9 Best Recommended Cars For Hauling Kayaks


So, you’ve just recently purchased yourself the best kayak and can’t wait to head out to the water. And then it hits you, you didn’t consider how you were going to transport it.

While you can get a kayak roof rack, even better is having the best car for kayaks that can easily transport your kayak in the first place.

Now, this is not to say that you go out shopping for a car being solely motivated by transporting your kayak, but if you plan on getting a car and you are an avid kayaker, then it would help to get one that can easily transport your kayak.

Here is a list of the recommended best vehicles for transporting kayaks.

1. SUV

One of the main reasons why SUV’s are great for hauling kayaks is that most of them will feature roof rails. You can then install crossbars on which you can place your kayak for camping and tie it down.

What’s more, SUVs are great for off-road and you will find yourself going off-road many times when trying to get to the best kayaking spots.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

Speaking of SUVs, have you checked out the Chevy Tahoe? One of the striking features of this model is that there is plenty of space for packing your kayaking gear. Check out the winter kayaking gear guide.

This is a 7-seater and you can fold down the rear seats which allow you even more space perhaps for your gear and equipment.

And it doesn’t end there the Chevy comes with plenty of power to tow a kayak trailer plus its 4-wheel drive suspension means that you can cross off-road with ease.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

One of the best cars for kayaks road SUVs out there is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is thanks to its traction management system allowing you to select the best drive for the terrain you are on. Combined with its 4-wheel drive, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has an excellent performance in sand and mud.

If you are planning on going kayaking with a couple of friends then you can hoist two or three kayaks on the roof and tie them down onto the standard roof racks. You can also easily carry a tandem kayak.

4. Pickup Truck

If you’ve been thinking about how to transport and tie a kayak without a roof rack, then a pickup truck is among the best vehicles for transporting kayaks. While you can load the kayak on the roof rack, you can also open up the bed of the pickup and load the kayak there.

5. The Dodge Ram

One of the interesting features of the dodge ram is that you can get it in different sizes. Some models can have bed lengths as long as 8 feet. This is enough space for transporting a smaller sized kayak. Also, check out all types of kayaks and canoes in one place to figure out which one is best for you.

If your kayak is long then you can also use a bed extender. The dodge ram can either be 2 wheels or 4-wheel drive and offers a lot of power. This truck is so powerful that it will have no problem towing a trailer. However, don’t forget that you can also hoist your kayak on the roof rack.

6. Estate and Wagons


These types of cars are great for carrying kayaks. First of all, they are not as high off the ground as the SUVs and pick-up trucks which means loading the kayak on the roof rack is easy.  The back design of estate cars is similar to hatchbacks which will allow you to easily access the kayak and offload it.

7. Subaru Outback

It would seem the Subaru outback is built for adventure with its thick wheels. What’s more, it comes with roof rails as standard as well as cross rails that can be optional. This makes it simple for you to load your fishing kayak.

And if you think that the Subaru outback is not among the best car for kayaks, think again, it has plenty of power which it distributes on an all-wheel suspension. Even better is that it is fuel efficient which can be a great benefit if you are driving too long distances.

The Subaru is a responsive, comfortable to drive a vehicle that will handle off-road terrain particularly well.

8. Compact cars

Granted, most people will not think of compact cars as the best vehicle for transporting the kayak. However, a good model compact car can easily carry a kayak and get you to and from the water. Even better is that the compact has great fuel consumption.

If you are just kayaking on your own and the location is close to a road, then a compact car can be just what you need. So take that kayak from the kayak storage rack and let’s go!

9. Kia Soul

One of the reasons that make the Kia soul so popular is that it comes with a lot of personalities. For its size, this is a powerful small car with plenty of torque to haul your kayak.

It is simple to install a car roof rack on the Kia Soul and as far as energy consumption goes, this small car can even come in electric allowing you to save plenty of gas money.

Globo Surf Overview

Some of the best kayaking locations will be far from where you live. You need a convenient car to get you there. It should allow for easy transportation of the kayak and should also be powerful enough to get you there. Choosing the best car for hauling your kayak will depend on your budget, the terrain, and your personal preference.

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