As an essential cycling gear, your cycling backpack makes all the difference to ensure you have a pleasant bike ride. The best cycling backpacks are ergonomically designed to not only carry your items but also make your riding more comfortable. Opting for a proper cycling backpack prevents unnecessary discomfort such as sweating on your back thanks to their mesh panels. 

Furthermore, their protective design ensures that you will arrive at your destination with your items being dry and safe. So, take your pick from the 10 best cycling backpacks below to begin focusing on and enjoying your cycling more from here on.

How To Choose A Cycling Backpack – Buying Guide



The best biking backpack should be at least water-resistant. A water-resistant backpack shouldn’t be confused with a waterproof one. Whilst a waterproof backpack provides full protection from water depending on its rating, a water-resistant backpack features a semi-permeable membrane.

Therefore, a water-resistant backpack protects your belongings from light rain. However, if you find a cycling backpack that is not water-resistant or waterproof, you can invest in a rain cover that you can use in case of rain. 

Size & Capacity

When you are choosing the best biking backpack to invest in,  you must also look at the size and capacity to ensure it is ideal for your needs. The size and capacity of your backpack are normally described by looking at the dimensions and volume respectively. 

The dimensions are denoted in length by width by height (L x W x H) in centimeters or inches. The volume is denoted in liters or cubic inches. Both values are useful in giving you an idea of the backpack’s size and capacity. If you are looking for a small bag to put your water bottle or hydration bladder and other small items for day cycling, then a volume of 8 to 15 liters is enough. 

If you want a commuter bag for extra items such as your laptop and a light jacket, a volume of at least 20 to 30 liters is sufficient. Keep in mind, however, that features such as internal frames and extra padding can use up your backpack’s space.


The material is also an important factor to consider when choosing a cycling backpack. The best biking backpack is made from material such as polyester and nylon. This is because these materials are highly rugged and wear-resistant. Other materials such as polyvinyl also boast extra water-resistant qualities.


The durability of your backpack is determined by many different elements. Look at factors such as the material as well as designs such as padded straps and padded bases that prevent early wear and tear. You can also check out reviews of the backpack you want to buy to understand its design. 

Real-life customer reviews normally offer valuable and credible information about whether or not the bag is durable and of good quality. Always ensure that the reviews are from a credible site, however.

Design & Care

Cycling backpacks come in different designs. For example, a hydration pack is designed for cycling athletes. It offers more space to carry your water whilst little space is left for small items such as phones and keys. 

Their design also typically caters to a performance cyclist – these include features such as helmet attachment loops. A daypack on the other end boasts more space, up to 20 liters; you can use it for cycling or even commuting to work as it offers space for laptops. 

A midsized backpack becomes a little larger, yet, it is fitted with more straps such as shoulder and sternum straps, to support it. An expedition pack boasts even thicker padding on the straps and back and are normally hydration compatible. These backpacks are ideal for long and demanding cycling trips such as cross country biking trips.

To care for your cycling backpack, you want to never overpack – avoid exceeding the capacity! It is also a good idea to hand wash the cycling packs. Hand wash the bag with a brush with gentle bristles and a mild soap, then, ensure the backpack is fully dry before using it.

Padding & Straps

The padding becomes important as the carrying capacity increases. If you intend on carrying more items with you, you want your backpack to be able to hold the weight without snapping. Thus, look for padded features. These include a padded and breathable back panel and padded shoulder straps to avoid back pain, a padded bottom to prevent tear, and an integrated sternum strap and waist/ hip strap for more support.

Safety Marks

Some cycling packs are also designed to enhance your safety during your bike rides. Commonly, they are designed with reflective marks in the form of prints or stripes, to enhance your visibility in the dark. Other cycling backpacks even come with loops so you can attach bike safety lights.



Q: Why I Need A Special Cycling Backpack?


A special cycling backpack is designed to securely carry your belongings during your bike rides.  Their design provides a perfect and comfortable fit to prevent from interfering with your riding. Some cycling backpacks are even designed to supplement your safety as they come with reflective elements.

Q: When And Where Can I Use A Cycling Backpack?


You can use your backpack in any cycling circumstances, depending on their design. A hydration pack for example is ideal for performance or racing cycling sessions. A cycling daypack on the other end can be used for cycling or even commuting as it allows you to store more items such as your laptop and light jacket.

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The cycling backpack reviews prove that you can enjoy bike riding without worrying about your belongings. With the best biking backpack, you can comfortably and securely carry your items, whether it is a laptop you are going to use at the coffee shop or even a hydration bladder to keep you refreshed during your rides. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite choice from the 10 best cycling backpacks above, so you can begin enjoying your cycling adventures worry-free.

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