Car camping can be a wonderful experience as you are there in the great outdoors and in the heart of nature. If you have poor gear though it can easily turn the experience into a frustrating one which is why having the best car camping gear is important.

It is not just a matter of quality either, getting the best car camping accessories can enhance the experience as you can have some of the comforts that you’d usually associate with your home and bring them into to outdoors with you.

Here we have looked through the car camping gear reviews to show you some of the best products on the market and have also answered a lot of common questions people have. Once you’ve read through this you’ll have a much better idea of what separates the best camping gear from the worst.

How To Choose The Best Car Camping Gear – Buying Guide



Before buying any product you need to work out what function it is going to serve. It’s easy to buy a product thinking that it’s going to be very useful, only to find it is taking up space that could be used for something more practical. You just need to take a common sense and buy products based on your needs and not on impulse.


You could well find that a product will be able to offer you more features than the main one that you are buying it for and it may mean that you can bring fewer items than you actually need to. Seeing what added benefits that a product has can often prevent you from bringing additional items and the fewer things that you take on a camping trip, the better, as this will make life easier for you.


The design on camping products is vital as not only do they have to serve the purpose that they are designed for but they only have to fit in with your other items. An example of this is the stove that we have featured, the box design of this product means that it can be easily stored and it will help you to easily pack all of your camping equipment.


Camping equipment simply has to be easy to use. While you may not mind spending a lot of time perfecting your coffee or your food, you don’t have such luxuries on a camping trip. The Primula Brew Buddy what we featured is a great example of this as it will give you great coffee but it won’t take very long to do it. Your camping products simply have to be easy to use.



Q: What Is Car Camping?

A: Car camping is simply using for a vehicle as a means to sleep. This can either be enclosed in the car or using something like an SUV tent to use your vehicle as a base to sleep. This obviously allows you to go on an adventure without having to worry about the usual camping set up and the weather.

Q: If I Camp In My Car Do I Still Need A Tent?

A: This generally depends on how many people that are going to be on your trip. If it is just one or two people then you most likely will just be able to sleep in your car without a tent but any more than that then you will probably need to look into an additional sleeping option.

Q: Can I Use My Car Battery At Night?

A: No, unless you want to run your engine all night. Running your engine all night though not only uses fuel but it will also annoy anyone that is nearby who is camping close to you but it is an option. Running your battery all night though will drain it and if you’re in a remote location, recovery might be a long way away.

Q: What Car Is The Best For Camping?

A: An SUV without a doubt. You are usually able to hold the back seats down and if you can then you can have a full-sized bed. They are also the best vehicle for attaching tents but with the right gear, any car will be able to give you a good sleep.

Q: Is It Safe To Cook Inside My Car?

A: Well it depends what you mean by ‘cook’ because if you’re firing up a gas grill then you’ll quickly regret it. With electrical products though, there is no reason why you can’t use them but you just need to remember to keep everything ventilated and make sure it’s on somewhere stable.

Q: Do Inflatable Mattresses Fit In The Backseat Of The Car?

A: Most standard ones won’t, no. That’s where you need to get a specialist product such as the FBSPORT BSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed as this will give you a solid place to sleep in between your seats.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Car Camping Compared With Tent Camping?

A: A car is a much more solid piece of engineering that a tent and if you’re in a heavy rain shower then you would much rather be in a car. You can also quickly change your position and have instant access to electric and heat as well.

Q: If I Have A Car Battery Why Should I Buy A Backup Generator?

A: I’m sure most people have been in a car where the battery has failed and there are people like me who have the tendency to leave on lights which can quickly drain a battery. A backup generator will be very useful in emergencies and give you peace of mind about using your battery.

Q: How Comfortable Is To Sleep In Your Car?

A: This depends on the type of person that you are. If you don’t mind sleeping a little rough then a car can be a great option. Sleeping on an airbed can be a very comfortable experience and many people would say that sleeping in a car is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the floor in a tent.

Q: Will Using My Car Battery Cause Me To Run Out Of Gas?

A: That depends on how often you use it. You, of course, will only run out of gas if you have the engine running but sometimes you need to run your engine in order to recharge your battery. This is just a matter of keeping your eye on it but your car doesn’t use much gas at all when it’s running on idle.

Globo Surf Overview

Car camping can be a great alternative to traditional camping as you don’t have to worry about pitching up a tent, you can watch any rain hitting your windscreen knowing there is no chance of your getting wet and has some other great benefits too.

In order to enhance the experience though you want to make sure that you’re using the must have camping gear on the market to turn a good trip into a great one as you enjoy the comforts of an air bed or a freshly brewed coffee. There are some key car camping essentials that can take your trip to the next level.

In order to choose the best products you need to ensure that you are getting ones that have the functionality that is going to match you and your situation, any additional features which will help you to cut down on your camping gear, a great design which will enable for you to store it away with all your other items into a compact space and you also want to ensure that it is easy enough to use when you are camping.

Once you have ensured all that, you can then go out there are start shopping for your camping trip. Hopefully this guide has answered all your questions so you can be confident that you will be able to get the top rated car camping accessories for you which are going to make your trip a great success.

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