Bikepacking is a fairly new and exciting outlook on outdoor adventures that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The reason is very simple – it combines the upsides of both cycling and backpacking to give you a whole new way to explore the outdoors. However, carrying gear on your bike can be tricky unless you equip it with the best bikepacking frame bags.

Thanks to their unique design, bikepacking bags blend really well with the frame so you can retain your balance and pace even when carrying additional load. Depending on how much gear you have and how you want to carry it, several bikepacking bag options are available – seat packs, frame packs, rear rack panniers, top tube bags, and handlebar bags. 

In this article, we’ll explore how each of these bags can be used and what you can gain by using them. In addition, we are also going to present the best bikepacking bags currently on the market and hopefully make packing and preparation easier.

How To Choose A Bikepacking Bag – Buying Guide



As we’ve pointed out earlier, there are several types of bags used for bikepacking – frame packs, seat packs, rear rack panniers, handlebar bags, and top tube bags. Panniers and handlebar bags usually offer the most storage, while top tube and frame bags have the smallest impact on the ride. Saddle bags are somewhere in the middle.

Choosing the right mounting system comes down to how much storage you need, and the great thing about these is that you can easily combine them.

Storage Volume

Depending on the type of bikepacking dry bag you get, the storage capacity can vary significantly. Because of this, we have listed the volume for all bike bags we’ve featured so you can see how much bikepacking gear you can pack.

As we’ve mentioned, double-ended pannier bags, seat tube bags, and handlebar harnesses offer the most storage, while top tube and frame bags are usually smaller.

Materials and Water Protection

The material quality of these bags is very important because they are completely exposed so they will see a lot of wear. On the other hand, the material shouldn’t be too heavy and add excess weight to your bike.

Nylon and polyester are the most popular options because they are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant to a degree. On top of this, a high-quality bikepacking frame bag should feature fully waterproof zippers and TPU or PVC coating on the shell so it keeps your gear dry when it starts to rain.


Since they will see a high amount of wear, general durability is very important when buying these bags. It mostly comes down to material quality, and we advise that you choose a fabric that has a high denier rating. Furthermore, many of these bags come with multi-year warranties which can be a good indicator of quality and durability.

Size and Fit

Making sure your bags are properly sized is crucial because everything you add to your mountain bike affects the way it rides. If you plan to carry a lot of gear, it’s better to ger several bags and spread the weight evenly on back and front wheel than to get a single extra-large bag.

This being said, mountain bike frames come in different sizes so it makes sense that the bikepacking bags come in multiple sizes too. Because of this, we have listed the dimensions for all the models we’ve featured so you can easily check if they fit your bike.



Q: What Is Bikepacking?


As its name suggests, bikepacking is simply backpacking on your bike. It’s a great way to cover long distances, see some amazing sights, and still have everything you need to set up camp and spend the night outdoors.

Q: Are Bikepacking Bags Safe To Use?


Yes, these bags are very safe to use. They have been designed in a way to ensure minimal disruption to your cycling experience. However, you always want to make sure that the weight is well-balanced but these bags are perfectly safe to use.

Q: Do I Need An Additional Backpack?


This depends on how long and far you plan to travel. If you’re going on a longer trip, the storage space might be insufficient and you might need an additional backpack. However, you can usually combine several packs (seat, pannier, frame, and handlebar) and go on multi-day adventures without a standard backpack.

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Bikepacking is a wonderful way to get outdoors and explore nature. With the best bikepacking bag, you’ll be able to bring everything you need for both short day rides and multi-day adventures. We hope that our guide and reviews helped you choose the right bag that will make your trips easier and more enjoyable.

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