One of the fundamentals of indoor rock climbing are climbing holds, which are the array of shaped grips you see attached to the walls. The best climbing holds are designed to challenge climbers and help them advance their skills or techniques. But while most people will go to a gym or climbing center, you may have fallen in love with rock climbing and wish to install your own climbing wall. 

For this reason, you may be interested in purchasing climbing holds for home wall setups. But there are numerous designs and brands from which you can choose, and it can be overwhelming. But the choice is all yours and with our list of quality climbing wall holds, you’ll have the best of the best to help you become an expert climber.

How To Choose Climbing Holds – Buying Guide


Bolt-on vs. Screw-on vs. Mix

Top rated rock climbing holds may not all be attached to your wall using the same method. The two types of attachments that you can choose from are bolt-on or screw-on designs. Bolt on climbing holds for home wall setups are not as versatile because they can only be placed where there are already established bolt holes. Usually, this means that they are on a vertical rock climbing wall. 

Screw on rock climbing wall holds are more versatile because they can be placed anywhere. For many climbers, screw on holds are great for overhang areas or anywhere where a bolt is not already established.

However, sometimes a mix of both bolt-on and screw-on holds will suit you best. There are a few different sets of holds that will give you the versatility of both types of holds so that you can customize and setup the perfect layout for your needs. 


The best rock climbing holds will come in various sizes and can be catered to suit both adults and kids. The main difference will be between the size of the rock or hold and whether it is large or small. Rock climbing holds for kids will be smaller in size to suit kid’s hands. This means that most of the rocks will not be larger than a tennis ball, which is rather small for adults. Adults will need a larger rock size to make it easier to grip. The size of the grips should be provided in the product specifications or you can check climbing hold reviews to determine whether the holds are appropriately sized for your needs. 


A climbing hold set should be comfortable to use because you will likely be testing your skills multiple times a week for long periods of time. This means that the best climbing holds will be easy to hold so that you can reduce hand fatigue and train for a full day. Textured rocks can also increase your comfort and help support your grip. 


The best rock climbing holds will be versatile, which means that you could rotate the rock to change the level of climbing difficulty. Versatile holds will give you the ability to change the level of difficulty so that you can practice what you know or advance your techniques. 


Many top rated rock climbing holds will have a slight texture to their exterior, which makes them easier to grip. You should look for a grip that isn’t so aggressive that it irritates your skin, but also isn’t completely slick either. Climbing hold reviews can help you determine whether the texture is comfortable and suitable for climbing. 


For home climbing wall setups, the footprint of your climbing holds can be an important consideration because space is important. When you don’t have a lot of space, you’ll want to put as many holds as you can in various positions, so you don’t have to constantly redesign or reset your wall. 


Rock climbing is also fun and has a lot of health benefits. You should enjoy setting up your climbing wall and organizing its layout. You should take the time to test a few different layouts before you bolt the holds to ensure that you’ll be happy with the final result. 



Q: What Size Bolts For Climbing Holds?


Most outdoor and indoor climbing holds will use a 3/8-inch diameter bolt, but the length will vary by the location of installation. You can find bolt lengths that range from 2-6 inches long so that you can choose what is appropriate for your climbing wall.

Q: How Do You Hold A Climbing Hold?


Rock climbing wall pegs are some of the most effective ways to train for rock climbing, but there isn’t one suitable way to hold onto a climbing hold. Instead, there are various techniques that you can use to establish your grip. But general guidelines include squeezing hard enough to hold on but not so much that you are overly tensed and finding the grip that best lines up with your direction of pull.

Q: How Many Rock Climbing Holds Do I Need?


Bulk rock climbing holds are great because they will normally come in sets of 20 or more rocks. Some packs are even available with 100 pieces or more. But the number of holds that you need will depend on the size of your climbing wall and how challenging you want the layout to be when training. But most climbers will favor more holds because it gives you more versatility to test your skills.

Q: What Are Climbing Holds Made Out Of?


It will depend on each brand. Cheap climbing holds are often made out of plastic, but quality bolt on climbing holds will often be made out of polyurethane, which is lightweight and durable. Recycled materials are also popular and would feature materials like polyester in the composition.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your climbing techniques or just want to spend a day on the rocks, the best climbing holds can provide you with endless entertainment and fitness. With your own climbing setup, you can enjoy the thrill of climbing more often without having to leave the comfort of your home. With versatility, you’ll also be able to challenge your body and choose your ideal setup. With our list and buying guide, of the best rock climbing holds, you have everything you need to get started on your search and start training on the wall. 

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