Going camping is a great way to get away from the fast-paced metropolitans to relax, reflect, and enjoy nature. Every aspect of your camping trip brings a whole new invigorating feel — whether you go fishing at a nearby lake, trek a local trail, or enjoy a fresh meal whilst reminiscing with family or friends.

To make the most of your time camping, you need to make sure you are well prepared and equipped for any activities planned. Cabin tents, for example, are great for a group of friends or family as well as all your gear. They are bigger and can accommodate more people and camping gear, so you can enjoy that camping trip without making any sacrifices.

Listed below are the 10 best cabin tents in 2022— so you won’t have to worry about space on your next camping trip.

Cabin tents are great for groups made up of more than 1 family who may want their own enclosed space for getting dressed/changed. Having more vertical sides than other types of tent means that you can utilise the entire floor space for moving about, and if you have separate rooms then one can be employed as a socialising area if the weather is poor.

Cabin tents lend themselves very nicely to the “instant” setup style where the poles are pre-attached to the fly sheet and simply unfold into the final shape of the structure very quickly. If you’re traveling with young children, or if spending half an hour or more just isn’t an attractive option, then this type of tent might just be perfect for you.

Vertical side walls on tents mean that you can use deeper, thicker, more comfortable sleeping arrangements such as double height air beds without the worry of a sloping flysheet being close to your face while you’re sleeping as can happen in tents with more sloping sides.

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How To Choose A Cabin Tent – Buying Guide


Size and Capacity

When choosing a cabin tent to buy, size and capacity are important features to look at — it all depends on your needs. Cabin tent sizes range from 4-person all the way up to 12-person. 

To decide whether the size is ideal or not, you need to think of all parameters. A standard 6 person tent, for example, will fit 6 adults comfortably in their sleeping bags, however, to be able to fit other gear and equipment, it will most likely only fit 4 adults comfortably. Furthermore, it’s wiser to go bigger if you are a small family or you want to host a couple of friends.

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For versatility, most cabin tents come with room dividers that split one main space into two rooms for privacy. Some of the room dividers are removable to create a larger space. Some cabin tents even come with built-in closet space and wall pockets to help organize your space and safely store your belongings.


The weight and construction of your tent need to balance. You don’t want a tent that is too heavy to carry and transport just as you don’t want one that is so light it’s unstable when pitched. Consider the capacity of the tent and follow instincts in choosing the ideal weight.

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The best cabin tent should be portable enough to easily transport, pitch, and position.  Most cabin tents can easily be fitted into their carry bag and the trunk of a car for easy transportation. It should also not be too difficult to carry the tent from the car to your pitch.


You want your tent to be durable enough to withstand the rough outdoors. Manufacturers achieve this by incorporating different building systems such as taped seam construction for full water-resistance, wind strong frames, as well as ripstop polyester and puncture-proof groundsheets. 

Ease of Set-Up

Cabin tents should be easy to set up. Typically, they will take you anywhere between 1 to 10 minutes to erect fully. Additionally, once pitched, they should be very stable. These kinds of cabin tents come with pre-attached frames and color-coded poles for easy setup.


Most cabin tents for camping are built for use during the spring and summer seasons. However, some 4 season cabin tents are built to be able to withstand even the harshest of winter conditions.

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Weather Resistance

The best family cabin tents incorporate weather-resistant technology such as Coleman’s WeatherTec system to keep their interiors dry in all-weathers. Such systems feature welded floors and inverted seams that fully protect your tent from water, wind, and UV rays.

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The best cabin tents feature strong fabric construction, typically polyester which is coated with polyurethane to give it its waterproof properties. The frames are normally constructed with fiberglass and steel to ensure they are strong and flexible enough to support the tent in all but the worst wind conditions.


Polyester is an excellent choice for cabin tents because it is highly resilient and can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, high-quality polyester holds its shape without shrinking which means it is extremely long-lasting. Its non-absorbent nature also complements the polyurethane coating to keep water and moisture out.



Q: Why Choose a Cabin-Style Tent?


A cabin-style tent works great for a group of people. They offer more space and comfortability to accommodate many individuals plus their gear. They are also built to be weather-resistant and practical with proper ventilation.

Q: What are the Benefits of Using a Cabin-Style Tent?

  • More internal space to store items and move freely
  • Able to create multiple rooms within one tent
  • Straight walls to create more internal space and to allow more headroom 
  • Ability to accommodate more than two people

Q: How Ventilation Works for Cabin Tents?


You will find ventilation holes at the bottom of the tent as well as mesh panels on the windows around the tent walls and/or roof. Together these factors help to circulate air, keeping the inside temperature and humidity regulated.

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Cabin tent reviews provide everything you need to know to choose the best cabin tent no matter your needs. Along with their portability and ease of set up, these outdoor homes will make your camping experience less stressful, so you can focus on the most important part – having fun With the how-to buying guide, your work is simplified; all you have to do is look at the list above to find the best instant cabin tent for your needs.

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