Climbing gives your body both the excitement, adrenaline rush ad feeling of accomplishment. Yet, if not done the right way, climbing can still be dangerous. Therefore, to ensure your safety during your climbing experience, you must ensure you have the right gear and equipment. Unsurprisingly, even your choice of climbing pants can affect your overall climbing experience.

The most excellent climbing pants are designed to help you thrive during your climbing expedition. These clothing artifacts are designed to help enhance flexibility thus, making movements and maneuvers easier for you. Additionally, climbing pants are also built with the superior ruggedness and durability to protect your lower body from rocky terrains.

Listed below for you are the 10 best climbing pants in 2022. Each pair outlines its unique fabrication, features and how they can help enhance your chances of success and safer climbing experience. The choice is all yours.

How To Choose A Climbing Pants – Buying Guide



When choosing the best rock climbing pants to purchase, the material is an important factor to consider. You want the material to first be of good quality and comfortable. And because you will be exploring different terrains in the outdoors, you also want the material to be highly durable. Furthermore, if you plan to rock climb in warmer weather, you must ensure that the material offers ample breathability and air circulation. 

And most importantly, despite the season, you also want the material to have a quick drying effect to leave you comfortable and protected from the weather.  In general, the best rock climbing pants feature a polyester or nylon fabrication. The fabrications are normally blended with no more than 10% stretchy material such as spandex or elastane to enhance easy of movement and flexibility. 


The best rock climbing pants must also be durable. During intense rock climbing, even the highest quality ants still risk ripping due to the constant movements and maneuvers. However, a good enough pair will offer enough flexibility and withstands the movement enough without getting easily damaged. 

A durable pair of climbing pants will also last you longer when shopping online, there is no standard way to gauge the durability of your climbing pants. So, the best way to go about it is by going through real-life customer reviews to help understand the durability and quality of the pants.


When choosing the best rock climbing pant, breathability must also be taken into consideration. You don’t want to be struggling with perspiration and soaked pants as you tackle steep and challenging rocky terrains. Thus, you must look for pants that offer ample air circulation and also feature a quick drying fabric. Additionally, an odor treated fabric such as the Carhatt Women’s climbing pants also goes a long way to enhance comfortability. 

Fit And Comfort

The fit and comfort of your climbing pants also affect your performance. You want the fit of your climbing pants to be snug enough to allow for flexible movement. The areas to focus on are the thighs, groin, and calves. Thus, these areas should be allowed enough space. But most importantly, you want the waist and cuff area to be close-fitting to your skin. The waist fit provides a comfortable feel whilst the cuffs prevent obstacles and potential slipping. 


When choosing the best rock climbing pants, your choice must also match the terrain in mind. Rock climbing can be experienced all year round in different areas. So the clothing you wear during summer or in an indoor gym is very different from the clothing you wear during colder seasons. The Gash Hao Men’s Climbing Pants, for example, are designed for colder seasons. 

They fitted with fleece linings to enhance warmth and zippered leg bottoms to accommodate your climbing boots. Climbing pants for warmer seasons are built to be lighter and come with specialized protection technology such as the Omi Shae UPF 50+ treatment of Columbia climbing pants. 


The type of climbing you pursue will also highly affect your choice of climbing pants. Sport, indoor and bouldering pants tend to be more athletic thus, they provide greater flexibility and ease of movement. 

Alpine and trad climbing pants on the other end do exhibit flexibility and ease of movement, however, as they require longer periods, their designs also focus on providing comfort and enough warmth. Alpine and trad climbing pants even feature a fleece lining to offer insulation and waterproof shells. 


Though an underrated feature, the waistband of your climbing pants is an important factor. Just like your hiking or skiing pants, you want the waistband to be snug and secure. Meaning that it offers subtle fit without being too tight or too loose. 

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Especially when you are climbing, you want the waistband to provide the secure hold so it doesn’t distract you from climbing. An elasticized waistband or one with an integrated belt is an ideal choice. Some of the best rock climbing pats even come with waistbands secured with drawstrings, which aren’t a bad option as well. 


Pockets fitted to your climbing pants come in handy. Especially pockets that are secured but easy to access such as zippered pockets. You can stuff anything from your chalk bag, climbing rope to hand warmers in them. But to add functionality, especially when you are climbing, go for pants that also have pockets on the leg area to enhance accessibility. 


Flexibility is the number one factor to consider when choosing the best rock climbing pants. You want your climbing pants to not restrict movement to make your experience success with no risks of falls or accidents. Therefore, pants made with smaller amounts of stretchy material such as spandex tend to offer enough flexibility. Additionally, the thinner and lighter the pants, the more flexible they are. 



Q: How Different Are Climbing Pants From Regular Pants?


The difference between climbing pants and regular pants is that they are built to make the process easier. Some of the common benefits of climbing pants include;

  • Stretchy material fabrication 
  • Cut for enhanced freedom of movement without coming in your way
  • Designed t durable to protect your legs
  • Breathability and enhanced moisture wicking

Q: What Are The Most Important Features To Look For In Climbing Pants?


The most important features to look for in climbing pants are flexibility, fit and comfort. This is because these features help to enhance your climbing experience. Pants that are not flexible for example, are virtually useless when climbing because they restrict your freedom of movement and maneuverability. This model also relates to the fit, because if your pants are too tight or too baggy, then they also limit your movement and ultimately affect comfort and safety.

Q: Can I Wear Leggings For Climbing?


Yes, depending on the terrain, leggings are an ideal option as well. Leggings offer the flexibility needed for climbing, however, due to their delicate fabric they may not be ideal for tougher terrains. When climbing indoors or on shorter routes in warm weather, leggings can be worn.

Q: What Is a Gusseted Crotch?


A gusseted crotch is a diamond-shaped double sewn patch on the crotch area of your pants. This design helps to add reinforcement and durability to the area and also prevents wear. A gusseted crotch is added to your climbing pants, especially men’s, to protect the crotch area especially during the intense and constant movements of rock climbing. 

Q: What Are Articulated Knees?


Similar to the gusset crotch, articulated knees feature a thicker patch of fabric on the knee areas of the climbing pants. These help to fortify the knee are so even during your climbing experience, the knees are always protected. The articulated knee design also helps to add the durability of your pants.

Q: Why Should I Buy Climbing Pants Instead of Athletic Pants?


Unlike athletic pants, climbing pants are designed for the sport. Climbing pants tend to offer more flexibility and breathability whilst maintaining comfort through the fit. Climbing pants are also built to be more rugged to withstand the constant movements and stretches of rock climbing.

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The climbing pants reviews outline just handy they are in your overall rock climbing experience. You can even say that they help to enhance your success and safety when rock climbing. These bad boys are designed to offer ample flexibility whilst maintain proper fit and comfort – qualities that are especially important when rock climbing. The buying guide on the other end offers articulate guidance to knowing how to choose the most excellent climbing pants for your expedition. The list of the 10 best climbing pants above is an excellent place to begin that search. 

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