For boaters, there has always been an element of style involved with going on a boat trip; everybody wants to look their best. One of the most common staples of boating attire is a pair of boat shoes. For women, boating shoes are an accessory that gives them a personal flair but also keeps their feet secure on the slippery decks.

The best boat shoes for women will have a waterproof design and a strong rubber non-slip tread. They should have a non-marking sole, so that you aren’t protecting just your feet; you’ll protect your boat from scratches too. But if you don’t know what makes quality yachting shoes, you may be lost on where to start your search.

In our guide, we have complied a list of features that will help you find a quality pair of women’s boat shoes and to get you to step in the right direction, we have a list of the ten best boat shoes for women.

How To Choose Boat Shoes For Women – Buying Guide


Boat decks are often wet and made of slick material, which makes walking around a challenge, especially if you’re on rough water. The main function of women’s boat shoes is to protect your feet onboard your boat from slipping. Waterproof women’s boat shoes should be durable, versatile, and functional so you can enjoy safe boating. What makes a quality pair of women’s deck shoes will be determined by a few different features.

Here, we have a breakdown of features that you should look out for when shopping for boat deck shoes for women. These features will help you find the best women’s sailing shoes, so you don’t feel unsteady in your feet.


On slippery decks the most important thing you need is traction. Traction will give your feet the little bit of grip they need to stop from sliding around on deck. The soles of women’s boat shoes should be made of rubber and have a design that is rough cut, so your feet get some grip. Nautical shoes for women that have a smooth sole would be pointless.


Rubber is a staple material in boat deck shoes for women, but that’s just for the sole. The body of the shoe may be made out of natural materials like canvas, leather, and suede, which are all durable and can be waterproofed.

It doesn’t matter which material you choose, but you should be certain that the material used in your yachting shoes is durable, waterproof, and comfortable. The best brands will use high quality materials to ensure their women’s deck shoes give the best performance.

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Every boater knows that sore feet can quickly turn a great day into a bad day. Your waterproof women’s boat shoes should be comfortable for you to wear all day long. This means you can set out in the early morning and come back after the sun sets with happy feet.

The insoles of your shoes should feature a supportive arch to cradle your feet, but also feature breathable material to keep your feet dry. Features like this will ensure that your feet are always comfortable when you’re onboard your boat.


Top rated women’s sailing shoes are just an extension of her fashion. From sailing pants to sailing sunglasses, boat shoes are just the finishing touch to a perfect boating outfit. There are many different styles of yachting shoes, but the most classic is a loafer style. They will traditionally be a slip-on style, which makes them fast and convenient. A pair of laces adds a cute touch and a different trim can really make your women’s boat shoes pop. Finally, two tone colors make the shoes stand out from the crowd, so you’ll lost the best onboard.

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Women’s deck shoes should always fit properly. This means that they are snug enough to your foot that you aren’t slipping out of them, but also not having your toes crunched uncomfortably in the front. Ideally, you should be able to leave a little space in the font for your toes to wiggle and still have a secure fit in the heel to avoid blisters.

Be aware that some materials, like leather, can loosen over time. You should consider buying a half size smaller and allowing your foot to stretch and relax the leather to get the perfect fit.


In the boater’s world, water is everywhere, so your shoes need to be waterproof too. Waterproof women’s boat shoes are the best option because they’ll be resistant to water, should a wave ever splash onboard. This means that your feet will stay protected and your shoes won’t disintegrate from getting a little wet.



Q: What are boat shoes?


Boat shoes are a very specific style of shoe that are commonly used onboard boats. They are built to give security on slippery decks, while adding a bit of style. Traditional women’s boat shoes have a loafer design with thick laces, which makes them stand out from other shoe designs. Boat shoes are great for protecting your feet and your delicate boat decks.

The best part about boat shoes is that they are versatile to be used anywhere. While they were made for boats, you don’t always have to be onboard to slip on a pair. Boat shoes are now a fashion icon in their own right and many people use them when they’re not on their boat too.

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Q: Can I wear my boat shoes outside of the boat?


Yes! Women’s boat shoes have become a design favorite for many different people, whether they’re on the water or on dry land. Nautical shoes for women are versatile and are great for boat decks and city sidewalks. Shoes for sailing are popular. Whether you want to sail the high seas or look fashionable for a night on the town, pair of top rated women’s sailing shoes can give you an eye-catching style.

Q: How to care for boat shoes?


To properly care for boat shoes you might want to invest in a few different accessories like shoe polish to make your shoes really shine. But in general, you should be able to gently hand wash any material; just be cautious of using detergents that aren’t material specific.

If you’re worried about damaging your boat shoes, consider looking at brand provided care instructions for the best information regarding their care. You can also look at boat shoes for women reviews to see if other buyers give any tips about the best way to get rid of dirt and grime.

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With a pair of top rated women’s sailing shoes, any boater is bound to be sailing the high seas with a smile on their face because their feet are protected from slipping and sliding on glossy decks. With the best boat shoes for women, you’ll get the secure steps you need, so you can look up and focus your eye on the horizon. Or if you have any boating friends, a pair would make a great gift for boaters to turn their boat deck into a fashion runway.

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