As the fall season approaches, you will notice unpredictable weather patterns. During your long bike rides, you may start with the temperature at a chilling 50 degrees but then, it may increase to 70 degrees within a few hours. Thus, you want to invest in the best cycling gilets to keep up with the changes. Cycling gilets are popular amongst cyclists because they provide warmth and wind-breaking properties when the temperature decreases. 

Yet, their breathable materials provide enough airflow to prevent too much insulation. At the same time, cycling gilets are lightweight and packable to make it easier for you to travel with them. So, check out our detailed reviews of the 7 best cycling gilets below to find out which one will work for you in your next cycling adventure.

How To Choose A Cycling Gilet – Buying Guide


Size & Fit 

When you are choosing the best cycling vests to invest in, you must consider both the size and fit. 


When it comes to biking apparel, you can determine your size by measuring your waist, chest, hip, or quads. As with cycling jerseys, always consider your chest and waist measurements when determining your ideal size for a cycling gilet. To get the chest size, measure the fullest part whilst keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor and your arms at the sides. To get the waist size, place the measuring tape comfortably loose around your natural waistline.

Many cycling vests come in sizes ranging from extra small to triple extra large. Look at the table below to find out which size is for you based on your chest and waist measurements. Keep in mind, however, that these are basic universal measurements and that different brands may have slight variations.

SizeChest (in inches)Waist (in inches)


The cycling vest fit represents how it rests on your body and doesn’t necessarily reflect the size. The best cycling vests come with three common fit types, i.e. race fit, club fit, and relaxed fit. A race fit vest is cut to provide a form-fitting shape. It is tight yet, snug to increase wind resistance. Because of this design, racer fit vests are normally designed for race conditions or for cyclists who like to bike at high speed.

A club fit on the other hand features a more feminine, form-fitting, and form-flattering shape. This type of fit is neither too loose nor too tight. It is designed to enhance both performance and comfort making it ideal for cycling styles such as road and mountain biking. 

A relaxed fit vest allows for optimal movement and is ideally designed for casual and road cyclists. The relaxed loose fit is highly breathable and comfortable whilst its non-form fitting style allows anyone to comfortably wear this vest fit.


Material is also an important feature to look at. You want to go for gilets that would be protective enough but still comfortable to wear for long. The best cycling vests should be lightweight and breathable. This allows you to wear them as they are on warm days and wear them as layers on cooler days. However, you can also find heavy gilets for layering when cycling in cold weather.

Typically, materials such as polyester, nylon, or ripstop are used for cycling gilets. These materials come with the advantage of being light and packable. So when you are not wearing your gilet, you can easily fold it and pack it away in your pockets or bag. 

However, sometimes, you may also come across specially designed all-weather gilets such as the TCA Men’s Excel Cycling Gilet, which is made from synthetic down material to maximize warmth and counter wind. Nevertheless, it also boasts back mesh panels to regulate moisture.


Depending on your intended cycling, you should also consider your vest style when you are choosing one. The style of your cycling gilet is determined by the fit and cut. For example, a race fit gilet style is designed for racer style cyclists because it allows for freedom of movement and provides a tight snug fit whilst also enhancing wind-breaking qualities to encourage speedy riding.

Club fit style vests accommodate mountain and road biking as they both boast impressive wind-breaking qualities and allow freedom of movement. Yet, because of their form-fitting and form-flattering shape, a club fit style is more feminine.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Cycling Gilet?


A cycling gilet comes with several benefits. Some of them include;

  • Wind breaking qualities without being too warm
  • Lightweight fabrication to easily store them in your pockets or bag
  • Excellent moisture management thanks to their sleeveless design

Just like protective pads and helmets, reflective cycling gilets are also essential biking safety accessories

Q: How To Properly Clean A Cycling Gilet?


Most cycling gilets can be machine washed with the delicate cycle. To wash them, zip them up, secure their velcro straps (if there have any), turn them inside out to protect logos or reflective strips, toss them in the washer, then, add mild detergent and wash them on delicate cycle with cold water settings.

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Cycling gilet reviews showcase their importance in any cycling adventure. Gilets don’t only leave you comfortable but they also significantly contribute to improving your performance. They come in quite handy whether you are looking for a way to protect yourself from the cold air during bike rides or simply want to remain visible. Select a piece from the 7 best cycling gilets above so your next biking session can be safer and comfortable.

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