Recording your ride while you are rocketing down the trail is one of the best ways to remember the fun you had and share it with your friends, and the best cycling cameras available today make this task so easy you can just press a button and forget about them. These compact devices pack an impressive amount of features in their small and lightweight body, leaving you free to focus on the ride while the camera takes care of recording every detail.

Navigating your way through all the numbers that illustrate the details of the best camera for cycling is not always easy, and might prove confusing if you are not used to the spec-sheets of filmmaking gear. This is the reason why we have put together this article, in which we will take you through the best cycling cameras on the market and explain all the tricks they have up their sleeves. This will let you get a better idea of what are your options and help you select the model that is best for you.

How To Choose A Cycling Camera – Buying Guide


Video Quality 

To get an idea of the video quality your camera can record, you need to look at its resolution. This is the number of pixels that make up each side of every frame, and the larger it is, the more details can be recorded. Today, the standard for HD video is 1920×1080, but some cameras can go even beyond that and record at 3840×2160, or what is called 4K resolution.


A top rated camera for cycling needs to have a battery that can last the whole length of a ride, without you having to stop and replace it. Battery life is arguably even more important than video and photo quality in an action camera, so we recommend you don’t settle for any model that won’t last at least 6 hours. USB charging is also a very useful feature to have.


The lens you will find on a good cycling camera is usually a wide-angle one, since you will want to have yourself in your bike in the frame, if you turn it towards you, but also be able to incorporate as much as the surrounding landscape as possible. Some models offer you the choice between different wide focal lenses or even a zoom, but none goes too tight precisely to let the whole scene be captured in detail.

Photo Quality 

The quality of the still photos that can be captured by bike cameras depends greatly on the number of megapixels they have, but not only. Since the sensors used are often small, to fit into small cameras, it is recommended to try and take pictures when there is lots of available light, since smaller sensors don’t fare well in the dark. Other than that, most of the models in our cycling camera reviews have enough megapixels to produce photos you can comfortably print and put on your wall.

Mount Type

Bicycle cameras will usually be mounted either on the helmet, on the handlebars or under the saddle. Your choice will depend both on the perspective you want to achieve and on the mounts that you have at your disposal. Many cameras are sold as kits and include everything you need to attach your camera to many different parts of your bike.


The resolution of the images your camera can produce is directly linked to the number of megapixels that are present on the sensor, so in general, more is better. Keep in mind though that more megapixels also mean that your storage will fill up much faster, and if you are using loop recording you might end up deleting old footage that you would have liked to keep.

Field Of View

As we have said, most action cameras use wide-angle lenses, so the field of view you can get is always very large. Some models can go as wide as 180 or even 360 degrees, that can let you achieve some unusual and immersive effects.


Having WiFi connectivity on your camera is a very useful feature since it allows you to control it remotely, without having to remove it from where it is installed only to press a button. Some models can also use this connectivity to let you keep track of your ride with a performance tracking app or even stream your adventures directly to social media.



Q: How Do You Film A Bike Ride?


Filming a bike ride involves securing your camera to the bike frame or your helmet and letting it roll. You might want to use a camera that can be remotely operated if you are planning to ride for long distances, so you can switch it on and off without having to stop in your tracks.

Q: What Camera Do Bikers Use?


GoPro has long been the favorite brand of many bikers or adrenaline junkies, so it is likely to be the most common sight you see on the trail. Numerous other brands have been coming up, however, and as you have seen from our reviews there is no shortage of excellent options. 

Q: How Do I Attach My Camera To My Bike?


To attach your camera to the bike you need a mount, so you have to check if the camera kit you buy has one. This will let you either mount the camera on your helmet or latch it onto the frame of your bike.

Q: How Do You Take Pictures While Cycling?


This is where having WiFi connectivity comes in very handy since you can use a remote control to trigger the camera without stopping. Otherwise, you have to manually press the shutter on the camera, which does give you better framing options but also means you have to stop your bike.

Q: Where Do You Put Your Camera On Your Helmet?


To have a proper view of the landscape surrounding you and not produce too much extra drag, the best position to mount the camera on your helmet is on your forehead, just a few inches above your eyes.

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Filming your bike rides is a great way to remember the fun you had on the trail and share it with your friend, and in this article, we have shown you what are the best cycling cameras to get the job done. We are confident that by following our tips you’ll be able to quickly make the right decision and accumulate hours upon hours of memories to relive when the weather is bad and you can’t be on your bike. 

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