What if we told you that you could experience the thrills of climbing rock walls while sitting comfortably in your armchair at home? You might think it’s impossible, but the best climbing books available can do just that. Whether you are yourself an avid climber or you simply feel inspired by the beauty and majesty of the mountains, some books can transport you so you almost feel you’re there yourself.

Outdoor activities don’t just require specific and high-quality gear, but a strong and determined mindset. By reading the best rock climbing books you can lay your hands on, you can acquire precious tips about how to handle yourself on the rock, but better still, you can get a unique look into the mind of elite athletes, those that push the boundaries of human possibility. Continue reading to find out the best top-rated climbing books on the market today.

How To Choose A Climbing Book – Buying Guide


Intended Use

Climbing books mainly fall into two general categories. The first one comprises technical manuals and climbing training books, which provide numerous strategies and tips to improve your skills. While they cannot replace being outside or in the gym climbing, these books can give you useful information about what you can improve in your climbing and how you can do it even by yourself, and some of the best climbers of recent years have poured their knowledge into them. 

The second category tells personal stories, recounting stunning feats of athleticism and endurance. These books can be enjoyed by climbers and non-climbers alike, since if well written, they deliver intense experiences and take you along for incredible adventures. If you climb, then you will feel on your skin what it means to be there with the characters in the books, and draw plenty of inspiration both from technical details as well as human stories of perseverance, determination, and hard work.


The immediate connection with the real world that is shared by all the books we have presented puts them firmly in the non-fiction category. Inside this listing, however, you can find books that stretch from biographies to technical manuals and exercises, providing you with a wealth of choice revolving around your favorite subject. From adventure to self-improvement, passing through psychology, history, and step-by-step descriptions of technical skills, climbing books can form a category of their own in which you can immerse yourself and find anything your heart might desire.

Areas of Coverage

For those picking up a climbing guide, the books will focus mostly on exercises to improve your technique and skill and indications on dieting regimes or mental exercises to work on your focus and determination. If well used, these books can help you significantly move forward towards conquering new and bigger goals, taking your climbing to the next level.

Books that focus on single climbers, on the other hand, either describe their lives or take you through some incredible feat they have accomplished. These books are entertaining adventures, and serve both as riveting tales as well as a source of inspiration for climbers everywhere, pushing them to compete with their idols and reach new heights.



Q: Why Should I Read Climbing Books?


Depending on the book you choose, climbing books will either deliver a wealth of tips and tricks on how to improve your physical and mental health, so you can be stronger and more focused when you attempt a challenging climb, or simply provide you with compelling and motivating stories about some of the world's most exceptional climbers.

Q: How Can Climbing Books Improve My Climbing Experience?


By reading climbing books, your experience can be improved by gaining new knowledge about the sport but also, and perhaps more importantly, by delving into the thought processes of the best of the best, understanding that they are also human and face the same challenges and doubts that all of us do, drawing inspiration and motivation by their successes.

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The best climbing books provide entertainment, information, and inspiration and can open new horizons that you never thought of reaching. In our climbing book reviews, we have presented you with all the different options available on the market. From detailed, technical guides to emotional, compelling biographies, climbing books are perfectly poised to be either your best companion on a new adventure or simply a nice read while lying on the beach and dreaming about your next destination.

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