While you may think your regular mountain bike can handle a little downhill riding, you may be hindering your performance by not using the best downhill bike. Most mountain bikes are designed with features that help you get up a mountain, but if you’re just downhill riding, you don’t need those features. 

Instead, you should look for features that make a bike really good at going down. This means that your bike has the right frame, wheels, and drivetrain to handle rough terrain and high speeds. But the quality of the bike will affect its performance and also determine the cost of your investment. 

However, not all riders need the same features and many top rated downhill mountain bikes do cater to different riders and their level of experience. We want to help you find the best downhill mountain bike so we have made a list of five quality products that will help you conquer the mountain.

How To Choose A Downhill Mountain Bike – Buying Guide



When it comes to choosing a frame, the decision you will have to make will be between an aluminum or carbon-based material design. Understanding bike frame materials is important when choosing a dh bike. Aluminum and carbon have long been popular choices for all types of mountain bikes, but each material has its own set of pros and cons. 

Aluminum frame full suspension downhill mountain bikes are a great choice for beginner and intermediate riders. This is because the aluminum material is not too expensive, but it still has a set of great features like being strong and lightweight. Aluminum is also an extremely durable material and tend to make longer lasting frames. An aluminum frame can take quite a beating before needing to be replaced. 

But if you are after the best downhill bike with an elevated performance, you will want to opt for the more expensive carbon frame. Carbon is a very expensive material, which is why most cyclists will invest in a carbon dh mtb bike if they have a high level of experience with downhill racing. Carbon is known for being extra lightweight and having a quick response, which means that you can go faster, corner better, and consistent maintain your momentum. 

But the downside is that carbon is not as strong as aluminum and dents or scratches can cause major damage. This may require an expensive repair or force you to replace your frame entirely.


Whenever you are traveling at high speeds, you also want a reliable set of brakes to help you maintain control over your dh bike. The best downhill mountain bike will use disc brakes on the front and rear tires to slow your speeds. These types of brakes are the easiest to use and they integrate nicely into your frame and handlebars. The brakes are an important part of a mountain bike and you should always check downhill bike reviews to determine their level of reliability and functionality. 


When you’re putting all your power into heading downhill, you don’t need a large set of gears. This is part of what makes a budget downhill bike great for heading off a mountain because you don’t need the power to head up. This means that downhill mtb bikes can have fewer gears and less power in the drivetrain. 


All dh mountain bike tires need to also be durable to match the reset of your bike, but one decision you will have to make is the size. Most tires are 27.5 inches in diameter, but newer dh mountain bikes have opted for a larger, 29-inch tires.

Smaller tires make the bike easier to control and maneuver, but larger tires can roll faster. You will ultimately have to decide which feature would best suit your need and choose your tire size accordingly. 



Q: What Are Downhill Bikes Good For?


As suggested by the title, downhill bikes really are designed for heading down the side of a mountain. Instead of having features like a powerful crankset that help you get up a steep mountain, dh bikes are made to be extra durable so that they can withstand the high speeds and rough riding conditions of downhill mountain biking.

Q: Is A Downhill Bike Worth It?


Downhill bikes are only worth it if you are enthusiastic about riding downhill. Many downhill riders will use a service like a lift or shuttle to take them to the top or peak of a mountain, before they begin riding down. With features that are designed specifically for heading downhill, a dh mtb bike really isn’t suited for any other riding conditions. With less gear, it will be nearly impossible to climb up steep inclines or race on flat surfaces.

Q: Can I Use A Downhill Bike For Enduro?


Yes, you can use a downhill bike for endure riding, but you can’t use an enduro bike for downhill riding. Downhill bikes are built tough and some riders get more versatility out of their bike by using it for endure riding too. But enduro bikes do not have the durability to ride hard and fast like downhill bikes.

Q: Are Downhill Bikes Good For Trail Riding?


You can use a downhill bike for trail riding, but you may not be that comfortable. Again, the best downhill mountain bike has been designed to head down instead of up or across large stretches of flat terrain. While you can ultimately use a downhill bike for trail riding, you may find that it lacks the versatility you need for all the different types of trails.

Q: Should I Get An Enduro Or Downhill Bike?


Enduro and downhill bikes aren’t as cross compatible as you think they might be, which means it’s important that you invest in the right bike to suit your riding style. Enduro racing is another popular form of cycling, but its best that you use an enduro bike for the sport. Similar, downhill bikes have all the features you need to head down, but they aren’t really catered for enduro racing.

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Whether you’ve just gotten a taste for downhill racing or you’ve been enjoying the sport for years, you need a good bike to carry you down the mountain. The best downhill bike will come packed with all the features you need to suit your riding style and terrain. With a top rated downhill mountain bike, you can become king of the mountain and enjoy the heart stopping thrill of this dynamic sport.

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