It can be dangerous to fumble with your camera and an accidental drop could cause significant damage or render it useless. Top rated camera straps are the best choice to keep your equipment safe, wherever you go. With the best camera straps, you can worry less about your camera and focus on capturing a breathtaking shot.

But finding the best design for your camera can be tricky if you don’t know what style to look for or how to determine the quality of a design. We want to help you get the perfect shot, so we’ve picked the ten best camera harness in 2021 and included a detailed buying guide so that you can always keep your camera secure.

How To Choose A Camera Harness – Buying Guide



Material is the first consideration that can be a deal breaker in a harness design and function. Many top rated camera straps choose to use synthetic materials, like nylon because of the durable and lightweight features. But a natural material like leather may provide you with a better style or strength to hold multiple cameras.

When you are looking at a DSLR camera harness for hiking, you want to be sure that you are purchasing a quality material. Camera harness reviews are a great resource for finding the best camera straps.

Neck, Wrist, Shoulder, Belt

These are all the ways that a camera harness can be worn on the body or the styles of camera harnesses.

A neck camera harness for hiking, traveling, or working is a popular choice because it is comfortable, reliable, and easy to use. The best camera harness that rest on your neck will be padded and have an adjustable length, so you can change where your camera sits on your chest.

A wrist camera harness system will use a comfortable loop that secures around the wrist and to the camera. With a wrist strap, you can keep your camera in your hand at all times and ready for the next shot. Wrist camera straps for hiking are popular because they reduce the bulk and eliminate long straps around your neck or shoulder in case you are carrying your hiking backpack.

The shoulder chest strap or shoulder chest harness is one of the best camera harness designs you can choose because it is comfortable with the cross-body feature and keeps your camera out of the way. Unlike the neck camera harness system where the camera rests on your chest, a shoulder harness for your camera allows you to carry your gear at your side or hip.

Finally, a belt camera harness system will secure your camera around your waist. Photographers can either snap a photo with their camera in the belt or use a quick release feature to take their camera out of the harness. A belt camera harness for hiking is a great choice because it allows you to move and keep your hands free.

How Many Cameras

The vast majority of camera straps for hiking can hold a single camera. However, a dual camera harness can hold two cameras and their attached lenses. The number of cameras you want your harness to hold will be up to your personal choice. A 2 camera harness is popular for working professionals who use multiple setups.

The number of cameras and the type of camera that your top rated camera straps can hold should be indicated in the product specifications. It is important that you consider the difference in weight and size of an SLR and DSLR camera setup before you make a purchase.

Weight Capacity of the Harness

The weight capacity of the video camera harness should be indicated in the product specifications. It should also indicate with what type of camera the straps or harness are compatible.


Most top rated camera straps are adjustable and therefore, have a universal fit. It is important that you look for the best camera straps with adjustable lengths because you can then tailor the fit to your body.

However, a camera chest harness may be harder to fit because it is meant to secure around the back and shoulders. A camera vest harness should still feature adjustable straps in part of the design, so that you can customize the fit. The best camera harness should be functional for any photographer, no matter their size. But camera harness reviews are a reliable way that you can determine the fit of a design before you make a purchase.


Q: What are the benefits of using a camera harness?


The main benefit of using a camera chest strap or harness is the safety of your equipment while you’re moving or working. Top rated camera straps are meant to secure your camera, the attached lens, and any additional small equipment pieces to the harness and allow you to easily carry it with you. But a camera harness system also prevents you from dropping your camera and prevents accidental damage.

Q: Are camera straps safe?


Yes. The best camera harness is designed to help you safely carry the weight and load of your full camera setup. By distributing the weight around your neck, shoulders, or back, you can better manage your gear and be comfortably for a full day of shooting pictures.

Q: What is the difference between a camera strap and a camera harness?


The best camera strap may go around your wrist, neck, or shoulders to secure your camera. A strap often features one piece of material that makes the strap and has a few other features to make it durable or functional. A camera harness for hiking or working will likely have an “X” design, where the cross point of the straps will rest comfortably in the center of your back to help distribute the weight of a heavy DSLR camera and make it easier to carry.

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When you’re focusing in on the perfect shot, the last things you want to worry about are dropping your camera or feeling a strain in your neck. The best camera straps will help you carry your camera with ease and prevent them from crashing to the ground. With our guide, we hope that we have helped you find the best camera harness so that you can go anywhere and capture anything.

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