A camping trip is one of the best ways to get out into nature and going with a partner will strengthen the bond between the both of you. But when you and a partner go camping, it can ruin the mood when you use separate sleeping pads. Separate pads can easily shift apart and the seam running down the middle can be uncomfortable to lay on while you sleep.

Worry not because you and your camping partner now have the option to invest in a double-wide sleeping pad for better comfort. A double camp mat is the same as any regular mat or pad, except it is extra wide to accommodate two people. This eliminates the annoying middle seam and makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep by your partners’ side.

Just like the rest of your camp gear, it is important to take the time to find a quality double camping pad to achieve the best camping experience. To help you get started in your search, we have made a list of the ten best double sleeping pads and included a detailed buying guide at the end, so you and your partner can find the perfect double sleeping pad for your adventures.

How To Choose A Double Sleeping Pad – Buying Guide



When you look at double-wide sleeping pads, you will generally want the size of the pad to be the width of two single sleeping pads put together — maybe even with a few extra inches of space. But a double camp mat must be still compact and small in size when folded.

The best double sleeping pad will be easily folded and tucked into a carrying bag, so you can conveniently pack it for a winter camping or backpacking trip. But many double-wide sleeping pads don’t sacrifice comfort for size, and they will still be thick enough to cushion and lift you off the ground. The biggest benefit of having a packable double camping pad is that you can then easily bring along a top-rated two-person sleeping bag without running out of packing space.


Material is another important consideration because the best double sleeping pad will feature materials that are durable, comfortable, and functional. The high-quality material a pad is made from should also be waterproof and resistant to wear.

Polyester and nylon are commonly used in the best two-person sleeping bag designs, as well as in double-wide sleeping pads. They are both synthetic materials that are lightweight, long-lasting, and durable for rugged outdoor adventures.

The material used in a double sleeping pad should always be indicated in the product specifications. Polyester is usually graded by the number of deniers — the higher the number, the better the quality. 75D is a good quality polyester, which is still affordable. Nylon tends to be lighter and usually has a ripstop thread sewn in. However, nylon is usually more expensive than polyester. 

Double sleeping pad reviews are also a great resource to determine the quality and durability of the materials. Many reviewers will be honest and can guide you to whether a sleeping pad is worth the investment.


The best two-person sleeping pads will be thick and stay inflated overnight so that you sleep further off of the ground, which is warmer and more comfortable. Thickness can also increase the size of a double camping pad and make it heavier, bulkier, and harder to transport.

The best double sleeping pads are usually around 2 to 4 inches thick. A double sleeping pad for backpacking maybe only 1 or 2 inches thick to keep it compact for traveling. Any double camp mat that is over 2 inches thick, should be very comfortable to sleep on throughout the night.

You should be able to find the thickness of a double camping pad listed in the product specifications. Most companies will give the measurement in inches or centimeters, so you can estimate whether or not the thickness will suit your camping needs.


In general, the thicker the pad, the more insulation it will provide between you and the ground. When you choose a sleeping pad for winter camping, you will want to focus your attention on the materials and thickness. Insulation is what protects you from the cold ground, but it can also enhance the comfort and experience of sleeping outdoors.

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Most double-wide sleeping pads use an R-value rating to determine their level of insulation. An R-value of 3.3 or more is generally considered to be a good level of insulation. The higher the number, the more insulation the double camp mat will have.

For winter camping, insulation is really important to keep you safe and warm, but if you want a multi-season camping mat, you should look at a thinner mat that has less insulation. A summer camping mat would be more comfortable with a thickness of about 2 inches.


When you use a double sleeping pad for backpacking or camping, the weight of the mat can be important because you may have to carry it over long distances to your campsite. The heavier a mat is, the harder it will be to lift, maneuver, and transport.

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The best double sleeping pad for backpacking and hiking will be lightweight and compact, so you can easily pack and carry it on your journey. While not as lightweight as a single pad, most double-wide sleeping pads will weigh 7 pounds or less when packed. A double sleeping pad for car camping can be heavier because you won’t have to carry it over long distances.

In general, the size and thickness of the double camping pad will determine the weight. A thicker double self-inflating sleeping pad will weigh more than a thinner design. Designs that also have head pillows incorporated may also weigh slightly more.

Double sleeping pad reviews can tell you how easy it is to manage the weight of a double camp mat and whether it is uncomfortable to carry. You can also check the product specifications for the exact weight of the mat, which should be provided by the company.


When you’re looking for the best two-person sleeping pad, you want it to come with additional features that make it convenient to use on your trip. The most popular features that you should look out for are the valves and whether there is a built-in pump or self-inflating mechanism.

The valves are what you will use to inflate and deflate your double camping mat and when you’ve got a large pad to inflate, you want it to fill up with air quickly. On the flip side, when you’re ready to go, having a fast deflation time can be a huge benefit. Most double-wide sleeping pads will have two large valves — one for inflation and one for deflation. The valves should be easy to use and have tight seals to ensure that no air leaks out while you’re sleeping.

A built-in pump is a great feature that can assist you in pumping air into the pad quickly. While you may have a double self-inflating sleeping pad, a backup and built-in pump can ensure that you can customize the firmness of the pad to suit your preferences.

Lastly, a double sleeping pad for camping that has built-in pillows may be more comfortable for you to use. Pillows are an extra feature and not all sleeping pads will incorporate them into their design.



Q: Why Choose A Double Sleeping Pad?


When you’re camping with a partner, it is often more comfortable for two people to sleep on the same pad. If you want to cuddle, the middle seam of two separate sleeping pads can quickly become uncomfortable. Not to mention, it is almost impossible to keep two separate mats together without sliding.

Double wide sleeping pads are more comfortable because you can snuggle up close and share body warmth. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a human partner, or you are camping with your dog. A double camping pad will expand your comfortable space, so you can share it with a buddy.

Q: How To Clean And Care For A Double Sleeping Pad?


The best two-person sleeping bag and pad will be made with quality synthetic materials that can be easily wiped clean using a soft sponge, mild detergent, and water. You shouldn’t have to ever clean the entire mat and it should stay clean enough that you can spot any stains.

But it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The company may include cleaning or care instructions that specify the best way to maintain your double camping pad. Following brand-specific instructions will likely reduce the risk of accidental damage. You can also check double sleeping pad reviews for maintenance advice.

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When it comes to camping, staying comfortable can be a challenge, especially if you’re camping as a pair. But with a double sleeping pad for camping, you and your partner will sleep in bliss. The best double sleeping pad will be a soft cushion that keeps you warm and toasty, even on cold winter nights. We hope that our guide has helped you find a quality double camping pad that you and your partner will be eager to use on every camping trip.

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