Your cycling experience is guaranteed to be successful when you invest in the right gear. This is not only limited to buying a good quality bike, because even your cycling outfit determines your success. Cycling jerseys are a good example. These garments should not only be regarded as extra costing zip-up tops.  

The best cycling jerseys help to improve your riding experience and overall comfort. Cycling jerseys are designed to tightly fit your torso, thus deflecting off air resistance and drag. And even though they are form fitting, they are also designed to be moisture wicking and highly breathable for all day comfort. 

So if you are ready to hit the trail, you should look no further than the list below of the 10 best cycling jerseys in 2020 to find the ideal option. The buying guide on the other end helps to walk you through to ensure you choose the right one.

How To Choose A Cycling Jersey – Buying Guide



The material is a determining factor when you are choosing the best cycling jerseys to invest in. The majority of bike jerseys are made from polyester. Polyester is favored for its durability and wear resistance. 

Especially when you are riding in the outdoors, you never know how rough it will get, so having a strong fabric on is a good idea. Polyester is also an excellent fabric because of its moisture wicking qualities and breathability. It helps to pull moisture from your skin and push it through the fabric so you don’t get soaked as you bike.

Sun Protection

When you are riding your bike on sunny days, you want your skin to be as protected as possible. Thus, the ideal cycling jerseys should also be UV protected. This helps to complement your sunscreen, eye protection, and hats. Go for cycling jerseys such as the Uriah Men’s Cycling jersey that features UPF50+ treatment.


The cycling jerseys must fit as if they are your second skin. They have to be tight but not too tight that they are restrictive. So when you are choosing one, if you come across a jersey that fits like a regular t-shirt, it is not the perfect fit.

And if you find one that is too tight that you have difficulty moving or if it crinkles up your arms, it is also not the right fit. As much as it has to be tight, it must also allow flexibility and freedom of movement whilst remaining in place.


Pockets come in quite handy as you bike because they allow you to bring with essential items such as water bottles, mobiles, and even your GPS. Commonly, the majority of cycling jerseys are fitted with two to three pockets at the backside. Some, however, are also fitted with a small zippered pocket at the front to store more important items such as your keys.

Mesh Panels

Some cycling jerseys also come with mesh panels. Mesh panels help to enhance your comfort level by increasing breathability. Mesh panels are also fitted to stretch horizontally to prevent the jersey pockets from sagging. 



Q: How Do I Choose A Cycling Jersey?


When you are choosing a cycling jersey, the first thing to do is to ensure that the jersey is form fitting. You should also check the back hem to ensure that it is long enough so the jersey doesn’t ride up too far when you are riding your bike.

Q: Do You Wear Anything Under A Cycling Jersey?


Yes. Especially during cool climate, you should wear an undergarment or base layer under a cycling jersey. However, make sure that the base is made of moisture wicking and quick drying material. Never put on base layers or undergarments made of cotton.

Q: Why Do I Need A Cycling Jersey?


You need a cycling jersey because it helps to enhance your cycling performance. Cycling jerseys are made to be form fitting which helps to reduce drag and air resistance when you are riding. Cycling jerseys are also made from moisture wicking and breathable material to ensure that you are comfortable when you are cycling.

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As mentioned above, your cycling experience is guaranteed to be a successful one when you invest in the right gear. The cycling jerseys reviews prove this. These jerseys are not made to only enhance riding by countering air resistance, they also feature all the right elements to leave you comfortable and able to ride longer. And with the list of the 10 best cycling jerseys above, you are definitely going to find the right option for your next cycling expedition.

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