Having the best child bike seat is a great way to bring your kid along for your rides, and share your love for the outdoors with them. Becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean that you give up on all your sporting habits, and there are plenty of options out there to keep you active and bring your child along for the fun.

The best kid bike seat is an ideal option to do just that, keeping your child safe and comfortable as you pedal along in your seat and maybe even sparking in them a love for the outside world that you can bond around as they grow up. It’s an infinitely better option than keeping them inside and staring at a smartphone screen. 

The market is full of excellent options for baby bike seats, so the choice may be confusing if this is an item you have never considered before. We have done a considerable amount of research and have prepared for you a list of the best child bike seats you can buy, so you can rapidly identify the one that is best for you and be on your way for many hours of fun on the road. 

How To Choose A Child Bike Seat – Buying Guide


Mounting (Front vs Rear)

There is no real difference when it comes to safety between front or rear mounted bike toddlers seats, but there are several factors that should be taken into account when making your decision. Firstly, you should consider how comfortable you feel with having your child sit behind you while you ride. This configuration will allow you more freedom to move with your needs but will hide your little one from your view, and if you are an anxious parent, it could be the last thing you want when you are taking your child on your bike.

If you opt for a front-mounted bike seat, this will allow you to keep your child closer and always have them in your field of vision, which can prove very reassuring, but it will take some time to get used to riding with something large and boxy in front of you. Depending on the model and the exact placement of the seat, you may have to move your knees differently as you push on the pedals. Some bike for child seats can even be mounted on the top tube, which means your child will almost be sitting in your lap and you can keep it extra safe by having your arms wrapped around its sides.

One more difference a rear or front mounted child bike seat will make is in the weight distribution on the ride, with the effect being noticeably different depending on the position of the child. A rear-seat will slow you down, but it will impact the accuracy with which you steer your bike much less than a front-mounted seat. A child seat that sits on the top tube may be uncomfortable, but it will provide the least amount of disturbance as far as handling since its center of gravity will be right next to your one.

Type Of Bike

When sifting through child bike seat reviews to single out the best one for you, it is easy to forget that the bike you own plays an important part in determining how much you’ll be able to enjoy your purchase. This is simply because not all child bike seats will work on all models of bike, and often a little detail is enough to ruin your whole day. 

If you are looking for a front-mounted bike seat then you need to consider that the width and the height of the stem of your handlebars will determine if the seat can fit there or not. The diameter of the mounting bracket is also an important factor, and since the seat will come between you and the handlebars you must make sure you have enough space to move your legs and propel the bike forwards.

A rear-mounted bike seat will sometimes require you have a bike rack to install it, or at least you have eyelets that would let you first install the rack and then the seat. Another key requirement, which is the same also for seats that latch onto the top tube, is that there are no external brake cables. This will prevent you from installing a bike seat since if you clamp down on them you won’t be able to brake any more.

Disc brakes also limit your choice of child bike seats, and in any case, you must understand if the size and build of your frame are compatible with the size and weight of the seat and passenger you intend to carry, to make sure both of you remain safe and comfortable during the whole trip.

Weight Limit

Alongside the age recommendation, the weight capacity of your child bike seat is there to give you a good idea of how much you can rely on it to carry your child as they grow. Consider that as they get heavier you will also be required more force to push them along on the bike, and they are likely to slow you down further. In any case, it is recommended to pay attention to the weight limit as to not risk putting the integrity of the seat, and, therefore, your child’s health, at unnecessary risk.


Suspensions are not available on every child bike seat, but they do make a significant difference in the comfort your passenger can experience on the road. The seats that don’t have them often make do with extensive padding, which does a fairly good job in dissipating the energy coming from impacts with rocks and holes on the road. The best systems have some spring directly under the seat, which directly takes care of the bumps, but these are often more expensive and harder to find. Be careful of bikes that have suspensions under the main saddle, because this sometimes affects their compatibility with child bike seats.


Having a reclining seat is the ultimate feature when it comes to comfort since your child can lay back and relax if they happen to fall asleep on the ride. Having one will probably cost you a little more money, so it’s up to you to know if it is something you need to have or not. For those planning long rides, it might be a very useful feature to have, given how quickly children are capable of getting bored with even the most fun activities.


The safety of your child on a kid bike seat will mostly depend on your driving, so this is the first thing to focus on before even considering what bike seat you buy. When you do choose one, you might want to feel extra careful and go with a full, five-point harness, especially if the seat is mounted on the rear of the bike and you can’t keep a constant eye on your child. The ones that don’t feature extensive laces might seem dangerous, but if you think about it they are as safe as a normal bike, especially since these models tend to be front-mounted and, therefore, lets you always keep your kid under control and prevent them from making sudden and potentially dangerous movements.



Q: Is A Front Or Rear Child Bike Seat Safer?


There is no significant difference in safety between a front-mounted and a rear-mounted bike seat, and it is mostly up to you and your driving to ensure the protection of your child. The only benefit we can mention for a front-mounted seat is that it allows you to always see your child while a rear-mounted one does not.

Q: What Age Can A Child Go In Bike Seat?


The age recommendation is an indication you will find in most child bike seats reviews and is a good indication of the age range in which it is suitable for kids to ride. In any case, it mostly depends on their size and ability to maintain balance, so it is better to wait until they are at least 9 months old.

Q: What Is The Safest Child Bike Seat?


The safest child bike seat is the one that you know best and are most comfortable with since you will know how it feels to cycle with it attached to your bike and you'll be able to govern it precisely, however you need.

Q: Can You Put A Child Seat On Any Bike?


Unfortunately not. Installing a child seat requires your bike's frame to have a certain diameter and not have brake cables running along the tubes, as well as having a big enough frame. If these conditions are not met then you will not be able to attach a bike seat to your ride.

Q: What Is The Safest Way To Ride A Bike With A Baby?


As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race, so it is recommended to not cycle faster than 25 mph when transporting your child behind or in front of you. As we have said, your driving has the greatest influence on the safety of the ride, so practicing caution is a good way to avoid potential issues.

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Bringing your kid along for your ride with bike toddler seats can make the whole experience much more fun, but to do so you need a good seat, that is comfortable and compatible with your ride. In our article, we have presented you with the best kid bike seats the market, so you can rapidly make an informed decision and be quickly on your way to enjoying your family time on the wheels.

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