When you are riding your bike, regardless of your skill level, your body only has a few contact points with the frame, your hands, your behind, and your feet. To enjoy yourself and achieve the best possible performance, you have to take good care of each and every one of them, and equip yourself with the gear that will help you do so.

For your feet, you will need a pair of the best cycling socks you can find. These will protect you from wind and humidity and allow you to perform to the best of your ability, especially if paired with a good set of bike shoes. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best cycling socks on the market, so you can get a good idea of the options that are available and make a careful and informed choice, to get the best out of your future rides.

How To Choose Cycling Socks – Buying Guide



There are three main categories of cycling socks that you will encounter on the search for the perfect match for your feet. These are racing socks, wool cycling socks, or compression socks. Racing socks are designed to make your foot perform to the maximum, so they will often prefer function over form and focus on foot support and breathability. 

Wool cycling socks are usually higher, stretching above the ankle, and are ideal for winter rides since they can keep your feet nice and warm. Compression socks, as the name suggests, will apply light pressure on your feet as you put them on, to stimulate blood flow and keep them responsive even after long hours on the trail. Racing socks will often incorporate some compressing features as well.


Most socks for cyclists will be made of synthetic material or wool since they are much better than cotton at keeping moisture away from your feet. Racing socks will usually be made of polyester and incorporate some spandex in their construction to keep them securely fastened to the feet throughout the effort. Wool, on the other hand, is the preferred material for winter socks because of its warmth, but also delivers a more than acceptable compromise on moisture-wicking and breathability.

Summer vs Winter

The main differences between summer and winter socks will be the material they are made of and their height. Summer socks tend to be smaller and made mostly out of synthetic fibers, even though some cyclists, especially mountain bikers, may prefer taller cuffs since they offer extra protection from sharp branches and rocks. Winter socks will all be high-rise socks, covering the ankle and even more, and will mostly be made out of wool, since it offers great warmth and is very comfortable to wear even for longer rides.

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Q: What Is Special About Cycling Socks?


Cycling socks are designed specifically to make your foot feel more comfortable when you are on the pedals, so they are designed to provide support to the arch of the foot and prevent discomfort from arising because of repetitive chafing.

Q: Why Do Cyclists Wear High Socks?


Much depends on personal preference, but high socks can be a good choice even in summer because they offer a layer of protection for your ankle, which can be a lifesaver especially if you are heading for rough terrain through the woods, full of things that can scratch you.

Q: Should I Wear Compression Socks While Cycling?


There is no rule, but compression socks can be a good choice to wear when cycling, especially if you are planning long rides like a bikepacking trip, because they can stimulate the blood flow to your feet and keep them active and alive even after many hours on the pedals.

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Having a good pair of bike socks might not seem like a priority if you are just starting, but you will soon realize just how useful they can be in making you feel comfortable on the pedals. In our cycling socks reviews, we have shown you what are the best cycling socks on the market, so you carefully select the ones that are best for your style of riding and get that extra boost of performance in all your future rides.

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