Whether you are bike commuting to work or taking a long road bike ride, the weather can be quite unpredictable at times. Thus, investing in the best cycling arm warmers and leg warmers is a good idea. Arm and leg warmers are designed to be worn underneath your cycling clothing to add an extra layer of warmth and insulation by repelling the cold air and wind.

Although they offer precise fit on your arms and legs, their form-fitting design and elastic grippers prevent them from falling off during your bike rides. Plus, their lightweight build allows you to stash them in your pockets when the weather gets better. So pick your choice from the 10 best cycling leg warmers and arm warmers below to keep enjoying your bike rides, no matter the weather.

How To Choose Cycling Arm And Leg Warmers – Buying Guide


Size & Cut

When choosing the best cycling leg warmers and arm warmers, you must ensure you choose the right size and cut. You don’t want your arm and leg warmers cycling gear to be too loose because they will fall off easily. 

You don’t want your leg and arm warmers to be too tight as well because this may hinder circulation and result in arm or knee muscle pain. The same rules apply to the cut, the best cycling leg warmers, and arm warmers should be cut just right. Leg and arm warmers for cycling that are too short beat their coverage purpose whilst those that too long can be bulky. 


The best cycling arm warmers and leg warmers should be made of warm, moisture wicking, and quick drying material. Additionally, you want at least 7 to 10% stretchy material composition to ensure proper fit.

Typically, the best cycling arm warmers and leg warmers are made with materials such as polyester and nylon and some elastane or spandex. A durable water repellent treatment adds an extra layer of light rain and water splash protection.

Non-Slip Pads

To ensure your cycling arm and leg warmers don’t fall off, you want to go for options that are made with silicone or elastic grippers which hold them in place.



Q: What Temperature Do You Wear Leg Warmers On A Bike?


You should wear leg warmers on a bike when the temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. As your bike picks up speed, it generates wind chill thus, lowering the temperature that hits your body. Covering up your legs and knees helps to keep your muscles warm and protected.

Q: How Should Cycling Leg Warmers Fit?


Your leg warmers should fit snuggly – not too tight and not too loose. This optimizes their functionality as they offer enough warmth without restricting circulation or falling off.  Additionally, their cut should also be mid-range, not too short to appear awkward or too long that they become bulky.

Q: How Tight Should Arm Warmers Be?


Similar to your bike leg warmers, bicycle arm warmers should fit snuggly. They should not be too tight or too loose. To test their fit, put on the arm warmers and try to fold and unfold your arms. If they allow flexible movement without falling off, then, they are a perfect fit.

Q: How Do You Wear Cycling Arm Warmers?


Most cycling arm warmers are worn the same. Simply pull them over to the top of your arms. The other end should rest on the cuffs. Some arm warmers even come with zippers on the cuffs to allow you to zip them up for an extra non-slip fit.

Q: What Do You Wear With Arm Warmers?


You should wear your arm warmers underneath your cycling jerseys. If you are wearing a short-sleeved cycling base layer underneath, you want to tuck in the base layer underneath the arm warmers to prevent cold air gaps.

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With the ever-changing weather patterns, it doesn’t mean your biking adventures should be affected. The cycling arm warmers reviews prove that the cycling gear goes a long way to keeping you warm and comfortable during your bike rides. Plus, the best cycling leg warmers and arm warmers let you stash them in your pockets or backpack when the weather gets better. So choose your gear from the list of the best cycling arm warmers and leg warmers above to keep enjoying your biking adventures, no matter the weather.

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