Whether you are a beginner exploring the sport or a seasoned technical climber, your climbing gear must be on point to ensure safety and success. However, sometimes, you may not be financially equipped to opt for expensive climbing shoes. Or you may not want to go for the beat up and old rental shoes at your gym.  

The good news is that you can invest in cheap climbing shoes. The best cheap climbing shoes offer the same expected performance, support, and comfort at an inexpensive price tag. Like their counterparts, cheap climbing shoes also feature the same rugged build and impressive traction to allow for a successful climb. 

So whether you are on a budget or unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars whilst experimenting with the sport as a beginner, cheap climbing shoes offer the same high quality. Listed below are the 8 best cheap climbing shoes in 2021. Each pair expounds on how handy and high functioning they are on the field. The choice is all yours.

How To Choose Cheap Climbing Shoes – Buying Guide



The climbing shoes don’t hold the same sizing standards as hiking shoes. Whilst choosing your climbing shoes, go for your actual shoe size. Although some people go for one size smaller, break in the shoes and allow them to stretch for a personalized fit. It is also a good idea to go through the sizing guide of the manufacturer of the shoe you are choosing to better understand the shoe sizing. Go through real customer reviews to also understand the sizing. 

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When choosing the best cheap rock climbing shoes, you must ensure the fit is right. You don’t want to be vertical climbing with dangling footwear, the same footwear that is highly instrumental to successful climbing and safety. Thus, a snug and secure fit are essential. Your climbing shoes shouldn’t be too tight or loose. 


The sensitivity of your climbing shoes is defined as how much you feel the surface when climbing. This highly depends on the thickness of the shoes. When choosing the best cheap rock climbing shoes, the sensitivity depends on what you are looking for. Typically, for technical and aggressive climbing, for example, it is a good idea to go for highly sensitive shoes. 


When choosing the best cheap rock climbing shoes for styles such as overhanging or tackling slabby routes, stiffness is an important feature. A stiff shoe stays rigid when pressure or weight is applied. This allows for easy maneuverability without using too much toe or calf strength. Soft to medium midsoles on the other end are also favored but it means you will be operating with your heels higher. 


The best cheap rock climbing shoes will either be flat, moderate or aggressive. Flat profiles feature allow asymmetry last which provides more comfort as your toes are not bent. These shoe types are ideal for beginners.  Aggressive or moderate type shoes are ideal for intermediate and technical climbers. The toes feature a downturn design giving them more climbing power.

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The best cheap rock climbing shoes are built with an unlined leather upper fabrication.  Leather makes an ideal material due to its stretch features which helps to provide a personalized fit over time. Unlined leather also offers ample breathability, thus, leading your feet comfortable. The ruggedness of leather means more protection for your feet in rocky terrains. 

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Climbing shoes are fitted with rubber outsoles. However, different shoes boast different designs and construction of the rubber outsoles. In general, rubber outsoles are ideal for smaller edges whilst softer ones are ideal for smearing. Harder rubber outsoles also tend to be more durable. The majority of beginner climbing shoes are built with thicker rubber outsoles – which also means less sensitivity. 

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Climbing shoes boast varying weight, it all depends on how comfortable you are. However, you also don’t want your shoes to be too heavy that they weigh you down, remember you are vertical climbing! The most contributing factors to your shoes are the upper and outer sole materials. For example, synthetic upper fabrication will significantly reduce the weight compared to leather upper fabrication. 



Q: Do You Wear Socks With Climbing Shoes?


No. You should not wear socks with climbing shoes. Wearing socks will increase the chances of feet slipping which is very unsafe for climbing. Wearing socks also increase perspiration and even unpleasant odors to be released by your feet.

Q: Does Compromising On Price Mean Compromising On Quality?


No, compromising on price doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. I fact, you may even invest in a pair of quite expensive climbing shoes that turn out to be f poor quality and durability. You can find really good quality and long lasting climbing shoes that are extremely cheap.

Q: Are Climbing Shoes Bad For Your Feet?


No. Climbing shoes are designed to protect your feet when climbing. They are built with special sole designs and padding that help to enhance comfort. Focus on toe power designs also prevents risks of pain, injury or cramping when you are climbing.

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The cheap climbing shoes reviews outlines how handy they are. The reviews also offer useful testament on how low pricing doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. The climbing shoes offer just as much support, comfort and elevated performance at their low prices. The buying guide above also offers an invaluable guide on what to look for when you are choosing the best cheap climbing shoes. The list of the best cheap climbing shoes above is an excellent place to begin the search.

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