If you are planning a cycling tour or bikepacking expedition, you want to invest in a tent that will not weigh you down. The best tent for bikepacking is built with an ultralight finish to spare you from packing your bike with heavily laden handlebar packs or panniers.

Additionally, their portable build means that you don’t have to haul around bulky gear with you, thus, giving you the freedom to venture out further on the trails. We’ve narrowed down the top choices for you – check out our selection of the 10 best bikepacking tents below to find the ideal option for your next planned cycling tour.

How To Choose A Bikepacking Tent – Buying Guide


Size & Weight 

The best tent for bikepacking should have as minimal dimensions and be as lightweight as possible. Whether you are looking for a single person or two-person tent, look for the most basic dimensions to fit you and your gear. The same should be for the weight. However, for the weight, a tent that is too light may not be ideal for windy, rainy, or cold conditions.

Ease Of Set-Up

Generally, tents are not very easy to setup. Yet, when you are looking for the best tent for bikepacking, the ease of setting up is a priority. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time cycling in the outdoors, so you want to find a tent that doesn’t take up too much time, effort, or equipment to set up.


Make sure you find the right tent for the season you intend to bikepack in. A 3 season tent, for example, is designed for fall, summer, and spring. Whilst a 4-season tent is stronger, tougher, and more protective; allowing you to use all year round.

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The best bikepacking tent is a portable one. Features that make your tent portable are, of course, a lightweight build as well as the ability to fold down and become compact.

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Q: Where Should I Store My Tent When Bikepacking?


There are multiple places you can store your bikepacking tent. If the tent is small enough, you can easily fit it inside your backpacking backpack or stow it on the outside. Alternatively, you can stow it on your rack or handlebar pack.

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Q: How Do Tents For Cyclists Differ From Tents For Hikers & Backpackers?


The main difference between a tent for cyclists and that for hikers & backpackers is the size and weight. A tent for cyclists should be ideally lightweight and as small as possible to make it easier to carry around and to setup.

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Unlike a camping or backpacking tent, the best tent for bikepacking is handier for a cycling adventurer. These tents are lighter in weight and more portable to carry. Nevertheless, they deliver the same protection and ruggedness you would expect from any good quality tent. So for your planned cross country cycling trip, pick out your outdoor gem from the best bikepacking tent reviews above.

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