how noisy a motor will be though, without first trying it, which is why ebike conversion kit reviews come in handy. Reviewers can provide you with the level of noise that the motor makes and help you determine whether it is too noisy for your taste. 


One type of electric bike kit attaches to the front wheel of your bike. A front-wheel design means that your current wheel rim and hub are replaced by those provided in the kit. This is because the hub on the kit’s wheel have a special built in motor and gears that connect to the battery. 

The battery is then mounted separately from the wheel and attached to the frame of your bike. Some batteries include their own frame that sits over your back tire. But with all of your power and motion coming from the front tire, you want to be sure that you can still manage to steer your bike. 

The motor and hub are heavy, so putting all of the weight on your front tire means that it can be difficult to ride. But if you have a stronger bike frame, the weight of the motor should be better balanced so that you can comfortably ride your bike. 


There are also rear-wheel kits, which are the same as the front-wheel designs, but they work with your back tire. Rear-wheel kits are often preferred because it puts the power and weight of the motor in the back, which makes it easier to ride. 

But a downside to the rear-wheel design is that with a heavier back end, it is easy for your front end to lift off of the ground. When you are using your throttle or traveling at faster speeds, you will have to lean more weight into the front to prevent any accidental wheelies. 

Mid-Drive Kits

Mid-drive kits are the most popular designs because they are the most well balanced. Many of the most powerful electric bike conversion kits are mid-drive because it keeps your motor and battery in the center of your frame. 

With all of the weight in the center of your bike, it is easy to ride, and you won’t be having to self-balance the weight as much. Mid-drive kits also tend to have a better riding performance because all the weight is lowly centered, which makes the rider feel more comfortable and stable. 

However, the downside to mid-drive kits is that the motor is often left exposed. For riders who are going on off-road trails a mid-drive kit isn’t the best choice because the motor can easily get dirty, which can affect its performance. 



Q: How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Bike To Electric?


While electric bike conversion kits are expensive, they are not nearly as expensive as an electric bike. Most kits will cost about $1,000 dollars. But some of the cheaper models will cost half that or even less. You will have to decide on the amount you want to spend, but you should always be able to find an affordable option.

Q: Can I Convert My Bike To An Ebike?


With so many different ebike kits on the market, you should be able to convert any bicycle into an ebike. All the different designs and types of kits means that there should be something that works with every type of bicycle from road to mountain, and even touring bikes. Before you install your kit, you should check the dimensions of your frame or the tires to ensure that the kit can be completely installed on your bike.

Q: Are Electric Bike Conversion Kits Any Good?


Yes, a top rated electric bike conversion kit is a great way to convert any regular casual or commuter bike into an ebike. The kits are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of bicycles and they should include everything you need to give your bike a boost of electric power. However, electric bicycle kits are not all the same it is important that you take the time to find the best kits. Our list provides you with seven top choices of good electric bike kits.

Q: Is It Worth Converting A Bike To Electric?


For cyclists who want to travel faster and conserve their energy, the worth of an ebike kit often goes unmeasured. With more power and assistance while you pedal, an electric bike kit can turn your normal bike into a great asset for commuting around the city. Electric bikes work well for commuters and are becoming very popular amongst eco-friendly cyclists. 

While cars and scooters are expensive, a top rated electric bike conversion kit can deliver you speed with affordability. Instead of having to invest in an expensive new vehicle, an electric conversion kit can help you make the big leap towards green travel without going over budget.

Q: What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes?


The biggest disadvantage to an electric bike is the overall weight of the components. When you add a battery and motor to your bike, you’re packing on the pounds. But with the power of the battery and motor, you should be able to easily manage the weight of your new bicycle. However, you should still be cautious when you are moving your bike around or attempting to lift it because the heavier components may take you off guard if you aren’t prepared.

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With all the benefits of electric bikes, it’s no wonder that people are searching for an affordable way to invest in an ebike. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, an ebike kit will help you cut costs while still getting the complete benefits of an electric bicycle. With one of the products on our list, the best ebike conversion kit should be exactly what you need to travel quickly and efficiently.

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