If you are struggling with a messy outdoor space caused by piles of patio tools and furniture cushions, we have the solution to your problem! What you need is a deck box. The most efficient deck boxes keep your patio, pool, and garden space spot clean and organized as they are built to effectively store outdoor tools. Whether you want to store your lounge chair cushions, your grilling supplies, or even your pool toys, deck boxes let you do so.

And the best part about these storage boxes is that many of them are cost-cutting as they also double as furniture and décor – giving your patio more style and space. So the next thing for you to do is to go through the list below of the 10 best deck boxes in 2022 to find the ideal choice for your home.

How To Choose A Deck Box – Buying Guide



Size is an important feature to examine when you are choosing the best outdoor storage box. You don’t want to go for a small sized box if you have too many items and vice versa. You also want to think about your living space, if your patio area is too compact, a huge deck box is a bad idea. When you are examining the size, don’t only look at the dimensions but also think of the weight capacity. 

For example, the Lifetime 60012 Deck Box boasts a weight capacity of 900 lbs and a storage capacity of 130 gallons. Another unit may boast a higher storage capacity of 150 gallons but a lower weight capacity of only 450 lbs; meaning that the Lifetime deck box would be a better option for heavier tools. 


How you intend to use the deck box also affects your choice. If you want to use the deck box to store items such as gardening tools, you want a heavy duty and reinforced deck box option. Remember that garden tools include items such as fertilizers and garden rakes, thus, the deck box has to be strong enough to support them.

For items such as lounge chair cushions, a standard deck box is fine; it all depends on the quantity of the cushions. For example, the Keter Novel Plastic Deck Box boasts a storage capacity of 90 gallons, thus, it can support up to 8 standard lounge chair cushions.

Many deck boxes are also built to double as garden furniture either a seat or a table. So buying one can be quite cost-cutting as you are getting a storage solution and a piece of furniture.


The best outdoor storage boxes are made from wood or plastic and resin. Wood deck boxes tend to be more expensive and elegant thus, they are ideal if you are looking for a deck box to also use a décor. Resin or plastic deck boxes on the other end are more durable, lightweight, and weather resistant. Additionally, they can also bear considerably more weight.



Q: How Big Of A Deck Box Do I Need?


It all depends on usage. For example, small deck boxes hold between 10 to 50 gallons to store small items such as toys or few pillows whilst medium boxes hold between 50 to 100 gallons to store a few garden supplies or cushions. Large deck boxes on the other end hold 100 to 150 gallons for bigger items such as pool maintenance tools or more gardening tools.

Q: Are Deck Boxes Waterproof?


The majority of deck boxes are water resistant. However, you may also come across some waterproof deck boxes – just be sure to read the features before investing in one. If you find one with patterns such as wickers or panels, it most likely water resistant.

Q: What Are Deck Boxes?


Deck boxes are outdoor rated storage solutions. They normally come in a box, trunk, or bench style so you can stuff your items in their large opening storage space.  They can be stored in your porch, deck, patio, or garden area.

Q: What Do You Store In A Deck Box?


Deck boxes are used to store outdoor items, tools, and accessories. These include outdoor pool toys, patio décor, lounge chair cushions, grilling items, pool maintenance supplies, and gardening tools. However, you want to avoid storing items such as electric cables or items that may easily rust.

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You still want to maintain a clean, and neatly organized space, even in your patio, pool, or garden area. When things are organized, it makes it easier for you to access anything you need. The deck box reviews prove just how handy these tools are to keep your patio, garden, and pool space tidy.

Plus, the best outdoor storage boxes also feature versatile and attractive designs allowing them to double as patio furniture and décor. So what are you waiting for – browse the list of the 10 best deck boxes above to find yourself a magical unit to add to your outdoor living space.

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