To enjoy whatever activity you plan to engage in the outdoors, you must always have the proper gear. However, on many occasions, especially for hikers and backpackers, storage space may be an issue. You find yourself with many essentials that you cannot leave behind. Sure, you have already compromised by choosing the most lightweight and compact options you can get – but this at times may not be enough.

Carabiners are a great option used to supplement your storage. The most excellent carabiners even go further to deliver dual benefits – they can securely be attached to your backpack so you can loop on extra gear or even be used in your outdoor activities such as climbing.

Listed below are the 110 best carabiners in 2022 – each outlining their unique strength, features and why they made the cut. The choice is all users to choose your tool for the next adventure packed activity.

How To Choose A Carabiner – Buying Guide



When choosing a carabiner to invest in – shape is an important feature to examine. There are four main shapes of carabiners.

Oval shape

The oval shaped carabineer is perhaps the oldest of carabineers design. This design is adapted from classic mountaineering and climbing carabiners. Their shape allows them to hook more gear than a D-shaped carabiner.

Pear shape

Pear shaped carabiners feature a semi-isolated loop on the narrower side that it offers better control of hanging gear.

Standard D-shape

The standard D-shape carabiner is the most common shape. Its design features a wider gate opening compared to oval shaped carabiners.

Asymmetric D-shape

An asymmetric D-shaped carabiner a larger gate opening compared to a standard D. This makes the asymmetric D shaped carabiner an ideal carabiner for hooking ropes.


The best locking carabiners and non-locking carabiners come in two main types – categorized by their gates, i.e. wire gates and solid gates. Additionally, the types can be broken down into subtypes such as bent gates and straight gates.

Solid gates feature a thick gate similar to the carabiner’s thick body. Solid gates feature key locks with an easy clip whilst some variations come with a screw-in lock for secure closure. They offer a more secure firm, especially for heavier gear.

Wire gates are a lighter weight option. Because of their thinner construction, they are easier to operate with one hand. This, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t provide a secure hold. Additionally, they are less prone to suffering gate flutters over colder seasons thus; they are less likely to get stuck when operating.

The subtypes come with either bent or straight gate options. Bent gates offer a larger gate opening thus, making them easier and able to clip on a wider range of gear.  a bent carabiner on the other end works great as a  carabiner for keys. This is because their gate opening is relatively smaller than bent gates thus; this makes it easier to attach a key ring that holds key chains or keys themselves.


Different manufacturers incorporate different features to their carabiners to provide a value added product to their consumers. Some of the best locking carabiner and non locking carabiners feature a range of different features. The HeroClip carabiners, for example, are constructed with an outer fitted hook that works as a hanger. This is ideal for camping use, allowing you to easily hang anything from your camping lighting to dirty gear. Other features anodized oxidation finish to the surface of their material to enhance their durability and color.


Size is also an excellent determinant of choosing your carabiner. A small sized carabiner works great for smaller items such as your keys or a small water bottle. However, if you want to carry larger gear such as trekking pole or helmet. A small carabiner means lower weight.


The best locking carabiners and non-locking carabiners are made with alloys- notably aluminum and stainless steel. This is because alloys especially aluminum offer a lightweight option making them ideal for outdoor use. This, however, does not downplay their tough and rugged nature, thus, making them able to support heavier loads. Furthermore, metal alloys boast excellent weatherproof properties such as rust resistance, which enhances their durability.


You want your carabiners to be light enough that they do not weight down their fixing point – depending on the circumstances, an ideal carabiner will weigh less than an ounce. The best locking carabiners and non locking carabiners feature a strong material fabrication thus, even with their lightweight they will still manage to securely hold their rated load.

Locking Mechanism

The best locking carabiners come with a screw locking system. This is when you snap close your gates; you can simply rotate the locking chip at the tip of your gate for a secure lockdown. Other locking carabiners feature a mechanism whereby the lip of the gate is inserted into a loop on the other end of the carabiner for a secured hold.

Other carabiners come with non locking mechanisms. Such carabiners have a swing gate that opens and closes thus, securing your items and gear.


The strength of your carabineer is determined by its KN rating. KN denotes kilonewton – the ratings are used to measure the force a carabiner can safely withstand. Thus, this rating denotes the strength of your carabiner. Additionally, a KN rating on your carabiner can easily tell what the carabiner is built to support.

Typically, a carabiner with at least a rating of 20KN will be certified for climbing use. Some of the smallest carabiners that do not qualify to be used as climbing carabiners will not even have an official KN rating. The most excellent carabiners to support any gear weight (not ideal for climbing) will feature up to 12 KN rating with the ability to support a load of up to 2697 lbs.



Q: Why Do I Need A Carabiner?


A carabiner offers an excellent alternative to connect components especially in the outdoors. Imagine yourself going out on hiking, backpacking or even camping trip and the weight you have to carry with you. in the outdoors, especially for such activities, you always have a lot of gear that is essential thus, even with modifications and compromises on size, you might still find yourself with a lot of loads and limited space.

Carabiners offer a solution to preserving space. They are normally small in size, thus, they can easily be hooked on loops on your backpack or belt loops. This allows you to hook on heavy gear such as helmets which would otherwise take up a lot of valuable space inside your backpack. They can also be used to hook gear which is lightweight but is too large to fit into the compartment of your backpack.

Furthermore, carabiners can also be used to set up your outdoor facilities such as your tent or hammock. Additionally, many come in value packs, so even though, they can all fit into the smallest pocket in your backpack, they come in very handy when you are setting up a shelter in the outdoors.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Locking And Non-Locking Carabiner?


Locking carabiners are fitted with a locking mechanism such as a screw lock or nose clip to hold the gate intact. Non-locking carabiners on the other end feature swing gate to hold the latch – they are easier to clip and a lot lighter.

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The carabiner reviews deliver a helpful insight into choosing a carabiner for your gear in the outdoors.  Additionally, these outdoor gems deliver a superior yet virtual extended storage space for your items whilst their versatility is also exhibited through their powerful ability to enhance organization when setting up camp during your outdoor trips.

The buying guide above also provides detailed pointers on how to carabiners to work for your specific needs. The list above is an awesome route to pick your option for the next trip – and you are guaranteed to find what works for you.

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