As a climber, you’re going to end up climbing in a variety of seasons and weather conditions. Sometimes those long pants and long-sleeved climbing tops may not be as comfortable for summer sends. This is where climbing shorts come in. 

The best climbing shorts are designed to help enhance your climbing experience. Climbing shorts feature a durable and protective fabrication whilst still maintaining ample breathability and flexibility to leave you comfortable. Their stretchy build also makes them ideal for climbing as they allow for ease and freedom of movement. 

Listed below are the 10 best climbing shorts in 2022. Each pair offers a few unique features, and we’ll cover exactly why they make an ideal choice whether you choose to wear them on the wall when outside or inside.

How To Choose A Climbing Shorts – Buying Guide


Use/Type Of Climbing

When choosing the best rock climbing shorts to invest in, you must ensure they go with the type of climbing you intend to partake. The three common types of climbing shorts include traditional shorts, convertible shorts, and leggings. Traditional shorts rest on the knees and are ideal for summer climbing and hiking because they offer more breathability. 

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If you find yourself circling rougher terrain to the start of your climbing area, put on a pair of climbing or hiking pants till you get there. If getting separate garments is a hassle, convertible pant/shorts are a great choice. They are pants that can be broken down into shorts, depending on your preferences. Meanwhile leggings or long johns can be worn as base layers on colder days. 


Especially during warmer and hotter days, the best rock climbing shorts must be breathable. Look for shorts using materials such as nylon in their construction, as well as added designs such as breathable mesh linings which help to enhance moisture management and comfort.


The best rock climbing shorts must also be flexible. Due to the constant maneuvers during your climb, you want your shorts to allow freedom of movement. Some manufacturers such as the Prana, for example, include small compositions of spandex to their climbing shorts to give them a stretch that allows for maximum flexibility.


The length, sometimes known as the inseam length, of the best rock climbing shorts tends to vary.  Depending on the nature of the climb, you want your shorts to offer as much coverage as possible so that you’re protected from the rock and the sun, but not be too long that they limit movement.  The FlyFirefly 2-In-1 Men’s Climbing Shorts, for example, boasts just the right length for sport climbing.


Color can be viewed as both style and function. The best rock climbing shorts for summer and hotter weather, for example, should be white or light-colored to reflect off the heat. Darker colors will only absorb the scorching heat to cause discomfort and perspiration. Color is also dependent on personal style, of course.

Man vs Woman

Due to their physiological differences, men’s shorts tend to be wider and longer than women’s. Their difference in physique also means that their sizing is not the same. Consequently, a size 10 men’s shorts will not necessarily fit a woman who wears size 10 in women’s shorts. Additionally, a size 8 men’s shorts might also not fit a size 10 woman, due to the difference in waist width and shape. Thus, going for a gender-specific pair of shorts is always a good idea.


For performance, support and comfort, the best rock climbing shorts should be fabricated with the right material. Materials such as nylon or polyester are ideal due to their durability and abrasion resistance. These materials are also known to be quite breathable thus, they guarantee comfort on hot days. Some shorts even feature a small composition of spandex, about 5%, to provide just the right stretch for flexibility.


In general, climbing shorts are built for warmer weather. Some shorts may offer a solution – either long-term or short-term – in case it gets a little cold. The FlyFirefly 2-In-1 Men’s Climbing Shorts, for example, will provide a certain amount of warmth due to its inner compression liner. Other shorts such as convertibles can be converted to pants to offer more coverage.


Climbing shorts will also boast extra features to help elevate their function. Some of the best rock climbing shorts are coated with UPF 50+ protection which helps to offer sun protection on sunny days. Climbing shorts also feature generous secured pockets to help you stash small personal items as well as smaller climbing gear.



Q: Can You Rock Climb In Shorts?


Yes, you can wear shorts for rock climbing. However, to ensure a successful climb, you must ensure the shorts offer enough protection coverage but are not too long to the point where they get in your way. Climbing shorts are ideal for warmer weather or indoor rock climbing.

Q: What Should You Not Wear To The Gym?


There is a list of clothing artifacts to avoid wearing when climbing at the gym. The most common is 100% cotton clothing which is not breathable, as well as socks under your climbing shoes. For climbing, you should also avoid clothing that is not flexible. Jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, and earrings, are also not advisable, since they tend to catch on things. You also want your clothing to be quite form-fitting, as baggy clothing can get in the way of your harness or your belay and rappel systems.

Q: What Do You Wear For Climbing?


During climbing, you should typically wear slim-fitting tees or tank tops, flexible shorts, leggings or pants, and appropriate climbing shoes. To enhance comfort, women can also wear sports bras underneath their tops. If climbing in colder weather, don’t forget your moisture-wicking base layers.

Globo Surf Overview

These climbing shorts reviews outline how handy each pair is when on the wall.  Climbing shorts are designed to offer much-needed comfort and enhance performance during climbing thanks to their characteristic flexible, breathable, and protective finish. Attesting to their high functionality in climbing, the buying guide above offers a detailed outline of what to look for when choosing the best climbing shorts. Happy climbing!

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