Cooking and enjoying a meal in the outdoors is a highlight for many of us. Thus, when you plan a camping trip it is key that you ensure you have the right gear and equipment for preparing meals in the outdoors.

However, the thought of food preparation and cooking in the outdoors can be scary and seem almost impossible sometimes. But with the right tools, all can be accomplished. Investing in the best Dutch oven for camping allows you to cook your favorite dishes as comfortable as you would in your home kitchen whilst minimizing the cookware load that you have to bring with.

Listed below are the 8 best duct ovens for 2022 and they provide exceptional options to choose from, the one thing they have in common is they guarantee to ease your life and make the best meals during your camping trip.

How To Choose A Dutch Oven For Camping – Buying Guide



When choosing a Dutch oven for camping the number one feature to look at is the type. There are several types of Dutch ovens such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon composite. Each type comes with its pros and cons; however, cast iron is the most favored amongst Dutch ovens for camping.


Dutch ovens come in many different materials; the most common are stainless steel, carbon, and cast iron. The best camping Dutch oven is made with cast iron. Cast iron is a more favored material because of its tough and rugged construction which favors the outdoor environment.

Additionally, cast iron boasts excellent heat retaining abilities thus; it requires minimal heat to be warmed and can keep for warm for a long time. It’s even heat distribution properties allows for even cooking and ensures food is fully cooked.

Cast iron also boasts anti-warping and chipping properties. When fully seasoned, the best cast iron camping oven cooks efficiently well without food sticking, it leaches a fair amount of nutritious iron and is rust-resistant.


Seasoning simply means cooking vegetable oil or shortening in the Dutch oven to make the cooking surface non-sticky for easy cooking as well as to prevent rust build-up. The Dutch oven for camping comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. However, whether your oven is pre-seasoned or not, after each cook, it is important to season your oven.

Ease Of Cleaning

Dutch ovens are relatively easy to clean – so you can maintain spotless hygiene when camping. Gently scrub the Dutch oven with a stiff brush, rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. It is easier and more efficient to wash the Dutch oven when it is still warm.

After every wash, season the Dutch oven. Heat the oven over medium heat until scorching hot, brush the cooking surface with oil then remove from heat and store in a dry place or hang on the wall.


Dutch oven comes in a range of sizes ranging from 2 quarts to 12 quarts. The ideal size depends on the size of your camping group and what you intend to cook. 6 quart is a standard size – you can comfortably roast a whole chicken. A 12-quart Dutch oven is ideal if you have a larger sized group.


Dutch ovens are built to be heavy however; material construction determines weight distributions amongst Dutch ovens. Cast iron, for example, is heavier amongst other materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. However, it is this characteristic heavier tone that allows it to boast high heat-retaining and even distribution abilities.

Each manufacturer also makes ovens with varying weight. The Lodge Logic Dutch oven, for example, is a tough and high-quality Dutch oven but it boasts a weight f only 2.2 lbs compared to other equally sized Dutch ovens which can weigh up to 20 lbs.

Weight depends on your storage and transport capacity thus, when choosing the best camping Dutch oven to purchase, it is wise to evaluate it based on your needs. Going through the ideal Dutch oven for camping reviews helps you to better understand the quality of the product as well.


Most Dutch ovens are oval or round-shaped. This allows for them to fit in different kinds of foods as well as meats cuts such as chicken, turkey, and large steaks. Their shapes also help to effectively and evenly cooked meals. Round shaped ovens are more favored because they fit most heat sources.


The best camping Dutch ovens come with lids that can be inverted to double as skillets and griddles which add versatility to the oven. Tight-fitting lids on Dutch ovens also help enhance moisture sealing of the food throughout the day and thus, maintaining flavor and scent of the food.


Handles on the Dutch oven are quite important. Dutch ovens are naturally heavy cookware, thus, having strong side handles or wire handles assist with the easy handling of the oven especially with hot contents in it or when transporting it.


The best Dutch oven for camping comes attached with legs. Legs add stability to your oven, especially when sitting atop coal or camping fire and provide ample and practical distance from the heat source to enhance the oven’s even heat distribution abilities.



Q: What Is A Dutch Oven?


A Dutch oven is cooking cookware, made of metal, mostly commonly cast iron. The oven comes in a form of a deep pot with a covering lid and is used to cook different dishes like a simple oven by placing it on open fire or coal.

Q: How To Cook With Dutch Oven?


When placed over the heat source, many Dutch ovens can be used to bake or roast dishes. And to add more effect to the baking and roasting, you can place some coal on the covered lid. Dutch ovens can also be used to slow cook, braise, simmer, boil and fry food.

Q: What Other Accessories Do I Need To Cook With A Dutch Oven?

A: Some essential tools to use with a Dutch oven include;
  • A lid lifter – to help pick up the lid when cooking,
  • A small shovel – to set up camping fire
  • Tongs – to adjust charcoal/ to position meat
  • Trivets – when roasting meat to help position and elevate it, prevent scorching and to improve burning

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The Dutch oven for camping reviews offers insightful knowledge of your camping cooking experience. The buying guide provides clear direction on what to look for when choosing that ultimate Dutch oven to invest in and one that will last you longer.

The list of the 8 best camping Dutch ovens above is a great avenue, to begin with, to get just the right one – so what are you waiting for getting one, and head out to nature to fulfill that thought of enjoying your fresh catch with a chilled beverage!

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