Nothing beats the thrill of being out and battling your way up a rocky wall, but several movies have been made that provide almost as much excitement as wrestling with the rock yourself. If you’re an avid climber or simply a movie lover, the best climbing movies will keep you nailed to your seat as they deliver their fair share of suspense.

Whether you’re in the mood for a nice thriller or an inspiring documentary, the best rock climbing movies can provide you with enough material for all the entertainment you need. In this article, we present reviews of the best mountain climbing movies available today, so you won’t need to spend time choosing but head straight for the fun.


“Redemption: The James Pearson Story” Climbing Movie

“Redemption: The James Pearson Story” Climbing Movie

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Selected as "Best Climbing Film" at the mountain film festivals of Vancouver and Domzale, "Redemption: The James Pearson Story" is a personal and touching look at the story of one of the UK's best trad climbers. After having become know in his home country as one of the top climbers, controversy on the grading system used on his routes left Pearson feeling excluded from the climbing world.

The movie follows his descent into the ashes and his journey of rebirth and, as in the aptly chosen title, redemption. Pearson battles to regain his place in the British climbing community and we follow him every step of the way, sharing in doubts, mistakes, and successes all underlined by a profound love of climbing and the mountains.

  • What Makes This Climbing Movie Stand Out
  • Touching personal story
  • Wonderful scenery
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Genre: Documentary
Directors: Paul Diffley, Chris Prescott
Length: 53min

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Climbing movies can mostly be divided into fiction and non-fiction, with an abundance of documentaries. The former category includes dramas that do not solely focus on the climbers themselves and their craft but tell a story that is set against the backdrop of beautiful mountains and the people trying to reach their summits. Such a splendid background always gives these films an epic feel that few other settings can deliver, making the stories come across very vividly and intensely. The latter movies usually focus on individual climbers and their personal feats. Since the category is ripe with exceptional people who seek uncommon and incredible experiences, there are many stories that will leave your jaw dangling with amazement. You are given a unique insight into what it takes to be a professional climber and what lies behind the unique drive that these special people have to focus on the highest and most difficult peaks. Great amounts of inspiration and motivation are often found between the spectators of these astounding documentaries, as the best climbing movies show us how things we believed impossible may actually be in our reach.


Climbing movies catch our attention because they are entertaining, inspiring or exciting. Many of us only see mountains from far away, but their snowy peaks are always a source of wonder and amazement, fueling our imagination and thirst for adventure. Top rated rock climbing movies transport us to the very heart of these incredible landscapes, showing us what it means to confront yourself with them and what this can tell you about your own self. For those who are not into mountains and climbing, these movies still resonate because of the uniqueness of their stories and settings, the likes of which are very difficult if not impossible to find anywhere else. For avid climbers, on the other hand, there is hardly a better way to spend the time they are not hitting the walls than fueling up on stunning landscapes and priceless inspiration.


Most of the climbing movies we have presented in our list take you through the incredible landscaped of the North American national parks. Since some of the most challenging and inspiring climbing routes of the world are found there, it is only natural that they represent an abundant source of incredible stories as well. This is not to say, however, that there are no peaks worth climbing outside of the US and Canada because nothing would further form the truth. From the vast Himalayas to the stunning Andes, climbers and filmmakers have not left a corner of the world unexplored or unchallenged, even if still to this day many routes and peaks still remain unclaimed. In this way, climbing movies also take you on a journey around the world, showing you some of the most incredible places you have never heard of, which is very likely to make you want to pack your bags and head out the door as soon as you can. This is what makes climbing unique and so addictive for so many people, since there is no other activity that can blend so completely an outer journey, towards an unexplored peak, with an inner one, to face the hidden fears buried in our soul.



Q: Why Should I Watch Climbing Movies?


Movies about mountain climbing can be watched for the same reasons we watch any movie, for entertainment. Some of these movies, however, provide an extra layer of meaning and purpose when they present you with real and touching stories about man and nature and the delicate equilibrium that lies between them. Some others can provide heaps of inspiration and motivation, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else. In any case, whatever your choice, you'll surely find compelling options anywhere you look. 

Q: Will Climbing Movies Help Me Improve My Technique?


The best rock climbing movies, especially documentaries, may give you valuable insight into the minds and routines of exceptional climbers, but they do not in any way substitute your own training. We encourage you to try out moves you might have seen on screen between the safe walls of a gym, but you can't just trust the movies if you want tangible improvements.

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Climbing movies give you a unique mix of excitement, entertainment and awe and can make up some of the most satisfying hours you can spend in front of a screen when you can’t be outdoors. Our climbing movies reviews have focused on the best of the best, those movies that will make your heart pound in your chest until they are over and sometimes ever for a few more hours after that. After all, every outdoor lover prefers being outside as much as they can instead of spending boring hours inside the house, so having a list of your favourite climbing movies at hand can go a long way in making the wait more bearable and fun.

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