When you are in your home, coffee is one of those daily rituals that a lot of people have in order to enjoy their favorite drink. Taking that experience out on your camping trip can be difficult, which is why finding the best camp coffee is important.

You often have the choice of bringing all your coffee equipment or drinking bad coffee, but with the best camp coffee, there is another way. These are quick coffees which are now able to deliver a great tasting drink with minimal equipment.

Here we look at the best backpacking coffee on the market with our camping coffee reviews and also explain all the key information that you need to choose the best camp coffee. Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll know exactly how to get that great camp coffee.

How To Choose The Best Camp Coffee – Buying Guide



When it comes to coffee outdoors, there are a few different options that you have in order to make your brew. Instant coffee is a very popular choice as it is a very lightweight and compact way of having your coffee. It has often been cited for bad taste but that has undoubtedly improved over the years and there are some great products out there on the market.

The coffee in a bag method is another easy one and is as simple as it sounds, as you just pour boiling water into a bag. This leaves minimal mess and is another very convenient method. Coffee purists may turn their nose up at this type of brewing method but it is highly effective at making good coffee.

Single serve pour overs are a good alternative to instant coffee as this has a more traditional method of coffee making which does require you to carry the filter device and the grounds. It is a little trickier but a good alternative to those who don’t want instant coffee.

You can also use the traditional methods of French press or a percolator but there are obviously more established methods which require bulkier equipment, therefore they are not great for backpacking but could be great for campground coffee.

Camping espresso is also available through portable espresso devices and you can also get camping coffee drip too. The methods that we have reviewed here today though are the most convenient types of coffee and will give you an instant brew with very minimal effort or mess.


When it comes to coffee away from an easy environment, the issue of taste is a big concern. If you are a big coffee enthusiast then it’s likely that you have one type of machine or another in your home and will happily take time to create your perfect coffee.

Having that type of set-up when you are camping though can be a nuisance. Instant coffee have long had a bad reputation when it comes to taste and there is no doubt that when it first came out it wasn’t as good as it is now. Times have changed though and instant coffee tastes better than ever.

There are though that would still prefer their own type of brew though and if you wanted to go to more effort when you are camping, there are some great products out there which will be able to do a great job at delivering good coffee.


If you are backpacking then size is going to be an important issue with every piece of equipment that you are going to carry. One of the great aspects of instant coffee or coffee in a bag is that you don’t need any other equipment with you to make a cup.

If you are camping, then you will most likely have more space and more flexibility to take more items. You simply need to consider what type of activity you will be doing and make sure that you are going to be able to pack everything away for your trip.



Q: What Is Camping Coffee?


Technically any type of coffee could be used in a camping situation if you had the right type of equipment, but camping coffee is any type of coffee that is going to be highly convenient in a camping situation.

There are two key aspects that you need to consider when it comes to this situation. Firstly you need to consider how you are going to make the brew and what type of equipment you have and secondly, how much space you have. Once you have figured that out you can get the best camping coffee.

As we have seen, there are many different types of solutions when it comes to camping coffee but most people simply want that caffeinated coffee taste and are happy to get it from the simplest and easiest solution there is.

Q: How To Prepare A Good Brew?


Brewing non-instant coffee at home takes a lot of preparation and specialist equipment in order to get it right where you worry about the timings and being able to get the perfect temperature. In a camp though, you might not have the luxuries unless you have the best camp kitchen.

Being able to simply pour hot water over instant coffee or into a bag is an incredibly easy way to get a great tasting coffee. It might not be the best coffee that you have ever had but high quality instant coffees taste great and their convenience makes them perfect for camping.

As we said before though, using a French press or a percolator are both good options for camping coffee. Both methods though require time, patience and more equipment which isn’t going to suit everyone when you are in a camp or backpacking.

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Coffee has become a standard part of Western culture and many people not only love the taste of coffee but also the kick that you get from the caffeine, the social element of sharing a cup and the warmth that a hot drink is able to give you.

When you are camping, having those pleasures can be a lot more difficult as you don’t have the same means to make it as you do at home. Having instant coffee while you are out camping though can give you a way to get that cup without much hassle at all.

Often when you are out camping you are short on time and resource, being able to quickly and easily get everything done is important. There are many different methods of creating great camp coffee and you need to work out how much time and effort you want to spend.

Here we have shown some of the easiest methods on the market which are going to be able to give you a great cup of coffee with minimal effort. All that’s left to do is pick your favorite and head out to your camp, knowing you’ll be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee at any time.

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