When you are rock climbing, you come across a variety of obstacles outside of the mere route itself, and you need to have different gear and tools on hand to tackle these situations. Your need for such tools might range from insignificant to crucial. Climbing knives fit into the crucial category. Simply put, you should never head up onto a big wall or alpine line without a knife.

This is simply because whenever you’re dealing with ropes (as you often are as a climber), there will sometimes come a time when they have to be cut. Many climbing knives also come with added versatility. Listed below are the 6 best climbing knives in 2022. Each unit’s unique build and feature makes it a viable choice for your next climbing adventure. The choice is all up to you.

How To Choose A Climbing Knife – Buying Guide


Handle Material

When choosing the best rock climbing knife to purchase, you must pay extra attention to certain features. The handle material is an example of such features.  Most commonly, the handle material depends on the length of the knife. 

In general, full-length knives tend to use plastic molded handles. The handles also act as storage housing when the knife is closed. They are favored for their lightweight finish, enhanced grip, and are easy to mold into the desired shape.  

Smaller knives and blades on the other end are most commonly made with metal handles.  Because smaller knives and blades fold easier and require little space, they are normally folded to lay flat top or under their metal handles. Even with the use of metal, their small size means that the weight will not significantly affect them.

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Blade Length

As mentioned above, the best rock climbing knife could be either full length or contain a smaller blade. Full-length knives such as the PETZL Spatha climbing knife are built with longer blades. This design helps to make them sturdier, versatile, and easier to handle. The longer blade design allows them to be used in a wide range of tasks such as cutting the tape from your gloves to slicing vegetables. 

Smaller knife blades on the other end such as the Trango Piranha climbing knife are ideal for packing on the wall even for single-day high-performing multi-pitch missions to use for things like rope cutting. The majority of smaller knife blades feature only serrated blade edges rather than a combinatory pattern. 


The best rock climbing knife is foldable, significantly cutting down the size. In general, as a climber, you want the knife to be able to fit onto your harness or into your climbing bag.


The weight of your climbing knife is also an important factor. You don’t want any climbing gear or tools to weigh you down mid-climb. As a rule of thumb, go for a climbing knife that weighs no more than three ounces.


The best rock climbing knife should boast exceptional performance. This factor can be observed through different features of the knife.  Look at features such as ease of use. For example, while climbing, you will be exposed to different circumstances. You may find yourself using the knife with gloved hands while rappelling or belaying, or bare hands when trying to set an anchor or pitch a tent. You want the knife to be easy to use and effective in both situations. Hot and cold. Rain and snow. Wind. The ideal knife is effective in all circumstances, and high-performing knives will allow you to use them in a wide range of activities.


Q: Why Do I Need A Rock Climbing Knife?


A climbing knife is needed for rock climbing because it is very helpful with a range of situations you may come across. Some of the common uses for your climbing knife include removing tape from your gloves, cleaning debris off a rap anchor, cutting the cord for a V-thread, shortening static ropes, or even opening up your snacks.

Q: How Do I Use A Climbing Knife?


It all depends on what you intend to use it on and its design. Some knives are small with delicate blades and are used in general practices. Other stronger knives, however, can be used both as wall knives during climbing as well as utility knives when you are outdoors. You can use any knife with good handling and a sharp blade to cut your vegetables, for example.

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These climbing knife reviews outline how handy these tools are. Climbing knives add to the valuable climbing gear arsenal. Their most prized feature is their versatility, making them a reliable companion in a myriad of situations – whether you are simply trying to cut rope or prepare a quick meal. The buying guide above also offers detailed know-how on what to look for when you are choosing the best rock climbing knife to purchase. One of the 6 best climbing knives above will surely be a viable option for you.

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