Ever find yourself struggling with multiple grocery bags on your bike? Or even trying to carry heavy firewood to your campsite? Well, you don’t have to stress anymore because we have the solution for you. Cargo bike trailers help to cut down the stress of struggling with heavy loads. The best cargo bike trailers are designed to attach to your bike so you can carry as much cargo as you can with you. 

In fact, with cargo bike trailers, you will be impressed with how less you need to use your vehicle for short trips. We’ve listed below for you the 10 best bike cargo trailers in 2020 to choose from so you can also enjoy convenience in your life.

How To Choose A Cargo Bike Trailer – Buying Guide


Capacity & Size

The best bike cargo trailers come in different sizes and with different load capacities. It is easy to figure out this information by looking at the trailer’s features. Size is normally outlined through the dimensions in length, width, and height. The capacity on the other end is identified through pounds (lbs.) or liters. So before picking one, it is worth knowing how you intend to use it so you can pick the right size and capacity.

Ease Of Towing

You also want a bike trailer that is easy to use. You can determine this by looking at the frame and wheel set up. Dual wheel set ups take up space but provide more balance and stability. Single wheeled set ups on the other end make maneuverability much easier. You also want to go for a lighter aluminum frame to cut down on the weight but still be able to support heavy loads.


Versatility brings value to your investment – so when you are looking for the best cargo bike trailers, this is a feature worth noting. Thus, it is a good idea to opt for a trailer that is designed with a universal coupler or hitch to easily attach to most bike models.



Q: How Can I Use My Bike Cargo Trailer?


 You can use your bike cargo trailer in different circumstances. These include hauling your groceries, or other supplies such as firewood for camping. Bike cargo trailers can also be used to haul heavy cargo that your bike cannot support on its own.

Q: What Are The Benefits of A Bike Cargo Trailer?


Bike cargo trailers bring with them numerous benefits. Some of them include;

  • Transforming your bike into a cargo bike or carrier
  • Some models are stable enough to carry your children as you go for rides on touring bikes
  • Detachable trailers can be used as push or pull  carts on their own
  • They do not interfere with leg movements or bike parts such as chains or pedals when you are riding

Q: How Do I Clean And Store A Bike Cargo Trailer?


You can clean a bike cargo trailer by simply wiping it with a wet soapy cloth. Then, wipe it again with a clean wet cloth and dry it using a clean dry cloth. Some trailers have removable covers that can be hand washed. To store the trailer, many models can collapse into smaller sizes to be store in your garage.

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The cargo bike trailer reviews prove that these tools are not only convenient but also cost-cutting. On a clear day, you don’t have to burn gas in your car, because the best bike cargo trailer can easily do the cargo hauling job. And the fact that they don’t interrupt your usual bike riding is also a perk. So as the weather gets better it’s time for you to choose the best cargo bike trailers from the list above so you can get your share of convenience. 

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