Dogs are man’s best friend, and as such they deserve all the attention and care we would reserve for another human being. This applies to any environment you might find yourself in and is especially important if the conditions are harsher than the cozy environments we craft for ourselves at home. So, if you are planning a camping trip with your dog or any kind of outdoor adventure you should consider bringing along the best dog sleeping bag you can find.

Just as you need a good one for yourself, a top-rated sleeping bag for dogs is crucial to keep your furry friends warm and comfortable and prevent them from getting sick. We often don’t realize how cold it can get during nights in the open, so be sure to pay attention to the dog sleeping bag reviews we have gathered for you to choose the best item for your four-legged companion.

If you hike or camp with a dog it is so easy to get to camp and realise that you have made no sleeping provision for your furry friend. Top tip is to always prioritise your pooch at the end of the days’ hiking. Once they are fed, watered and comfortable it is much easier to look after yourself.

Dry your dog! Like us, animals produce heat while they move around but once you stop at the end of the day and expect them to settle down for the night being wet will cause them to lose heat much faster. Make sure you pack a lightweight microfibre towel to dry them off before they head into their sleeping bag.

Many breeds of dog are perfectly capable of carrying their own gear, especially considering the weight of some of these sleeping bags, but remember that if your dog isn’t used to carrying then it is important to start them off gradually. Start with an empty, well-fitted carrying harness and add a small amount of weight each time you go out with them. This will ensure that their joints aren’t suddenly subjected to significant extra weight, which can cause long-term damage.

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How To Choose A Dog Sleeping Bag – Buying Guide


Dog Body Temperature

Measuring a dog’s body temperature requires a thermometer, just like you would measure your own if you think you have a fever, so don’t pay attention to those that argue you just have to feel the dog’s ears or noses. Nevertheless, there are some specific things to keep in mind when trying to judge how warm or cold your pet is. Generally speaking, a dog’s body temperature is warmer than yours by a few degrees, arriving up to almost 3.5 degrees more than a human, and research has surprisingly shown that smaller dogs have a higher body temperature on average than bigger ones. Smaller dogs usually have less hair to protect them and will therefore be more at risk of getting too cold than too hot, and this can be especially risky since they need to maintain a higher body temperature. If you need small dog sleeping bags you should then look for ones with extra good insulation. On the other hand, larger dogs will be more resistant to cold but risk suffering in the heat. This should give you a pretty clear indication as to what kind of sleeping bag your dog needs depending on its size and existing protection.

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Just as there are several types of dogs and environments, there are different kinds of sleeping bags as well. Choosing the best sleeping bag for dogs a lot will depend on knowing your pet’s habits and how they like to sleep because different models will fit them more or less comfortably depending on their shape. Some manufacturers sell dog beds which are made up of two parts, one to lie in and another one to cover your pet. You might also find sleeping bags made to resemble a cave or burrow, with a side opening that then closes to keep the warmth in, while other sleeping bags, called cups, resemble a doughnut with high, soft sides for your puppy to curl in. For mutts that like to sleep completely stretched out, a flat style of sleeping bag is also available which looks a lot like a sleeping bag we humans would use. Finally, the pod models resemble the cup but have even thicker walls and a padded bottom.

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Size of The Dog

When looking for a dog sleeping bag, you have to consider that your furry friend will need some space to move around inside it and won’t be sleeping perfectly still. Just like humans, dogs like to turn and adjust until they’ve found the best position and their sleeping bag should allow them to do that. As a general rule of thumb, consider purchasing a sleeping bag that is at least six inches bigger than your dog, so they can feel comfortable and not constricted just like we like to feel under the covers. The amount of extra space you allow also depends on the sleeping habit of your fluffy friend, so try to study them a little before making your choice.


Anyone who has ever been camping will tell you the importance of having a well-insulated sleeping bag, even if you’re going somewhere during the summer. It is often hard to judge just how cold it can get at night even in the middle of July so it’s always better to have a nice thick layer of protection wrapped around you. The same can be said for dogs, who, despite their natural hairy protection, are just as vulnerable to the effects of cold as we humans are. Make sure the sleeping bag you decide to buy for your pup features thermal insulation or at least some kind of heating element and beware that even a thick outer shell might not be enough to be used in below zero conditions.

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Weather Resistance

Another exciting (or worrying) aspect of camping is never knowing what nature might throw at you at any moment, so make sure you are prepared before you head out. Rain and wind can appear suddenly and don’t always leave you enough time to properly prepare, so looking for sleeping bags that will keep both you and your dog dry is essential in preparation for any trip. Make sure you check that the materials the sleeping bags are made of are waterproof or at least water-resistant and you should be fine.


Just like you would do for a kid, you are going to be the one that carries around the dog’s equipment so you will want something that doesn’t excessively weigh you down. Luckily, most of the models we have reviewed are made of high-quality and lightweight materials, so any bet you make will probably be a safe one. Weight is usually an easy detail to spot in reviews or manufacturer’s websites, so with a bit of digging around specs and details you should be able to make an informed decision without too much of a bother. 

Closure System

Most of the dog sleeping bags you will find will feature a zip closure, so you need to pay close attention to its feel and quality. Since there is usually only one zipper it means that eventual damage to it can compromise the hold and insulation of the whole sleeping bag, making it close to useless if all the nice warmth is allowed to slip out. Be sure to inspect the closure carefully and return the product if you have even the slightest doubt of its efficiency.

Ease of Maintenance 

Dog hairs can get everywhere, all over your clothes and even in places you thought were safe, so you can easily imagine how full a sleeping bag for dogs is going to get. Luckily most of the best dog sleeping bags are made of materials that allow hairs to slide off as soon as you shake it a little, so maintenance is usually not a big issue. Furthermore, if you manage to find a sleeping bag that is machine washable your troubles will be further reduced, so check out the reviews to find the one that is best for you and your pup.


If you want to avoid your dog climbing into your sleeping bag in the middle of the night, you better choose a sleeping bag that is comfortable enough to keep it cozy all night long. Look for nice padding and soft materials, which most of the best sleeping bags for dogs provide, and pay special attention to the bottom of the bag since it is the part that comes directly into contact with the ground. You can also consider laying a neoprene mat under your puppy’s sleeping bag just as you would do for your own.



Q: Why Does my Dog Need a Sleeping Bag?


Most dogs grow used to a safe and warm environment when they grow up in a home, so you have to be careful that when you take them outside camping the experience doesn’t turn into a shock, or worse, a danger to their health. If your pet finds itself exposed to cold over a long period this may lead to serious consequences for its health which may even turn out to be permanent. The best dog sleeping bag is, therefore, necessary to prevent any harm coming to your furry friend and to make the outdoor experience enjoyable for every member of the family.

Q: How Can I Make a Dog Bed out of a Sleeping Bag?


A dog bed resembles a sort of padded mat on which your dog can lay down and choose the most comfortable position for itself and will require you to use an additional blanket to cover your pet and keep it warm. If you only have a dog sleeping bag it is possible to make it into a dog bed by opening the zippers and laying it down flat, but only if its shape allows that, since you won’t be able to do this if you’ve purchased a cup model sleeping bag. It’s up to you to examine your pet’s behavior and know if it needs space to move around or is comfortable curling up and staying still while it rests.

Q: How do Campers Keep Dogs Warm?


When you’re camping with your four-legged friend, several tips and tricks can be useful to keeping them warm and ensuring their wellbeing. Apart from having the best dog sleeping bag with you, make sure they stay dry at all times and give them a little more food than what you would normally do to give them a body temperature boost. If you want to go even further, bring an extra blanket and warm water bottles to place near your dog, maybe wrapped in something to avoid them coming into contact with their skin. Finally, be sure to insulate your tent properly and use a coat for your dog. Hugging and cuddling is also a great way to share body heat that is guaranteed to help your mood as well.

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Making sure your dog is comfortable and warm when you go camping is a vital part of making the experience joyful and unforgettable for both of you. A top-rated dog sleeping bag will help you a great deal in achieving this, and the list of products we have presented is guaranteed to point you in the right direction, so you can make a decision that will ensure your pet’s well-being and your tranquility.

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