Looking for a way to enhance your cycling? Or a gift for an avid cyclist? Then, an investment in a cycling book is a good idea. The best books about cycling cover a cross section of genres and areas ranging from training, weight loss plans to global cycling milestones and personal cycling stories. 

With cycling books, you don’t even need to limit your quantity of purchase. Thanks to the variety of existing genres and areas covered, you can invest in numerous books to quench your thirst for cycling information and stories. Below are the top picks for the 10 best cycling books in 2020 – so take your pick, dive, in, and enjoy the content.

How To Choose A Cycling Book – Buying Guide


Intended Use

When you are looking for the best books about cycling, you must first know how you intend to use them. This is because cycling books come in a range of genres thus, making their use varied. Some cycling books may simply serve as motivational books whilst others hold intended purposes, whether you are looking for a cycling training guide, weight loss plan in biking, or planning a bike trip.


The best books about cycling come in different genres and categories. In fact, the list of genres to which books about cycling cover is quite broad. Some of the common genres and categories you will come across when choosing the best cycling books include;

  • Bike racing books
  • Biographies
  • Cycling stories and historical  coverage
  • Motivational cycling books
  • Nutrition and training books
  • Adventure cycling books
  • Biking culture

Area That The Book Covers

After choosing the genre, you can then pick areas that your cycling book covers. Similar to the genre and category, the list of areas the best books about cycling cover is also very broad. For example, when you are looking at nutrition and bike training books, you will come across areas such as weight loss, event-specific training such as triathlon training books as well as strength and performance building books.

When you look at cycling stories and historical biking books, on the other hand, these books cover areas such as significant milestones in the cycling world, personal narrations of biking experiences and even epitome moments such as the Lance Armstrong conspiracy detailed in the Wheelmen: The Tour De France, And The Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever Cycling Book.



Q: Why Should I Read Cycling Books?


Cycling books bring different benefits depending on what you are looking for. Generally, if you are discovering cycling or already an avid cyclist, it's a good idea to learn more about sports – what better way to do so than through reading? You can pick up on anything with cycling books, whether you want to learn how to choose a bike or get fit quickly.

Q: How Hiking Books Can Improve My Cycling Experience?


Hiking books improve your cycling experience by exposing you to a cross section of related issues. For example, if you are looking for places to really make the most of your biking, whether you are a beginner or not, the Fifty Places To Bike Before You Die Cycling Book, is an interesting read.

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Globo Surf Overview

The cycling books reviews prove how these books help to enhance your overall biking experience. The best books about cycling cover a cross section of genres and areas for a well-rounded experience. Whether you are a beginner cyclist wanting to learn about how to choose the best bike or looking for motivational stories for inspiration in your own life, cycling books offer this. So take your top pick from the best cycling books above or better yet, buy them all and explore them one by one as your book reading challenge this year.

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