Some of the most memorable camping moments happen at the break of dawn when you get to watch the sun rising while you sip your favorite drink or in the evening when you and fellow campers surround a campfire and drink a hot beverage to keep warm. Having a high-quality camping mug can significantly enhance these moments.

The best camping mugs are those that keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. They are durable and come in convenient sizes. They will also not interfere with the taste of your beverage and will prevent any spillage.

After careful analysis, we’ve gathered 10 Best Camping Mugs in 2020 mugs we would be confident to bring along for any camping trip. These camping mugs can hold anything from a cup of joe to a cocktail and will last for years of back.

How To Choose A Camping Mug – Buying Guide


Choosing an exemplary mug for camping may seem like a walk in the park, but there are so many options out there that can leave you confused and indecisive. Not to worry though, as we have below, some factors that will guide you to decide the best camping coffee mugs to get.


Various materials are used to make camp mugs. Some commonly used are silicone, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, ceramic, and glass. Silicone is a rare choice in a camping mug, but some may be drawn to its flexibility. Silicone camp mugs can be crammed into a pocket for a comfortable carry and shouldn’t leave any foul taste in your mouth.

Metal is commonly used in mug for camping designs, with the most popular choices being stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel is a durable material that comes at a relatively affordable price. High-Quality stainless steel should not leave any metal taste in your mouth. Titanium is also very popular because it is incredibly lightweight. For the backpackers, every ounce counts, so a titanium mug may be just the design you need.

Plastic backpacking mugs are inexpensive and lightweight. The only downfall is that plastic will not insulate your drink as well as other materials and isn’t as long-lasting. While plastic isn’t the best choice for a lasting mug, it could be handy in emergencies.

Ceramic and glass camp mugs are affordable and stylish. However, they lack in the durability department because they break easily. If you are camping on the trails and not just out of your car, ceramic or glass mugs are not recommended because they shatter easily.

When choosing a mug for camping, consider one that is designed with a material that is both unbreakable and durable.


Coffee mugs for camping have built-in insulation to keep your drinks steaming hot or freezing cold. Most camp mugs have double-wall insulation. Double-wall insulation adds two layers of material that surround your beverage. There are single-walled mugs, but they aren’t as durable and have poor insulation. The best camping cup would have double insulated walls on top of vacuum insulation too. The vacuum minimizes the transfer of heat and helps keep your beverage insulated.

Size, Weight, and Volume

For both campers and backpackers, the size and weight of their gear is an important aspect. The lighter yet functional the backpacking mugs, the better, as you don’t want to be lagging around unnecessary weight.

The most liquid volume for camp mugs is 20 ounces or smaller. Generally, this is enough liquid to keep you hydrated without having to lug around a large cup. However, if you would opt for a mug that carries more drink, there are 30- and 40-ounce mugs, and some even reach 64 ounces. It is entirely up to you to decide which size best suits your needs.


Just like the actual mug design, there are many different lid designs for camp mugs too. The lid is an important feature because it gives your beverage protection against spills and can keep it hot or cold longer. You also want to be sure that the lid you choose is comfortable and easy to drink from.

Lidless camping mugs are easy to use because there is no barrier. Some people may enjoy the feel of a lidless mug, but the drawback is that they protect spillage.

Lids with a tab are easy to use and offer protection against spillage. The tab will, in most cases, either slide or twist to open and close.

Flip lids offer the most protection against spills. Many flip lids are somewhat spill-proof and secure. This lid will have a piece of plastic that latches down over the drinking hole. This plastic can be flipped up and out of the way to open. Some designs may not flip back far enough, which means they can bump into your nose when you take a drink.

Other backpacking mugs will have their unique lid design. Some lids have a button to push that opens and close the lids, while other models have a lid that has a built-in straw. With all the different designs, you should be able to find a lid that you enjoy using.


Not all camping mugs are the same. There are different types of camping mugs that each has their specific designs. The most common types of camping mugs are the tumbler, thermos or flask, and a mug.

Tumblers are the most popular and versatile of all camping mug designs. They can be taller camping mugs that taper down at the bottom. Their shape is similar to that of a drinking glass. Tumblers do not have handles, which can make them a comfortable fit for cup holders. They aren’t fully spill-proof but offer enough protection.

Thermos or flask camping mugs are typically fully spill-proof. These types of mug put their priority in insulating your drink over the ease of use. Thermos/flask camping mugs can keep your beverage hot or cold, all day long. Usually, these camping mugs are double-wall insulated, which makes them a popular choice among campers.

Mugs with handles are also a popular type. These mugs tend to be shorter and broader, as well as have one or two built-in handles. The handle can be a great way to carry the mug comfortably, but it can hinder them from fitting into a cup holder. Some mugs with handle also have a lid, which can help prevent spills and further insulate beverages.


Given that the outdoors can be wild and unpredictable, you want to make sure to get a camping mug that can withstand the pressure and last you a while. Consider getting a camping mug that is shatterproof and won’t break at the first drop. A good camping mug will survive being hurdled up with your luggage in a backpack or getting bumped up and down in your truck.


Commonly, mugs are always thought to have handles. With camping mugs, the rules can get blurry, and there are many handle-free designs. Handles offer an easy way to carry and hold your mug, but they may not always be practical when it comes to packing them in your backpack.

If a mug is insulated, a handle isn’t necessary. The insulation of the mug should protect your hand from getting burnt by a hot beverage or getting frostbites from a cold one.

Typically, most tumbler and thermos/flask designs do not have a handle, and the only model with a handle is the original mug style. However, some companies offer handle designs that slip on and off the tumbler or thermos/flask. This can be an excellent option for you when you occasionally want a handle.



Q: What are the benefits of using an insulated camp mug?


Insulated mugs are an excellent way to keep beverages hot or cold for longer times. This means that you can make a cup of coffee in the morning and still enjoy it at the temperature later in the day.

The insulation in these camping mugs protects your fingers from getting burnt by hot beverages or getting frostbites from a cold one. For this reason, you don't necessarily need to have a mug with a handle.

Insulated camping mugs are also designed to withstand the pressure that comes with rugged terrain. These mugs can be bumped around and even fall without breaking.

Q: Will a camping mug take too much space in my luggage?


Most camping mugs are compact and will not require too much packing space. You can also get creative in how you pack them in your bag. For instance, you may consider stuffing some of your supplies in the mug to make the best of the space.

If you are backpacking, you can always hang your camping mug on your backpack if you have no room left in it. Some camping mugs even come with a handy D-ring.

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The best camping mugs will hold your beverage without spillage, keep your drink hot or cold for hours, are durable, and will be used for multiple excursions throughout the years. By choosing one of our top-rated reviewed camping mugs, you will significantly enhance your experience in the great outdoors. You will have peace of mind while you sip your beverage and focus on the beauty of nature.

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