There’s a limit to how many pockets you can wear and they only fit small sized items, which isn’t ideal for long days on the trails. Hiking backpacks are a great choice to carry your gear because they are functional, durable, and reliable. But sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles because fancy features can make the price go up. A cheap hiking backpack is the best option to choose, when you just want to carry your gear and don’t need any expensive features.

However, you may be concerned about the quality and it can be hard to determine which design is the best value backpack. We want to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability, so we have made a list of the ten best budget hiking backpacks and included our comprehensive guide. With our help, you can find inexpensive backpacks that you’ll enjoy using on your hikes so that you can stay prepared and confident for all your adventures.

How To Choose A Budget Hiking Backpack – Buying Guide



The first feature that you will have to consider when you are looking at affordable hiking backpacks is the capacity. The capacity of cheap outdoor backpacks is often measured in liters and should be indicated in the product specifications. A budget women’s day hiking backpack is better with a smaller size, like 25L. But if you want to look at cheap backpacking bags, the capacity will be significantly larger to carry your gear for various days.

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The larger the capacity of your good cheap hiking backpack, the heavier it will be when loaded with all your gear. A lightweight best value backpack may weigh only ounces but can sufficiently hold your gear and will be significantly less weight than cheap backpacking bags when they are packed with your gear.

While the overall weight will depend on the amount of gear you need for your trip, features like padded shoulder straps and a waist belt can help you manage and distribute the weight better. The most comfortable cheap outdoor backpacks will use these features to ensure you are comfortable for a full day on the trail.

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Frame Type

A good cheap hiking backpack may have an internal frame, depending on the capacity. Larger capacities like 55 liters or larger are better with an internal frame for support and structure. The internal frame will be a solid structure placed in the back of the bag, which keeps it from folding in on itself with the weight of your gear. However, if you are using a budget camping hiking backpack that is 35 liters or smaller, it may be frameless.

Frameless backpacks are better for day hiking and short trips because they reduce the weight of the bag. An internal frame will weigh more than a frameless backpack and is better for backpacking or multiple days on the trail.


For your comfort, the fit of your budget camping hiking backpack is an important consideration. The best budget backpacking pack will have adjustable features so that you can customize the fit of your bag. Areas that should be adjustable are the shoulder straps, waist belt, and chest strap.

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The best budget backpacking pack will have multiple features to make it easier to use, comfortable, and functional. Some of the best features include multiple storage pockets, compression straps, and external storage systems. Budget hiking backpack reviews are a great resource to check on what features a backpack has and how useful they are, before you make a purchase.


A top rated budget backpacking pack should be made with quality materials and have a strong construction. The materials used in a best value backpack doesn’t mean that the cost has to drastically increase. Many synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are featured in a good cheap hiking backpack. Both nylon and polyester are durable fabrics that are resistant to wear and water so that your backpack will last for longer. You can use budget hiking backpack reviews to determine the quality of cheap outdoor backpacks before you make a purchase.


When you’re looking to stay on budget, the cost of inexpensive backpacks is important to consider. The best budget hiking backpack will be affordable, durable, and functional. All of the selections on our list are under $100 dollars, which means that they have great quality but come at an affordable cost.

The cost of a backpack will change depending on the size and features. A large budget camping hiking backpack will be more than a small cheap hiking backpack. You should consider the amount of gear you need to carry and purchase the correct sized backpack to keep the cost down.

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Q: Are cheap backpacks less durable?

A: No. Affordable hiking backpacks should not be less durable based on the price of the bag. A top rated budget backpacking pack will still be incredibly durable and affordable. The durability of cheap outdoor backpacks should be present in the material and construction. Quality materials, like nylon, can still be affordable but make your bag strong to bear the weight of your gear. Reinforced seams are also another feature that make a good cheap hiking backpack more durable.

Q: What is the best material for a hiking backpack?

A: The best budget backpacking pack will use a lightweight, durable, and water-resistant material in its construction. Nylon is incredibly popular because it is tear-resistant, water-resistant, and long-lasting. Polyester is a similar fabric that is also used in affordable hiking backpacks.

Q: Does lower price mean giving up on quality?

A: No. Inexpensive backpacks should not sacrifice quality for price. The best budget hiking backpack will feature high quality materials and construction but come at an affordable price. Features like reinforced seams, quality material, and adjustability can ensure that you get the quality you want for less money. A cheap hiking backpack may even be the best option when you just want a minimalistic design to carry your gear and do not need fancy features to assist you in your hike.

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It can be a challenge when it comes to finding the best budget hiking backpack that balances cost and quality, but with our ten picks and guide it’s made easy. With our help, you can find the best value backpack that will help you to carry all your gear so that you stay safe on the trail. A top rated budget backpack pack should have the durability to keep you going on hikes throughout the years so that you can spend less time searching the stores and more time exploring the outdoors.

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